Dr. Blowhole

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  • Male
  • Out side New York City, Internatonal waters
  • Favorite TV Show: The news, I like to know human weakness's.
    Favorite Movie: Don't watch movies.
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I am bored with using this account for RL stuff, so from now on I will only role play un less I say otherwise. I may at another point make an account for non role play things, but at this point I am only Dr. Blowhole. 发布 一年多以前
_DrBlowhole_ 评论…
Because I was unable to 删除 all my 粉丝 俱乐部 I just made a new account. :P 一年多以前
Blowhole666 评论…
so many dr.blowholes and so many fake accounts ! 一年多以前
Rainshadow999 评论…
Oi! Don't say that! He's the actual Blowhole! …And awesome. 一年多以前
Blowhole666 评论…
Real one ? Not of course 一年多以前
DrBsNumber1Fan 说 …
嘿 Dr B! So how's that picture of me comin along? Just wondering. No rush. 发布 一年多以前
DrBlowhole 评论…
It is okay, I have alot of work right now so it will be a few days 一年多以前
DrBsNumber1Fan 评论…
Okey dokey! 一年多以前
shanks 4 zee add. 发布 一年多以前
101trx 评论…
good luck with ur gf! 一年多以前