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 Uria VS Slifer
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posted by Mana-Princess
Okay, i'v decided to make a lion king 粉丝 fiction, and before I post the real thing..... Just wanted to say, "I do not own YU-Gi-Oh, 或者 The Lion King!"

I would also like to introduce the cast. ^^ Here we go.

Aknamkanon- Mufasa

Okay, I hope 你 will enjoy this. Comment, tell me what 你 think.... :/
So i'd also like to point out I tried to make it as human like as possible..... If I failed a little, i'm sorry..... :/ I think you'll enjoy it though, I worked very hard on this.......
Joey:sings* Yo, dad, 你 need to understand that we've got Joey in the house! *sings infalsetto*

Mr.Wheeler: Shut up and get the mail!

Joey: Fine dad! Don't 你 have a cake in the 烤箱 或者 something?

Dad: What the hell? Just do what I said!

Joey: *leves out the door*

*At the mail box*

Rebecca: *looks at Joey* watcha doin?

Joey: I'm checkin the mail box, Sophie. No leave me alone.

Rebecca: who's Sophie?

Joey: *mumbles* Dumb kid, doesn't even know her own name

Rebecca: I heard that! And teddy heard it too!

Teddy: 你 better sleep with one eye open for the rest of 你 life punk!

Joey: *freaking out* AHHH evil...
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posted by InvaderCynder
i woke up and made sure i had the Millennium Chain in my backpack. i got up early because i wanted to get some Duel Monster cards before School started.i through on my school outfit, went downstairs, grabbed a cereal bar thingy, and headed out.

Yugi had mentioned that his Grandpa owned a store that sold Duel Monster Cards so that's where i headed. a 钟, 贝尔 rang when i got there and an old man with a surprised face turned to me."hello, young lady." he greeted."a bit early, isn't it?" he yawned."sorry. i heard 你 sold Duel Monster cards here." i explained."well, yes, i do." he admitted. i smiled...
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