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This Yu-Gi-Oh 照片 contains 动漫, 漫画书, 漫画, 卡通, and 漫画卡通.

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posted by Courtneyfan6
(Yami and Joey are standing in front of the Game 商店 as the mailman comes walking 由 and puts a package into Yami's mailbox)

Yami and Joey: It's here! (takes out the package and opens it)

Yami: Behold, Joey! The official Dark Magician Back Scratcher! And it only cost me 52 box-tops.

Joey: Wow.

Yami: (scratches his back with the item) Ooh. Mm-hmm. Oh... Oh! Whoo! Oh, yes, that's it!

Joey: Let me try! (uses the item to scratch his back)

Yami: Uh, Joey, that's not the back scratcher. That's my arm.

Joey: Oh, sorry. (reattaches his arm)

Yami: 你 know, we shouldn't keep this all to ourselves....
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(WARNING! Not much dascription in this one..)

In the morning I woke from a bad dream . I sat up, and remebered that today was my party. "Great......" I wispered to myself. "Mana! Are 你 up yet!!!" Mimme rang from downstaires. "Yes!!!" I yelled back, and mom came in with a camra. "Mom! Please no! I'm not a morning person!" I yelled hiding under the covers. "How cute! The bride is camra shy!!!" My mother maid me fill heated, and a little mad. "Mom, please....." I trailed off, and pulled my head out, and smiled at the camra. "Very nice sweetheart." She 说 cutting off the camra. "Great, lets...
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I didn't sleep almost all night, I was to nuvase, 或者 exited, I couldn't tell. It was 4:00 a.m. It was storming. I had missed almost 12 to 15 calls from Yugi. I guess he couldn't sleep eaither. I didn't bother calling back evan though I wanted to, but considering the time it was. I shut my eyes again, and tried to sleep. Once I did dosed off, my dream was a good and wired one.

    The sean was set at our wedding, it was a little bland. It was beautiful, and breath takeing. White, ruffles lined the path behind my house. We had a very small, but beautiful garden behing the...
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Once done with my 淋浴 it was 7:50. Had it really been an hour? I walked out into the room in a plain white outfit that we had to wear wile in the hospitle. "Great." I ground. "Just like school." Everyone onley staired at me, and the doc, came back in. "Ah, so 你 have started walking." He 说 happily. "Yes," I said, and flashed a bright smile his way. "Well, she's healing really well now that she's up, and about." He said. "The whole in her side though isn't going away. This is something we call the recovery state. She fills better, but we cant let her leave untill the whole is gone. It...
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posted by Mana-Princess

Me, Atem, and Yugi stood as 更多 people walked down the street. Yugi looked me up,and down at least a thoushand times. Then I saw the other guys. "Oh......No." I said. "I'll hold e'm off." Atem said,and went to meet the other guys. Yugi grabed my hand. This maid us both blush. He pulled me under a shady 树 so nobody could tell that it was us. Everyone walked right past us. They all had me on their minds anyway, exept Atem who was trying to hide me as well. I took out my contacts...
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posted by kaibaluv
I decided to spend my free period sleeping in an empty classroom, since it was cold outside. I carelessly left the door open when I went inside the small room. That was my first mistake.

Seto walked 由 and looked through the open doorway and walked inside. "Why are 你 asleep in an empty classroom when 你 could be helping out on our project?" We had a staring contest that nobody won. "I'm here sleeping because I don't feel like doing that stupid assignment." I 说 matter-of-factly althogh I was being very vage as to why I'm not doing the project. "Why wouldn't 你 want to write a reaserch...
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