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Terry Pratchett

has anyone else seen going postal yet?What did 你 think?

2 answers | my answer: I enjoyed it. I was a bit disappointed that it wasn...
Terry Pratchett

Does anyone know if terry is releasing another book 或者 is unseen academicals the last one?

2 answers | my answer: Snuff is out now :)

I am in the middle of converting from 基督教 to Paganism and to learning Wicca is anyone here that is doing 或者 has done the same thing? I dont know anyone that is a Pagan

4 answers | my answer: I am Pagan and i could help if 你 so wished. The...

How do 你 start a Book of Shadows?

3 answers | my answer: A Book Of Shadows is your personal book on your exp...

is it better to be in a coven 或者 just do magick alone?

3 answers | my answer: ^ agreed. The choice is yours. Being in a Coven is...

Anyone know anything about Luciferianism?

4 answers | my answer: link...

please help i need help with tarot cards!!

3 answers | my answer: I tried to explain but found my answer way too long...

How long have 你 been Pagan?

21 answers | my answer: I comes from a family of Christians/Atheists/Ideali...

shamin circle?

1 answer | my answer: This may help :) link...

Ask a Pagan Forum.

4 answers | my answer: Sign me up :)