Chapter 7: Battle in the palace

All of the priests and Atem raised their left arms and a strange device was seen on their arms. The boys noticed these devices and turned to Nefertiri.
“What are those things?” Yugi asked.
“Those are Dia Dianks,” she answered her brown eyes still facing the defending priests and Pharaoh.
“'Dia' what?” Yugi asked again, still confused.
“I'm sorry guys. I don't know much about a Dia Diank, except that is what the priests and the Pharaoh use to summon their Kaas,” Nefertiri said.
“Shh we can't let them see us,” Nefertiri whispered.
Yugi turned away from Nefertiri and looked down.
“What exactly is going to happen though?”, Yugi asked in his mind.

All of the seven Dia Dianks opened revealing three wings on its side.
Atem stood up tall, his eyes filled with anger.
“Now Bakura, Marik prepa-”
“No Pharaoh! Let us take care of these men!” Seto shouted.
Atem looked down at Seto. “But-”
“Pharaoh Atem-sama we won't let these men lay one finger on you,” Shada added.
“I summon Gales Glass!” Seto shouted.

Ryou looked at Seto's Diank and saw a small glow that appeared then vanished. Suddenly he could feel the ground slightly shake beneath his feet. Malik and Yugi too felt this and the three of them turned their heads in different directions to see where the shaking was coming from. Suddenly a bright light flashed into the room blinding Nefertiri and the boys. They quickly shielded their eyes. When the light faded away the boys looked down and saw a large red dragon standing in the middle of the room. Yugi's, Ryou's, and Malik's jaws dropped.
“Is that... a 'Kaa'?” Malik whispered to himself.

“Hmm... impressive Seto,” Marik joked.
“But take a look at this Kaa!” Bakura screamed.
Another bright light flashed from where Bakura was standing. Suddenly another monster stood before the others. Everyone's eyes widen.
“What's wrong? Are 你 afraid of my Diaboundo?” Bakura asked, looking at his Kaa.
“How can a Kaa like that live in a common thief like him?” Akunadin asked staring at the white winged beast.
“Bakura really did summon a powerful Kaa. But why hasn't Marik done anything yet?”, Atem asked himself. “Why is Marik just standing there? Why do I feel like something bad is about to happen? What is he planning?” A drop of sweat poured down Atem's face. His 心 pounded quickly in his chest. Something about Marik just standing there, a wicked smile across his face, made Atem nervous.

“Seto we must combine our powers to stop those two,” 说 Akunadin.
“No! I can easily defeat them. My Kaa is 更多 stronger,” Seto protested.
“Go Gale Glass! Strike Diaboundo!” Seto ordered.
The dragon extended its long neck exposing its bare teeth. Bakura's Kaa remained completely still, it did not go into defense 或者 anything.
Bakura then looked at Marik. Marik nodded his head.
“Mirror Wall!” Marik shouted extending his hand.
Suddenly the dragon stopped in its attack, veins pulsing through its body, wailing in pain.
“What!?” Karim asked, shocked.
Seto bent down clutching onto his heart, loudly grunting in pain a sudden gasp of breath passed his lips.
“Seto!” Mahaado exclaimed as he bent down to help the priest.
Marik laughed loudly. All eyes were upon him.
“Marik, what... have 你 done to... my Kaa?” Seto asked, panting.
“Are 你 so blind? Look closely at why your dragon stopped,” 说 Marik pointing to the dragon.
Seto squinted his eyes and saw a shining, almost crystal like 墙 that reflected his Gales Glass.
“What is that? What have 你 done?” Seto asked.
“Just a little spell trap called Mirror Wall,” Marik answered crossing his hands across his chest.
“You're able to cast that spell?” Mahaado asked.
“Ah so 你 do know how it works,” Marik chuckled.
“What's 'Mirror Wall' Oshishou-sama?” Mana asked.
Mahaado turned his head and was shocked to see that Mana was still here.
“Why didn't she go? Oh never mind that, we have a much bigger problem in front of us,”, Mahaado thought looking back at the crystal wall.
“Mirror 墙 is a spell trap that can be activated to stop an enemy's monster from attacking yours. When your enemy states an attack, the 墙 arises and reflects your monster making it lose half of its strength. In this case, when Seto's Gale Glass attacked the mirror it attacked its own reflection, thereby causing the dragon to lose half of its strength,” Mahaado explained.
“Exactly.” 说 Marik.

“Nefertiri, I know probably now is not the best time, but please tell us what a Kaa is,” Ryou asked.
“No, not now,” 说 Nefertiri.
“Please,” Ryou begged, his 浓情巧克力 brown eyes sparkling.
Nefertiri looked at him. She couldn't help, but give into Ryou's 小狗 eyes.
“Alright basically, a Kaa is a beast that lives in your heart. Many say the Kaa is what makes 你 do things because it has been 说 that our bodies are the vessels that hold them. The Kaa themselves are also our strength 或者 spirit,” Nefertiri explained.
Ryou and Yugi looked at her, confused.
“I understand. So what you're saying is that everyone has this creature living within the heart. And does it, in a way represent ourselves?” Malik asked.
“Well I don't know specifically. To explain a Kaa to someone is not very easy though,” Nefertiri 说 scratching her head.
“Do people know what their Kaa looks like?” Yugi asked.
“Well that depends, if 你 have summoned it once then you'll know. But if 你 haven't summoned then it's unknown,” 说 Nefertiri.
“Have 你 ever summoned yours yet?” Yugi asked.
Nefertiri shook her head.
“I've tried and I haven't gotten anything yet,” Nefertiri 说 looking down at her hands.
“Nefertiri why is it that when Seto attacked he suddenly looked as if a sword was slashing through him?” Ryou asked.
“It's because during a Kaa battle 你 are using up 你 own life to give your Kaa energy to fight. If your Kaa is attacked 你 also get attacked since it is the monster within your 心 and you're giving it your life for energy,” Nefertiri explained.
“Wow! I never knew there so much to this creature that lives within the deep recesses of your heart. Still how does one even summon it?”, Yugi questioned quietly in his mind.
“Guys I think the other priests are going to summon their Kaa too,” Malik whispered.
Ryou, Yugi, Malik, and Nefertiri looked back down.

All of the priests held their Dianks high, individually calling out their Kaa's name.
“Minotaurus!” shouted Seto.
“Busuteto!” shouted Karim.
“Spiria!” shouted Isis.
“Zeruda!” shouted Shada.
“Gardius!” shouted Akunadin.
“Magician of Illusions!” shouted Mahaado.

In the far temples near the stone courtyard, six beams of light sped through the hot night piercing the puffy blue clouds. The rushing sounds of the light breaking the quiet night sky. Finally the beams of light entered throne, a quick burst of light flooded the entire 王座, 宝座 room. The shine disappeared, and now six different monsters of different sizes and looks were standing in midair, waiting for the call to attack.

“Go now! Kaa attack!” the priests yelled.
All of the Kaas aimed for Diaboundo. Bakura chuckled quietly to himself, looking up at the charging beasts.
“Facos!” Bakura screamed.
Suddenly another Kaa was brought before the priests. At the sight of this the priest all looked up to the new monster, not realizing that their own Kaas stopped their charge.
“Attack them now!” Bakura ordered.
The winged bird draped in Egyptian robes let out a powerful screech sending the Kaas flying and hitting the pillars. All of the priests jerked in pain.
“Oshishou-sama!” Mana cried bending down to her fallen master.
Bakura and Marik laughed loudly.
“Ha! And 你 call yourselves the high priest of the Pharaoh. 你 can't even take a hit,” Bakura mocked.
“But how can 你 summon another Kaa?” Mahaado asked weakly.
“Did 你 forget? As we were raiding Akunum-Kanon's tomb, I decided to take this with me,” 说 Bakura revealing another Dia Diank.
Everyone was completely shocked.
“That Diank... Bakura!” Atem 说 angrily.
“Oh Pharaoh, is there a need to get upset?” Bakura said, a smile upon his face.
“But wait! Why didn't Marik steal a Dia Diank?” Isis asked.
“Oh please. I don't need that thing to help me. Besides I rely on my magic, not some Kaa to help me win battles,” 说 Marik glaring at the priestess.
“That's enough! Now it's my turn 你 dirty thieves!” Mana yelled standing up tall ready to face them.
The two thieves looked at her, and laughed. To them, the thought of an apprentice fighting the two most vile and dangerous thieves in Egypt, was ridiculous.
“Oh no we're so scared,” 说 Marik, sarcastically. “What are 你 going to do, hit us on the head with your little toy?” Marik asked nonchalantly pointing at her wand.
Mana's eyes filled with anger, not just because they insulted her, but also because they ruined the celebration, raided the town, injured the priests, and her master was hurt.
Mana held her wand high and Black Magician Girl appeared before them.
“Go Black Magician girl attack!” Mana shouted pointing her wand to Facos.
Black Magician Girl's wand charged at the Kaa. The bird screeched loudly in pain as Black Magician Girl's wand stabbed at the bird, then exploded as the wand blasted energy within the bird's heart.
“Forgive me Pharaoh Akunum-Kanon-sama,” Mana pleaded in her mind.
Bakura clutched his 心 grunting in pain.
“Bakura!” Marik exclaimed.
“Now attack Marik!” Mana shouted.
Mana's Kaa aimed for Marik. Black Magician Girl's wand glowed at the tip get bigger and bigger. Suddenly the Kaa stopped, her wand inches away from Marik's face. Black Magician Girl was shocked, she looked around at the strange force that stopped her attack. Marik chuckled quietly. The Kaa looked at Marik.
“Sorry dear, but I need you,” Marik whispered to the scared Kaa. “Look into my eyes my dear, look.”
Black Magician Girl was confused, suddenly she saw Marik's lavender eyes glowing and flashing so delicately. She tried to resist looking into his eyes, but the flashing was almost hypnotic. Her sparkling green eyes became lifeless and she faced Mana.
“What? My Kaa!” Mana yelped.
“Now attack Mana!” Marik ordered.
Black Magician Girl aimed her wand at Mana. The powerful attack hit Mana causing her to fly across the room, landing in the middle of the priests.
“Mana!” Mahaado exclaimed holding her.
“Oshishou-sama,” 说 Mana, weakly.
“Mana!” 说 another voice. Atem and some of the other priests looked around to see who the owner of the voice was. No one was seen.

“Shh Yugi. Don't let them see us,” Ryou whispered covering Yugi's mouth with his hand.
“I'm sorry, but she's seriously hurt,” 说 Yugi.
“I know but...”
“But nothing we have to help them somehow,” Yugi pleaded.
“He's right, but what can we do?” Nefertiri asked in her head. “Oh Mana.”

Marik's lavender eyes looked at the pillars. Even though the battle was on the ground, he used his powerful eye sight to see who 或者 what was behind the pillars. He smiled evilly as he saw three boys and a girl behind the pillar. His eyes shifted to Bakura as he got up slowly panting.
“Bakura I think we have some guests,” Marik 说 through a mind link.
“Oh really?” Bakura 说 in his mind, another evil smile on his face.
“Marik 你 bastard! What did 你 do to Mana's Kaa?” Mahaado asked demanding an answer.
“Oh come now Mahaado. As a magician of the Dark Arts, 你 should already know,” Marik stated.
Mahaado 说 nothing as he looked at Mana's Kaa with her green eyes, now blank.
“I used the spell Brain Control on your apprentice's Kaa,” 说 Marik.
“Brain Control?” Mahaado exclaimed.
“Yes, a spell that only high level magicians, such as myself can use,” Marik 说 boastfully. “This spell will work on any Kaa, no matter what the Kaa's status is.”
“Now it's my turn to attack. Diaboundo Spiral Surge!”
Diaboundo brought its hands together, concentrating a powerful 射线, 雷 within its hands. The attack aimed for the priests, Mana, Shimon, and Atem.
“No this is it,” Mana whispered to herself shutting her eyes tight.

The attack did not come, instead the attack hit the pillars.
“Help!” screamed a voice.
Everyone look and saw two of the slaves hanging from the destroyed pillars.
“Ryou! Yugi!” cried Malik and Nefertiri.
“What? Why are they here?” Atem exclaimed as he saw Nefertiri and Malik bend down to reach for the two boys.
“Diaboundo grab them!” Bakura screamed.
The Kaa grabbed all four of them, two in each of his hand. Diaboundo then closed his hands, causing the four of them to lose breathe. They all screamed in pain as Diaboundo's claws buried into their backs.
“Nefertiri! Malik! Yugi! Ryou!” Mana screamed running out of her master's arms.
“Mana! No!” Isis yelled grabbing Mana's arm.
“I 爱情 it when people are in pain,” Bakura said.
Bakura and Marik laughed loudly, their laughter echoing through the halls.
“Marik! Bakura!” Atem yelled.
They stopped. Atem stood up from his 王座, 宝座 and walked to the middle of the 王座, 宝座 room, his Diank close to his side.
“Let them go!” Atem ordered.
“Pharaoh! Please let us take care of them,” Isis pleaded.
Atem ignored her plea, still facing the beast and the two rogues. “All that 你 have done, raiding my city, trespassing in the palace, injuring my officials, and even insulting my father and harming those who live within the palace walls!?” Atem yelled angrily, looking at his father's sarcophagus and the captives with the Kaa's claws. “You two have always been despicable, but now you've crossed the line!”
“Oh, sorry about that then. Hmm, I never thought that even the 'oh so mighty' Pharaoh of Egypt would actually care for someone as low as a slave,” Bakura snickered.
“But I'll make one thing clear Pharaoh, all of the items are here. Now it's time to deliver the final blow, but before I do let me take care of this Kaa,” Marik 说 pointing to Black Magician Girl.
Marik snapped his fingers. Black Magician Girl came out of her trance and looked around wondering what happened. She gasped at the sight of the injured Mana. She flew to Mana. Mana smiled at her Kaa.
“Glad your back,” Mana 说 quietly.
“Kaa power up!” Marik yelled as a dark purple aura glowed around Diaboundo.
“Now it's time to finish what I started. Diaboundo Spiral Surge!” Bakura screamed.
Not so fast! Did 你 forget that I can control the Egyptian Gods!?” Atem exclaimed raising his Dia Diank high. “I summon-!”
“I'm afraid 你 can't do that,” 说 Bakura.
“What?” Atem asked.
“Pharaoh if 你 attack with one of your Gods, then it's your weak slaves that get killed,” Bakura 说 as his Diaboundo used the four captives as a sheild.
“What am I going to do?” Atem asked inside his mind. “If I attack now then they will die, but if I don't...” Atem felt cold sweat pouring down his neck, his 心 beating. What could he possibly do?
“Go one Pharaoh, use your God! We'll just use your worthless slaves to the shield us!” Bakura yelled.
Nefertiri glared at the thieves, “Worthless? Weak? Bakura! Marik! 你 bas... Wait a voice is calling to me. No my 心 it's-”
Suddenly a black and red light glowed from Nefertiri. She screamed as the light grew and grew until another Kaa appeared before Diaboundo.
This Kaa was a black dragon with burning red eyes and sharp teeth. The dragon glared at Diaboundo.
“Red Eyes Black Dragon attack! Dark Mega Flare!”
The dragon attacked Diaboundo right in its chest causing Bakura to once again clutch his 心 and even Marik clutched on to his heart.
Diaboundo released them, they all dropped to the floor. Mana rushed to them.
“Nefertiri! Guys!” Mana screamed.
“Nefertiri!”Atem screamed.
“Atem hurry summon a God! Now!” Nefertiri exclaimed.
Atem had to, but the attack would also hit them.
“Don't worry Ouji, I'll protect them. Black Magician Girl, shield us!”
Mana's Kaa came and used her wand to create a large 粉, 粉色 shield to protect them.
“Hurry!” Mana and Nefertiri pleaded. Atem nodded and focused on the still injured Bakura and Marik. He raised his arm high and yelled, “I summon Obelisk!”
A bright blue light flooded the room blinding nearly everyone. Some of the light faded and then the mighty God 方尖碑 stood before Bakura and Marik.
“Bakura! Marik! Kneel before God!” Atem shouted. “God Hand Crusher!”
方尖碑 closed his mighty fists and focused all of his power on the fists. He aimed for Diaboundo.
“Diaboundo attack now Horrible Burst Stream!” Bakura yelled.

Yugi, Ryou, and Malik slowly opened their eyes and saw the attacks through the 粉, 粉色 shield.
“That's... Obelisk! I never thought in my life I would see a powerful God like that.” Malik 说 in his mind as he stared at the God.
“Nefertiri, thank 你 for saving us,” Ryou 说 in his mind as a tear trickled down his cheek.
“And thank 你 Atem.” Yugi 说 in his mind as he watched the Pharaoh standing tall with his God 由 his side.