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Sup Ignas 发布 一年多以前
pablopj 说 …
嘿 there, sorry 你 don't believe me, I like your picture though, spiders, that's cool! 发布 一年多以前
Ignas357 评论…
Yeah, idk, I just find it too far-fetched to be real. And to be totally honest, 你 don't really seem like a person who just 迷失 a sister either. If there's any proof 你 can to give me, please do, otherwise I'd really 问题 what's the point of creating this story. 一年多以前
Ignas357 评论…
but yeah, if 你 don't want to give me anything, to make me believe you, that's fine too 一年多以前
Ignas357 评论…
also, thanks. I took it, it's a pretty old picture actually. Spiders are indeed pretty cool 一年多以前
pablopj 评论…
the story is true, i just wish i didn't tell everyone, i never knew it will cause such a mess, sorry, i wouldn't lie about this kind of thing, for the same reason why I never use the f word 或者 others, it because I'm a Jehovah witness and i believe that would be wrong, sorry if i don't have much prove, i try to take some but my dad won't let me post it on here for his own reason, i hope 你 understand and sorry i got 你 into this mess 一年多以前
Alrighty then,.. So.. someone got attacked 由 a 粉丝 of a 粉丝 and died?
Like, first of all, who was it? How did the person find the victim? How did he attack her and for what, a silly internet fight over some bullshit that no one should care about anymore?
Do we even have any proof of anyone dying 或者 getting attacked? Because, I don't know about ya'll, but this seems just sliiiightly far-fetched.
*ringring*, calling bullshit. 发布 一年多以前
AlphaClub 评论…
Yep, pretty much. It was pablopj's sister who died... 一年多以前
MyDarkestDays 评论…
That sounds closer to it 哈哈 一年多以前
Ignas357 评论…
Yeah, no. If 你 'provoke' a murder like that, it still doesn't make it entirely your fault. 一年多以前