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Jaden, Yuma, Yusei, Yugi
posted by kaibaluv
I just don’t get that Seto Kaiba guy! He says I have a point and he dose it his way anyway! Unbelievable! I guess it is for the best though, I do have some of Will’s sonnets memorized and I know almost everything about Willie Shakespeare.

Well, we spent hours working on and perfecting our project. We were talking about things while doing so.“ Hmm…” Kaiba was staring at me…again. “What?” I asked suspiciously. “…You remind me of someone I used to know.” I took a 分钟 to think about what he’d said. Then, I realized, he seemed familiar.

I know it’s impossible, but I’ve...
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Simply awesome!!
abridged series
posted by kaibaluv
"Well?" he said. I really didn't want to tell him, but I knew I had to. I've been afraid to tell him because of the horror and I feared that he'd mock me and say it was impossible. From the looks of it, it may be the only truth to the matter. "I've been having nightmares....about Mokuba." Seto's face looked horrified as if he knew what I was going to say. "What about Mokuba?" 'He..." I couldn't finish for it was to horrific to say. "He what?" I didn't say anything and looked at the floor. Seto grabbed my shoulders and demanded "What happened?!?!" I started to cry. Not because Seto was yelling,...
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posted by kaibaluv
I was in my room, with blood on my hands. There was a guy unconscious on one side of the room and another bleeding out on my bed. I turned to look at Seto, and was taken aback. He no longer had blood on him, infact, he looked the same as he did when we were working on our project. The strange thing is that he was standing."S-Seto," he just looked at me and I blacked out.

"Emma, are 你 ok?" called a familiar voice as I woke up in a strange room. The walls were black with gothick pictures hung around. "Yeah.." I said, still looking around. "Do 你 remember anything from last night?" That's a...
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posted by kingofheartless
Maz: *Staring at his hand which has been pried free from his best monster cards, knowing that because of his opponent's crush card virus, he is doomed*
Seto: *Laughing* Make your 移动 Maz!
Maz: I'm thinking! *He shouts and summons to the field Senju of the Thousand Hands, then grins and brings to his hand Relinquished then activates the 密封 of Orichalcos* Welcome to my world mister kaiba! *Then he summons to the field his best card, relinquished* Now to activate Remove trap on your crush card virus! Now Relinquished, assimilate Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon!
To Be continued...
Yugi: *comes inside the Kame game shop* Grandpa Pharaoh?

From other room: WEEE! HAHAHA!

Yugi: *goes into room, sees Grandpa floating*

Pharaoh: *stops what he is doing and stares at Yugi like this: o.o*

Yugi: Pharaoh, what are 你 doing?

Pharaoh: ummm, what are 你 talking about?

Yugi: I told 你 not to use your magic in the house!

Pharaoh: Well, I figured since 你 know who MIGHT be coming to the party that 你 wouldn't pay anyattentionto me. 你 never do when he's around. < .<

Yugi: 你 leave him out of it! The party is tomorrow not today!

Pharaoh: ...I was just practicing for when 你 don't...
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posted by kaibaluv
“Emma, Emma. Come on, wake up.” My eyes fluttered open when I felt someone shaking me. I looked up and saw dear ol’ pops. I felt unusually groggy; I’m usually willing to wake up. So, I thought, it must be early. I turned to see neon numbers illuminating, numbers that read 3:15.

“Dad, what do 你 want? It’s three in the morning.” I 说 sleepily, still half asleep. “Emma, normally I would scold 你 about 你 talking to that Kaiba character last night, but this is urgent. I’ve been up all night because of it.” He said.

“Why can’t 你 just sleep on it like normal people?”...
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posted by kaibaluv
3rd period, English (which I love!! mabey monday isn't all that bad) with Mr. Hirodashi ( I call him 由 his name, sometimes Mr. H). What's awesome is that the class was studying on William Shakespear, my fave poet!
"I hope that all of 你 have memorized at least one of Shakespears sonnets." Mr. H announced while everyone grouned. Obviously, no one has memorized anything. " I want each of you," he went on, "To come up here and recite that sonnet to receive your grade." No one moved, no one even breathed. "I know alot of Will's sonnets, Mr. Hirodashi." Mr.H raised his eye brows, " Well," He looked...
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posted by Courtneyfan6
Cool Hwhip

(Kaiba won a pie from Serenity and it's made of apples, cinnamon and her hair.)

Yami: Oh, Kaiba, 你 got some pie, uh? Can I have a piece of it?

Kaiba: Uh, sure.

Yami: Ooh, let me have some of that Cool Hwhip.

Kaiba: What'd 你 say?

Yami: 你 can't have a pie without Cool Hwhip. (He puts cool whip on his pie)

Kaiba: Cool Hwhip?

Yami: Cool Hwhip, ya.

Kaiba: 你 mean Cool Whip?

Yami: Ya, Cool Hwhip.

Kaiba: Cool Whip.

Yami: Cool Hwhip.

Kaiba: Cool Whip.

Yami: Cool Hwhip.

Kaiba: You're saying it weird, why are 你 putting so much emphasis on the H?

Yami: What are 你 talking about? I'm just saying...
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abridged series
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posted by kaibaluv
As I walked down the hallway to my first class period today, World History, it was unusualy quiet. I looked around and saw everyone staring at me and whispering to the person 下一个 to them.

When I got to my locker, I over heard two girls talking. "Did 你 see her eyes? They're RED! Who has red eyes? And that hair, it's too long for her to be human, down to her ankles!" 说 one girl. "Wow, I heard that that Emma Taka girl graduated college with a Ph.D. at nine years old, a genius!"said her friend.

I didn't mind the first girl's 评论 about me not being human because of my hair and eyes. People...
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posted by kaibaluv
Well, the night's not over yet, it's only 8:45. I, again, was bored out of my mind, so I guess I'll write in my diary. Before I do, there's something 你 guys should know. I only write in my diary for these three reasons:
1.) If something big 或者 totally amazing happens.

2.) If I'm mad and hear my psycaitrist's voice in my head "Let out your feelings". Yeah, right. Who says I need a psycaitrist anyway? I'm not crazy - I hope.
3.) If I'm totally out of things to do and I'm bored to death. Which just happens to be EVERYDAY!
Dear Diary, February 23, 2216
This is, 由 far, the weirdest 日 of my life!...
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abridged series
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