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  • Female
  • Croatia
  • Favorite TV Show: Eurovision Song Contest,Olympic Games,Oprah,Super talent,...
    Favorite Movie: Yohan,Fairytale-The Movie,Titanic,Twilight,New Moon,...
    Favorite Musician: Eric Saade<3,Rihanna,Tunisian music,Toshe Proeski,Mando Diao,Alex Rybak<3,Lady GaGa,Ke$ha,What's up (boy band)<3
    Favorite Book or Author: I have read many of them,so I don't acctually know which is my favorite!
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Haven't been here for a while :O :) 发布 一年多以前
Lindaah14 评论…
Ivaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :DDDD 一年多以前
Alexhelen24 评论…
Cool that u are back! <3 一年多以前
jo135 评论…
Ivaaaaaaaaa sweetheart :D I missed u :D welcome back! <3 一年多以前
ALExXxRybakFaNn 评论…
:* 一年多以前
HAPPY NEW 年 EVERYONE! :D <3 :* 发布 一年多以前
Nicolexx15 评论…
happy new 年 x 一年多以前
ALExXxRybakFaNn 说 …
Heey I haven't been here for a while..

sorry everybody.now i'm heree <3

I 爱情 u guys so much! <333 发布 一年多以前