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  • Male, 26 years old
  • Miami, Florida
  • Favorite TV Show: Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, and Big Time Rush
    Favorite Movie: Transformers, X-Men, and Harry Potter series
    Favorite Book or Author: Percy Jackson series, 超能英雄 of Olympus, Maximum Ride, Harry Potter, 《龙骑士》 series
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Arion is the best horse ever!!!!
Sorry Blackjack.... 发布 一年多以前
Alex13126 评论…
I still 爱情 Blackjack :P 一年多以前
pink-bookworm 评论…
I havent met arion yet 一年多以前
crazyfanatic 评论…
I havent met Arion yet too 一年多以前
hey, thanks for the add! ;)
nice 图标 <3 发布 一年多以前
Hades123 评论…
No problem, we have so much in common! :) 一年多以前
Maximumridefan 我支持 my images
Thanks for the add :) 发布 一年多以前
Hades123 评论…
No Probs!! :) 一年多以前