潮流粉丝俱乐部始于May 2007年

  • Male, 28 years old
  • new york, new york
  • Favorite Movie: Reservoir Dogs, 《终结者》 2, Pulp Fiction, Anchorman, Fight Club, Death Proof
    Favorite Musician: Any Classic Rock
    Favorite Book or Author: Fight Club, Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Last Banner, Jurrasic Park, 1984
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jpaddict1993 说 …
嘿 just adding Jurassic Park 发布 一年多以前
jpaddict1993 说 …
嘿 Jurassic Park 4 comes out in the summer of 2014 but first Jurassic Park comes out in 3D in April 5 2013 发布 一年多以前
jay777 说 …
hi 发布 一年多以前