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  • 27 years old
  • S, United States of America
  • Favorite TV Show: SpongeBob SquarePants and Too Cute!
    Favorite Movie: Mostly Animated Films
    Favorite Musician: a lot
    Favorite Book or Author: Fairy Tales
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JaDangerz 说关于 迪士尼公主
If 迪士尼 goes through with buying 狐狸 which includes Avatar, will people be wondering if Neytiri maybe considered a 迪士尼 Princess? Cause I don't know if she should be. 发布 ·2个月前
Sparklefairy375 评论…
But she's a live action character, and so far the 迪士尼 Princesses are all consist of animated heroines so I don't think people would like that idea. ·2个月前
JaDangerz 评论…
Yeah maybe you're right, after all people thought Princess Leia would 加入 after 迪士尼 bought 星, 星级 Wars but that never happened ·2个月前
BelleRose829 评论…
Neytiri is CGI, so she's technically animated, but hopefully 迪士尼 doesn't buy fox, 电影院 aren't fun if it becomes a monopoly. ·2个月前
JaDangerz 说关于 迪士尼公主
Well I am now 27 years old today 发布 ·6个月前
Sparklefairy375 评论…
Then Happy Birthday to you! 🎂 ·6个月前
wavesurf 评论…
Happy Birthday!!! Hope 你 enjoy your day!! ·6个月前
ace2000 评论…
Happy belated! :D ·6个月前
JaDangerz 说关于 迪士尼公主
Today my mother told me my father has cancer in his prostate but it is contained and it's treatable. But I can't help worrying about him and his condition. I don't know what to do, I don't wanna lose him. 发布 ·7个月前
Starfox2000 评论…
Don't worry. God will help. ·7个月前
BelleRose829 评论…
I don't believe in god 或者 a diety, but I do believe in prayer, so I'm going to pray to the forces that be, that he's okay. I know having someone in the family with a terminal condition is hard, so don't worry about it, everything will be alright. ·7个月前
coolsinger198 评论…
Aww I send 你 all my good wishes! ·7个月前