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I noticed a lot of people who dislike Stefan use the name "Saint" Stefan for him. It's obviously sarcasm, 你 obviously hate him and are mocking him. So could 你 just not? It's fine if 你 use it on your own with your friends, but when you're in a shared community like this one with Stefan 粉丝 present it's actually kind of rude. 你 don't see Damon haters calling Damon "Delightful" Damon 或者 something like that. 发布 一年多以前
Manonx 评论…
I agree. Though I'm not a 粉丝 of Stefan's, it's really annoying to see this "saint" stuff. 一年多以前
PPPopopipop 评论…
I agree too! It sound so offensive & biased, I always feel bad when I see it. And I'm not even too much of Stefan 粉丝 :/ 一年多以前
delenadarti 评论…
ITA it's really annoying! 一年多以前
sahour95 评论…
Thank you! Me, as a huge Stefan fan, always feel provoked when I see that and just stop 阅读 the 评论 and pre-plan to disagree with it! 一年多以前
Epicurean 说关于 Klaus & Caroline
I hate it when Klaroline 粉丝 try to justify the couple 由 accusing Tyler of being a dick 或者 a bad boyfriend. Tyler is an awesome guy. Can't we be 粉丝 of Klaroline because we 爱情 the chemistry? Because it's exciting 或者 strange 或者 fresh? Let's not attack another character because he gets in the way of our ship. 发布 一年多以前
sahour95 评论…
I agree on this. I don't like Tyler but I don't ship Klaroline because of that 一年多以前
klarolinelove 评论…
I agree with this too i'm not tyler's biggest 粉丝 but i ship klaus and caroline together because of them not because i don't like tyler 一年多以前
jennio5 评论…
I agree (: 一年多以前
"While Caroline will be there for Elena, expect to see a major change in their friendship when the blond vamp doesn't like the way the new bloodsucker is acting. Hint: It may 或者 may not have to do with a steamy moment Elena shares with the older Salvatore brother in episode four." omfg Caroline is such a Stelena shipper. xD I wonder if it also has to do with how Elena decides to feed? 发布 一年多以前