A large knock at the the door awoke Yugi. The knock was at the front door. I’d better go see who’s at the door, a sleepy Yugi thought. He walked down to the door and opened it. There he found a girl. She was wet, as it was raining outside.
“May I spend the night here? It’s raining and I can’t find anywhere else to stay,” the girl said.
    “Ummmm, I’ll be right back,” Yugi replied as he went to ask his grandfather.
    “Grandpa, grandpa, wake up!” Yugi said, waking his grandfather.
    “What, what? Oh, it’s 你 Yugi. What is it?” Grandpa asked
    “There is someone at the door asking for cover from the rain tonight.”
    “I don’t know, but should I let her in?”
    “Yes! I’ll go get a 床, 床上 ready!” Grandpa said, hurriedly getting out of bed.
    When Yugi returned, the girl was still standing in the rain, waiting.
    “You can come in,” Yugi told her.
    “Thank you,” she said, walking in the door.
    In the better light of the shop, Yugi could see her features better. She had long black hair with red around the edges and 金牌 streaks in the front, reaching all the way to the back. She wore an outfit much like Yugi’s own uniform, but her outfit was a deep purple, much like her eyes. She wore black boots and a 带, 皮带 with a deck on it. She also wore purple and black pants and had two bags over her shoulder.
    “So,” she asked. “What’s your name?’
    “Oh, I’m Yugi. What’s your name?” Yugi replied.
    “My name is-”
    “Yugi!” Grandpa called, walking into the room. “The bed’s ready! Oh, my name is Solomon, Yugi’s grandfather. And yours?”
    “My name is Ko,” she said. “May I rest? In the morning I need to find somewhere to settle down and enroll in school.”
    “Well, 你 can stay here as long as 你 need, Ko,” Solomon replied.
    “Thank you, sir. Goodnight”
    “Goodnight,” Yugi and Solomon replied, and the lights went out.