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I like your 个人资料 picture and background! 发布 ·5天前
BlindBandit92 说关于 随意
Stab me as if whispering a farewell filled with light.
I will miss you
I will miss you
Will my sins eventually meet their end?
Only the things I've broken are reflected here, Overflowing, that won't come true.
If I were to open my eyes
And hear that, "it was all true"
Please don't set off the siren of tragedy.
I wan 你 to make the future rain down upon this word's scar.
Stab me as if unraveling a farewell filled with light.
I will miss you
I will miss 你 发布 ·8天前
BlindBandit92 评论…
Bestow upon me my punishment! All these torn seams Were a fate that I had chosen. Even if I'll be captured unaware 由 pursuing it endlessly. Will 你 truly still 爱情 me? "It has to be me!" "It can't be me!" ·8天前
BlindBandit92 说关于 随意
SHiNY SWORD MY DiAMOND, A crystallization of my sorrows and desires.
We each declare our duty, proceeding toward our respective lights.
I’ve made it to today 由 taking a stand again and again.
It’s TiME. A single prayer will 确认 the revolution. So shine!

Sweat and tears, mistakes… they seem to taste of honey
On a slimy road covered in the drool of hyenas. 发布 ·13天前
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I carefully crafted a glass charm, With a 100-karat shine (FAKER!!) But the world is waiting for a dazzling miracle to take its breath away! SHiNY SWORD MY DiAMOND, A crystallization of my purity and hopes. OH SHiNE ON MY TEARS! They shelter the light of my strength. I don’t have time to waste with imitations. Not until the symbol of my strength, the polished jewel of my efforts, burns out. ·13天前
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I'll never stop
你 ate well - Let your 爱情 go on and go
Very very tasty
Very magnificent feast
Everything in this world lies within this cocoon

I just want to eat
How tasty it is

One two three four
Since everyone, he as well, haven't had enough red yet
They keep preying upon their targets

Can't stop Can't stop eating
Can't stop Can't stop 迷失 myself

I can't yield, I can't stop
It's related to the instinct" 发布 ·15天前
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All I need is to change my background for a 个人资料 inspired yandere page 哈哈 ·15天前
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I like your icon. Annie is wifu. 发布 ·15天前
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Scooby wasn't closing his eyes in fear for shaggy. He was fearing for the bikers' lives 发布 ·19天前
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You're now off of my fanlist.... ·19天前
link ·19天前
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A Meme getting born from a Post about another Meme. It's always intriguing to see !!!! ·19天前
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Shaggy always runs from monsters. He always feared this 日 would come. He just wants Scooby snacks, not to dominate the universe. The hero rejects the call. 发布 ·19天前
zanhar1 评论…
I am several posts up and convinced that I am in some sort of fever dream. ·19天前
BlindBandit92 评论…
Why so? ·19天前
RTS2000 评论…
Shaggy is the ultimate life form :) ·18天前
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This can only go two ways punk. 1. 你 walk away. 2. I walk on your face. 发布 ·19天前
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Omae wa.. mou Scooby-Doo...

RAGGY 发布 ·19天前
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Shaggy doesnt look out for trouble.

Trouble looks out for Shaggy 发布 ·19天前
RTS2000 评论…
Shaggy is God ·18天前
CokeTheUmbreon 评论…
That is, until Marshadow appears 😏 ·18天前