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*sits on couch, sharpening katana blade* Your security system is stupid. 发布 一年多以前
ReneYJ 评论…
((that was my 个人资料 pic a couple months 以前 XD))*in rafters* Um... hello? *jumps out of the rafters* 一年多以前
Demon_YJ 评论…
*to Rene* No, just human. *to Twan* I don't believe you'd want to shoot a team member. *gets up and sheathes blade* See yah. *walks out of zeta* ((srry, gtg.)) 一年多以前
ReneYJ 评论…
((bye!)) Okay..... 一年多以前
*dangling sword over edge of building, looking out over city* It doesn't change a bit, does it? 发布 一年多以前
MercyYJ 评论…
*flips behind her* It does? 一年多以前
MercyYJ 评论…
Well, 你 have fun with your life... I gotta go find my 老友记 before they are soup... *runs and flips off building* 一年多以前
Demon_YJ 评论…
*watches her leave* ...I miss that... *jumps off building, heading for alley* 一年多以前
((I regret being the one to inform 你 all that the girl who does Adrian has to quit being on fpop... SO, if Fin's PMSing it's cuz she's single, again. She doesn't really deal that well..))
Fin: leave me alone. *sobs in corner*
((...see what i mean?)) 发布 一年多以前
SilverWingsYJ 评论…
((Aaaaaaaaw!)) 一年多以前