Yugi sat watching the magician play with her hair, and wanted to talk to her. The only thing was he couldn't stop staring. He couldn't believe Yami had really made her real! And for him to be happy at that.... But Yami cared.
"Yugi!" The magician called, and Yugi perked up.
"Dark Magician Girl!" Yugi called back excitedly.
"How are you?" She asked, smiling.
"I'm okay now that your here." Yugi smiled and DMG blushed.
"Yugi, is there an other name 你 can call me?" She asked her eyes hopeful to tell him her real name.
"Sure, what would 你 like me to call you?" Yugi asked tilting his head, he really wanted to 吻乐队(Kiss) her again.
"Mana....." She giggled, and Yugi smiled.
"Mana." He repeated, DMG smiled.
"Your clever Yugi, 你 pronounced it right the first time." She 说 leaning into his face, making him blush. Yami wondered into the room then.
"Yugi, time for bed.... Your last 日 of school is tomorrow, and we have to take Dark Magician Girl to get some clothes." Yami smiled in the direction of her.
"It's Mana." Yugi Corrected. DMG clapped, and Yami's eyes grew wide.
"What?" He asked, and DMG hugged Yugi, making him blush.
"I asked Yugi to call me this, and it's shorter, and 你 don't have to stretch my name out Yami..." She giggled, and bounced away from Yugi to hug Yami, he hugged her back, and she 说 goodnight.

In the morning Yugi got ready for school, and left a note to Mana. Witch Yami would be there all 日 to keep her company. Soon after Yugi left Yami yelled from the kitchen.
"Mana, time for breakfast!" Mana happily bounced into the kitchen, and sat at the table.
"'Morning Yami!" She exclaimed, and he smiled.
"Nice to see 你 again, Mana." He 说 casually as he sat some 薄煎饼, 煎饼 in front of Mana.
"Umm..... Thank you!" She smiled, and picked up her fork.

Later during the evening waiting for Yugi down in the game 商店 Mana bounced up, and sat on the counter. "Yami?"
"Yes Mana?" He smiled, but didn't understand, and she hugged him.
"Thank 你 so much for bringing me back to Yugi...." She whispered. Yami blinked, and then smiled.
"You had fillings for him too?" He asked, and felt a rush of happiness for Yugi come over him.Yugi would be happy again, like he always was.
"Yes, and your the one I need to thank for bringing me here." She paused and steeped back to look at him. "I thought I would never see 你 again, and I would never 吻乐队(Kiss) Yugi again, and never see my closest friend again: you." She smiled, and Yami couldn't help but smile too.
"Your welcome Mana." He smiled, as Yugi came in, and Tristan and Joey right behind him in an other scrawl of theirs.
"I'm telling you, that's how it is!" Joey yelled.
"And i'm telling 你 that's not what it is! Duke, and your sister are not dating!"
Everyone laughed, and Mana rushed to Yugi, Joey and Tristan stopped fighting when Mana kissed Yugi pulling him close, and leaving no 太空 between them. Plus it was about time he had a girlfriend, he was about to turn eight-teen. And DMG was already eight-teen. Did this matter? Oh yeah, it mattered, because Yugi, was now going along with her kiss. He placed his arms around her waists, and she ever so gently put her hands around his neck. Mana wanted to be ever so 更多 closer to him too! She depend the 吻乐队(Kiss) 由 tightening her grip around his neck, and her and him were blushing like crazy.
"Yugi......" She smiled when the 吻乐队(Kiss) was over.
"Ma-Mana?" He caught his breath.
"I'm so happy i'm here, with you....." She hugged him, not letting him go.
"Me too......" He smiled, and Joey coughed. Mana and Yugi jump from each other, and looked around blushing.
"So-sorry...." Mana apologized.
"It's fine." Yugi informed. Mana focused on his lips, and wanted 更多 of what she'd just had so close to her. Joey laughed,
"Yugi's got a girlfriend!" He teased.
"Hush up Joey!" Yugi yelled.
"Aw, i'm sorry Yug, but I gatta pick on ya, y'know?" He laughed. "So, Mana's ya name right?" Mana nodded. Joey focused on her . "Hey, 你 look like...... Yami, 你 did this, for Yugi?" He asked.
"Yeah." Yami answered. "If you'll excuse us, we have some shopping to do." He said, and Joey, and Tristan maid their way out.