Tea, and Yugi walked down the 街, 街道 hand in hand after recently getting together. Although, Yugi didn't fill anything when 茶 kissed him, but Tea's 心 flue! What could he do? Tell her about his little crush on DMG? 'No,' he thought. 'There's no way she'd let me off the hook. She'd probably rant about how she was a duel monster and it would never work. Maybe I could explain to her that Yami could bring her to life? Hum?? No, it won't work.' He ended his thoughts when 茶 kissed his cheek.

"Yugi?" She asked tilting her head, and focusing on his lips.
"Yes Tea?" He smiled at her.
"Do 你 爱情 me?" She asked making Yugi jump. He wanted to say yes, but he knew it was a lie.... 'A lie.' He repeated in his head.
"Well.....Um.....I uh....I'dlovetosaythatIdobutIdon't." He let all of it flow out in a cluster.
"Wh-what?" She asked as a tear streamed down her face. "You do-don't 爱情 me?" Her expression changed to a hard line. "If 你 didn't 爱情 me, then why did 你 lead me on!?!?!" She was yelling now.
"I, I'm sorry Tea," Yugi began. "I was missing grandpa, and 你 know him, and Yami are my world, and when he passed," he paused. "I-I wanted to be happy again, and all I thought about was being on the 海滩 last summer with Dark Magician Girl! I wanted to fill that same happiness that i'd felt, and I thought 你 could substitute that, but when 你 吻乐队(Kiss) me, 或者 look into my eyes, I don't," He stopped, and 茶 waited to hear more. A tear streamed down his face. "And yes, it's true, I have kissed a duel monster, and I felt something. So just drive that stake in my 心 a little farther!" He yelled tears now poring out of his eyes.

茶 couldn't stand to see Yugi so hurt, she knelt down, and hugged him were he now, on his knees sat. "Yugi, I didn't know that you'd felt that way.... And one 更多 thing?" She asked, and he wiped his tears away, standing up.
"Yeah?" He asked looking into her eyes, and trying to fill something.But he felt nothing.
"You kissed that slut?" She maid him laugh, but then he frowned.
"She's not a slut..... She's a wonderful girl, and I wish I could see her again...." He sighed, and 茶 watched the sadness on him grow. "I should go home." He started to walk away, and 茶 caught him.
"Yugi, i'm sorry... I'm just a little jealous." He stopped taking time to listen to her. "I 爱情 you, and I thought 你 loved me too. I hadn't noticed that's how 你 felt, and I should have known, that night that 你 wouldn't 吻乐队(Kiss) me..... 你 说 你 had a lot on your mind. 你 were thinking about her weren't you?" 茶 asked, and Yugi gave a half smile.
"I'm sorry Tea...." He trailed off, and 茶 let him go. Yugi sulked home, thinking of a way he could get Yami to brink DMG to life, like he had on the beach.... But that was only because him, and Yugi were both pretty lonely 由 themselves. Joey had went to Romania, Tristan went to Arizona to see if he could win over Serenity. He found Duke there. Then 茶 had tagged along, but she never spent time with Yami and Yugi wile they were there. She had found an interest in the local dance of the Hawaii dancers. Yugi walked into his house, and ran up the stares. Yami called from the 厨房 about an 小时 later, "Yugi, come eat!" Yugi rushed down the stares, and into the 厨房 sitting down Yami smiled.
"So how was your day?" Yami asked, and Yugi looked down tears gathering in his eyes.
"Well, me and 茶 broke up...." Yugi trailed off, and Yami knew were this conversation was going, Dark Magician Girl. Yugi was going to beg him to bring her to life again. He sighed.
"Yugi, I'm sorry," he paused. "And no, I cannot bring her to life. 你 can't keep her as a pet. She'd have no clothes, an-" Yugi cut him off for the first time in his whole life.
"Yami, please......." Yugi begged as tears streamed down his face. "Ever-since grandpa passed away, she's all I can think about," he paused drying tears. "We can buy her some clothes, and I can 首页 school her..... I am about to graduate anyway." He stopped, and looked up at Yami, and saw that he was about to cave, like 茶 had.
"Yugi, I hadn't know that 你 felt so strongly for her. " Yami 说 shocked.
"Well, I do. Please?" Yugi asked again, Yami nodded.

Soon after the busty blonde was sitting on their couch, and Yugi was just smiling at her in aw.