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A 问题 about the quote "Always"- Severus Snape.

14 answers | my answer: I see it as a reference to the romance novel "The F...

Why do people think Snape is Harry Potter's father isnt it obvious that James is Harry's father ??

60 answers | my answer: So the first time I say DH pt. 2, I hadn't read the...

I am in a 阅读 slump any good 图书 to get be out of it ?

5 answers | my answer: Hunger Games, Harry Potter, Divergent, Maze Runner,...

This is a Taylor 迅速, 斯威夫特 contest and it will have rounds. Post a pic of taylor with an animal.

13 answers | my answer: Taylor and her kitty!!!

Taylor Contest

14 answers | my answer: Here ya go! :)

Is there an official name for Percy Jackson fans?

23 answers | my answer: Yeah, we are demi-gods...

Who would 你 cast as Percy?

2 answers | my answer: 乔什·哈切森

do 你 believe that Greek Myths aren't actually myths and they are all true? if 你 do, what's your proof?

24 answers | my answer: Alright, so my thing is complicated. I don;t like p...

Correct me if i'm wrong, but wouldn't Percy and Annabeth be related? because Athena is 说 to be the daughter of Zeus, which would make Poseiden the uncle of Athena, and that would mean that Athena and Percy are cousins.

18 answers | my answer: It's explained in the last olympian... READ IT! if...
Percy Jackson & The Olympians 图书

Does anyone REALLY think they are a demigod? Please share your story!

10 answers | my answer: honestly... a little. I always feel like I'm being...