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  • Female, 22 years old
  • New York
  • Favorite TV Show: penguins of madagascar, invader zim, full metal alchemist
    Favorite Movie: madagascar 1 & 2, fog
    Favorite Musician: greenday
    Favorite Book or Author: warriors series, hunger games
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Zelda4Efas 说 …
Make this your user 图标 TOO.
或者 find your own...BUT, WE HAVE TO FIGHT THIS.
We fight because we CAN.
We fight because we DO.
We fight...because it's RIGHT.

Speak out for injustice, and 加入 KONY 2012!
When INJUSTICE pleads....WE FIGHT.
Copy and paste this and SEND to as MANY PEOPLE AS 你 CAN
Then change your picture to start a REVOLUTION.

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Zelda4Efas 说 …
Kony is a man that needs to be arrested but cant be found. he kidnapps children in their sleep and forces them to kill their own parents. he then uses the girls for sexual reasons. he uses the boys to make soliders for himself. he has been doing this for years.
many innocent kids are tortured and/or die! we need to spread the word so that 更多 ppl know about this. the 更多 ppl know about this then those ppl might see him and be able to 报道 him to police. pls help spread the word HELP STOP HIM 发布 一年多以前
Zelda4Efas 评论…
BirdG 说 …
This is my special 圣诞节 Present for you.

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13thHunter 评论…
best. gift..... evers :3 一年多以前