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  • Male, 21 years old
  • Beaumont, TX
  • Favorite TV Show: Pokémon, Regular Show, We Bare Bears, Loonatics Unleashed, Danny Phantom, My Life As A Teenage Robot, Steven Universe, 松鼠 Boy
    Favorite Movie: Black 或者 White, Pokémon, Django Unchained, Pitch Perfect (I and II)
    Favorite Musician: Dirtcaps, Gianni Marino, Blasterjaxx, Bassjackers, Wiwek, Munchi, Noizekid, Junkie Kid, Getter, Quintino, JAUZ, etc.
    Favorite Book or Author: Does Wikipedia count?
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CokeTheUmbreon 说关于 随意
Damn, my story hit an all time low on Wattpad. 发布 ·4个小时之前
CokeTheUmbreon 说关于 随意
First time, in weeks, I'm getting ready to release something.

M4RSH4DOW - Metairie (City Of The Dead)

🎃🎃COMING. In early October... 🔥🔥 发布 ·2天前
TheLefteris24 评论…
Nice! Make sure 你 let us know when it is out. I am certainly intrigued !!!! ·2天前
Riku114 评论…
^ ·2天前
zanhar1 评论…
Neat! ·1天前
CokeTheUmbreon 说关于 随意
Tfw you're outta dark ideas. 发布 ·4天前
CokeTheUmbreon 评论…
For a fanfic. ·4天前
Riku114 评论…
Combine rape, sex slaves, three layers of incest, and extreme sexism. I created a character around that ·4天前
TheLefteris24 评论…
Not going to lie. Whoever ends up 写作 this, I am pretty interested in 阅读 as well. NTR is all the rage these days !!!! ·3天前