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What is your patronus on Pottermore?

23 answers | my answer: At first I got a 苍鹭 and I hate most birds with a...

Post an 日本动漫 character who 你 just recently like 或者 爱情

21 answers | my answer: Yato from Noragami! His eyes are beautiful!!!

Post your 最佳, 返回页首 five favourite 日本动漫 character from a series at 2014 或者 2015

5 answers | my answer: 1. Chisaki Hiradaira (Nagi no Asukara) 2. Naru Kot...

Post the Worst Ending 你 Have Seen In An 日本动漫 (OBVIOUSLY CONTAINS SPOILERS)

5 answers | my answer: My worst 日本动漫 ending would be Black Butler 2. Seba...

OK so I caught up with all my 日本动漫 shows and i can't think of anymore 日本动漫 to what do 你 think I should watch 下一个

1 answer | my answer: I don't know what you've watched but here are some...

Name your favourite 日本动漫 characters from each different type of hair colour 你 can think of

11 answers | my answer: Blue Hair - Chisaki Hiradaira (Nagi no Asukara)...

日本动漫 for 11-15 年 olds?

6 answers | my answer: Shugo Chara!.... That's pretty much it

Name an 日本动漫 that 你 already watched and thinks that 日本动漫 was the BEST 日本动漫 你 EVER SEEN.

11 answers | my answer: My ABSOLUTE 收藏夹 are 天使 Beats! Durara...

What are good animes?

6 answers | my answer: Here are some great animes with great art 或者 at lea...

The episode of an 日本动漫 that______________.

4 answers | my answer: 1. Last episode of AnoHana 2. Haganai-EP 3 3. Sh...