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RainSoul 我支持 my comments
Happy friendship 日 my lovely best friend, Viv!~ <3 Also good morning from me to you. Hope 你 have a fabulous day!~ I pray you're doing well, and I wish to chat with 你 again soon, but until then cheers. =3 发布 一年多以前
RainSoul 评论…
Also 嘿 the divorce is over, and I'm back home. My parents remarried. I'm just glad to be 首页 again, and grateful to not have to live in a suitcase anymore. =w= Thank 你 for helping me stay sane throughout that horrible nightmare. I own 你 one. 一年多以前
sarabeara 我支持 my answers
Lmao I even tried to get tickets for Harry's 显示 the 秒 time around (he's visiting near me AGAIN on his 2018 tour) and got a presale code, was there right at 10, and couldn't get any tickets. I was/am so mad. I'm glad he's popular, but I also hate that he's so popular.
Are 你 gonna see Dunkirk when it comes out? I'm taking my dad since he's a history fanboy. haha.
Oh, and what do 你 think of Strip That Down? I forgot to ask last time. 发布 一年多以前
sarabeara 评论…
I don't get how Taylor has stans either. Her personality is so fake and she's always playing the victim. Plus she can barely sing. I'd much prefer her to just be a songwriter for someone with a better voice. Does that sound mean? Oh well, don't care. The Townes thing is a mess btw. Wasn't she underage when she and Harry hooked up? That's...not a good look. It's no secret that Harry banged groupies, but banging underage ones is sketch. 一年多以前
sarabeara 评论…
I loooove Harry's friendship with James! James should let Harry host a whole episode 或者 something xD And yeah, I'm sad Kiwi isn't the 秒 single. He looks like he has so much fun performing it, and I really wanted a 音乐 video of him just hardcore rocking out lol. And yes agreed about Luke needing a haircut. He looks like a damn hobo. I'mma need him to go back to the She's Kinda Hot haircut and get the lip re-pierced, because his current look is doing nothing for me. But the wicked witch is gone, so, like 你 said, at least we can enjoy him again. Michael also seems really, really happy so I'm happy for him:') Depression is a bitch, and it's good he has someone there to help with the loneliness. 一年多以前
sarabeara 评论…
It's also Cece's birthday tomorrow, so she and I are going to dinner. I didn't even invite Hershey because fuck her. If she's gonna be an asshole, I'm gonna be an asshole right back. And if she tries to say shit later about it, I can just be like "I thought 你 wanted to stop our 晚餐 dates, right? I was just respecting your wishes! :)" You're definitely right about how I shouldn't keep Hershey around just because we've been 老友记 a long time. It's just hard to cut ties since I want to stay Cece's friend. Ergh. I think you're right about this not lasting though. I think I've reached my breaking point and this is it. I'm certainly not going to be the one to make an effort to reconcile, so unless she throws herself at my feet and apologizes, I'm done reaching out to her. It'd be really easy to stop contacting her and just let the friendship fizzle out, and that's exactly what I'm gonna do. No drama, no huge confrontation, just a slow-burn death. 一年多以前
sarabeara 我支持 my links
I only come on here to talk to people too tbh. It's so dead on all the spots now. RIP Fanpop.
Living with him is going okay. I hardly see him anymore though because he's always out with his gf (I'm assuming that's where he is because where the hell else would he be). Work is okay too, but again it's not something I'm passionate about, so all the days sort of blur together :/ I spend literally every weekday wishing for the weekend lol. 发布 一年多以前
sarabeara 评论…
Daaaaamn. Your sister is manipulative! If she can trick even professionals, that's crazy. I wonder if she has some sort of personality disorder. Those who are great at lying usually do. Well, there's nothing I can say to make it better, but I hope a psychiatrist sees through her lies one of these days. I think people in the mental health field are very caring and always want to see the best in people, to point that it's difficult for them to comprehend that there are people who are great at pretending to feel things they don't actually feel (like remorse). Like how many times does your sister have to do this shit for a professional to notice there's a recurring problem? It's sad no one has noticed yet. 一年多以前
sarabeara 评论…
My fanfic idea is for an office AU, where one is a writer and the other is the IT guy, and the writer is pretending to not understand computers so he can spend 更多 time with the IT guy. lol. I also have another idea for one that's a 5+1 fic about lying (because the group has a song called "Caught In A Lie"). And I would have it be 5 times one lied to the other and one time he told the truth, 或者 something like that. They'd be cute lies tho. Like pretending to not be afraid of heights but then freaking out on a ferris wheel so the other has to comfort him. I have them all mapped out in my head, but actually sitting down and typing takes so much effort. ugh. 一年多以前
sarabeara 评论…
I never realized how much Caspar used Joe for 查看 until they moved out. Now I enjoy Caspar's content a lot less. It's just not as fun anymore. Yaaaas at Joe being 婊子, 子 during the prank! He was so cold to him and I was LIVING. Suck it, Caspar! 你 totally deserve it! Speaking of suck it, UM DAN'S NEW VIDEO!!!?! I know he hates labels, but this pretty much confirmed he's bi/pan. AAAAH!!! <333 And I 爱情 that it's so casual too. That he's never officially declared his sexuality. Instead he's just like let me message some cute boys on Tinder and 上传 it. I 爱情 that. God I 爱情 Dan. He'll always be my fav youtuber <3 一年多以前