I fairly opend my eyes, a swaying motion rocked me like being in a crib. I opend my eyes a little 更多 to see Yugi above me, I was in his arms. I closed my eyes for a moment, and he chukled, and I heard a key opening a door, click,click,click. It turned three times, and then I opend my eyes onley into slits, and a big wooden door swung open into a beautiful house. I opend my eyes in suprise, it was dark, but I could see the different colors, and funiture. It was a grand manson maybe. House. Building? I didn't know, but it overwhelmed me, and I decided to close my eyes once 更多 dozing off a bit. The 下一个 thing I felt was a soft, and warm sourounding filling. I opend my eyes again, and sat up. I was on a gaint bed, and it had white sheets, with a gaint white fluffly confeter. The pillows on it were big, and fluffly as well, white also..... A little too white! Yugi stood in the door way, "Are 你 okay?" He asked crossing the room. "I'm alright." I smiled, and yawnd. "Still tired?" He asked, and kissed my forhead. "Yeah, a little...." I trailed off in an other yawn. "Rest, we have a big 日 tomorrow." He smiled, and I study his cloths. He changed into a blue night outfit, button up, long sleave shirt, and normal pj pants. "I........" I trailed off, and got up stamering a bit, and walked to the suitcases sitting on the wall. I got out my pink, silk night outfit i'd packed. It was shorts with white lace, and a 粉, 粉色 tanktop. It would have been almost the same as the 最佳, 返回页首 I was wearing now, but it was silk. I then walked into the bathroom that Yugi had just came out of, and drug my suitcase with me. I set up all my things-bath wise, and got dressed into my silk outfit. I washed my face from tears, and turned back to the door, stoping once to study the room. It was large, lots of mirrors, and the walls were a beautiful light blue. The bath was huge, it could have fit twellve people in it! I looked the room over twice, and noticed a shower. A 淋浴 and bath? I thought, then laughed it off. I walked out into the gain 床, 床上 room that was splashed with color, it was a 青柠, 石灰 green with light 粉, 粉色 splaters. Whats with the white bed? I thought. Yugi smiled at me, and I bounced across the room. "What's with the white bed?" I asked, and sat letting the white blanket warm me. "I don't know....." He trailed off honestly. "I like it anyway!" I exclaimed, and 冶炼, 闻到 food. Yugi then 冶炼, 闻到 it as well, "The staff is here." He 说 smileing at me. "If you'll come with me Mrs. Moto...." He trailed off charmigly reaching his hand out for mine. "Of chours Mr.Moto....Jerk." I joked, and grabed his hand. We both chukled, and giggled walking down a long fleet of staires, glass staires. "Wow, glass staires?!" I staried at the staires, and Yugi laughed. "It's really something......" He trailed off, and smiled. "How much did all this cost?" I asked shocked at the now lit palace! The walls were all mixed coler splatered, it was perfect, and a gient kittchen a sitting room, and a balcany, and an other lower deck. Yugi sighed. "Not a thing." He scared me with thoses words. "Hu?" I asked confused. "It belongs to my family! I brung 你 here because 你 are my family now...." He trailed off blushing, and kissed my forhead once more. I blushed. "Its beautiful." I smiled, and we maid it down into the kitchen, and a tall, handsom young man about 6'5, with blonde hair introduced himself. "Hi, i'm Marik." He smiled at me, and I blushed, he was emencly cute. "He's an old friend," Yugi explained. He pulled me close, and kissed me sweetly once. The other three were Ryou, Rebecca, and a girl about 5'3 with blonde hair as well. "Ryou, Rebbecca!" I exclaimed, and huged them both. They returned the hug. "Mana, nice to see 你 again. " They both laughed. "Were here to help you, and assist any way we can." Rebecca explained. "Thanks! 你 guys are sweet." I smiled, and Ryou blushed. "Mana," Yugi got my attention. "This is Mia, an other good friend to me." He ended pulling me close. "Hello," she 说 mileing, and looked to Yugi. She mouth the words 'shes beautiful.' "Thanks Mia." He said. I blushed, and Yugi led me to a table. There Rebecca brung me a cold glass of milk, and Marik brung cookies! "Thanks guys, but I could hav-" Marik cut me off, "We're here for this stuff, dont fill guilty." He smiled, and Yugi chukled. "Enjoy yourself....." He 说 charmigly. "Jerk," I joked again, and we both laughed.

    After cookies, and 牛奶 I looked to the clock, 1:00 a.m. "It's late...." I trailed off, and layed my head on the 表 yawning. Yugi picked me up in his arms from the table. He chukled, and brung me up the staires, once in the gaint room he layed me on the bed, and covered me up. I cuddled myself deep into the covers, and soon Yugi was right there, holding me close. I nuzzled my face into his cheast, and we layed there for a long time not doing anything, not moveing, like a dream. "Hum!" I breathed in, Yugi 冶炼, 闻到 of colone, and freshly cleaned clothes. I didn't even know he wore colone. I smiled, and breathed in my own sents. Lavender perfuem, and clean clothes as well. "I didn't know that 你 wore colone....." I trailed off nuzzling my face into his cheast again, and filling him 吻乐队(Kiss) the 最佳, 返回页首 of my head. "You were never close enough to notice, I didn't know 你 wore perfume." He laughed. "And now I am?" I asked jokeingly. "Ye-yes....." He joked back, with an other laugh. I smiled, and lifted my face to see his. His eyes shined in mine like candels a glow in the night. I sighed in awe at how it felt to just be in his arms, and look into his eyes, and see the like-ness that not anyone had ever shown me before. I wondered what Yugi felt when he looked into my eyes, when I kissed him, when he held me in his arms. He hadn't tryed anything the whole time we layed there, he wasn't a jerk. Even though we were married, he wouldn't try. I smiled to the thought. My highschool love, then my husband, and then, just maybe, the father of my children, and I would hope thats how it works. That is how it works, I started to wonder if my dreams that i'd had would come true. The one about the beach, and then, the two small children that resembled me, and Yugi so much. What did they mean? Whould they come true? Were they all things that would happen in the futer? My thought's were then broken 由 Yugi, with a 吻乐队(Kiss) upon my neck. He nuzzled the bridge of his nose aginst my neack, and I cuddled up closer to him. He then placed his hands ever so lightly upon my waist, not wanting me to think of him as a jerk. He pulled me even closer, how much closer could we get? I thought. Yugi then began to try, he trailed his hand down my side. I wasn't quit ready though, and I stoped him. "Yugi......" I trailed off, and he could tell 由 the sound of my voice, I wasn't ready. "Are 你 okay?" He asked, and nuzzled his face agains't mine. "I-I'm just not r-ready......I'm s-" He cut me off with a kiss. "I understand, i'm not going to force 你 into anything 你 don't want 或者 your not ready for." He smiled, and I giggled. "I 爱情 you.... I've never had anyone who gave me chouces, usually anyone els whould take what they wanted from me." I almost cryed to attmitting that. "I 爱情 你 Mana, I would never do that to you, and 你 know that...... I'm so glad your willing to take things slow...." He trailed off smileing. "I'm so glad I married you, and not one of the jerks from school...." I giggled, and he held me even closer. "Me too." He chukled, and I begun to dose off. Layeing in Yugi's arms, filling warm, I begun to dream.

    Me, him, and little Guinever, and Yugi sat happily in the park. Guinever, and Yugi both swung on the swings, and me and Yugi sat watching them. Then a flash, and little Yugi was digging in dert in the backyard, it was small but still so perfect. The ground began to glow, and he fell into a dark, deep hole, and kept falling! Soon the house, and then the world, everything was dark! I shot up out of Yugi's arms, and a scream reached my mouth. "Yugi James!" I retched out my hands as if to catch the boy from my dreams, but I got nothing but air, and Yugi panikcing as to what was wrong. "Mana, are 你 okay?" He asked in shock at my scream. I looked over to him with fear on my face. He could tell I wasn't entirly okay. "Sorry............... I-I've just been haveing some dreams lately..." I trailed off, and Yugi huged me tight in his arms. "What kind of dreams?" He asked, and kissed my forhead. "Well, in my dreams theres a little girl, and a boy.........." I then told him all about Guinever, and Yugi, and my dreams about the honeymoon, his expresstion after I told him was shock, and not what I expected. "Its so wired......." He trailed off, and Rebecca opend the curtains to a huge windo on his command. "How so?" I asked, and looked to the windo were Rebecca waited. "Becasue, " he then gave Rebecca a wave, and she slowly opend the curtain. "Look were we are......" He trailed off, and I slowly got up, and walked to the windo. I looked out, and a sandy, white 海滩 for miles, and miles was what a saw! "A beach......." I trailed off droping everything exept the dream.

    After some akward silence we both got dressed, and I went on down into the kitchen. I dicided to were my bage summer dress, it was knee-linght, and exposed my shoulders, with 金牌 lineing. It was my princess outfit that I wore in Eqypt. I also convereged on wearing my crown, and I decided to. Once down in the 厨房 Marik waited, I smiled at him. "Goodmorning Marik! How did 你 sleep?" I asked. "Goodmorning Mrs. Moto, I slept fine, and you?" He asked, as shock came across my face. "Please, call me Mana......." I trailed off, and picked back up. "Were 老友记 now." I smiled. "Okay, Mana...." He trailed off laughing. "Good." I smiled, and went into the kitchen, and he stoped me. "Woe! We're here for this stuff, what whould 你 like?" He asked, I stood back, and laughed for a second. "Alright then, cereal please." I smiled, and sat at the table, and waited. He brung me some Frosted Flakes, just as Yugi maid his way downstaires. White t-shirt, his usuall blue pants, and his coller, witch he almost always wore, his black and white tinneshoes. I smiled, and a slight blush came across my face. Upon seeing this Yugi blushed a bright red, and sat at the table, Marik also brung him cerial, Frut-Loops. I giggled, and Yugi's blush grew. I didn't know that he could blush so much. "Sorry." I simply said. "It's okay," he laughed, "Your so adorable, 你 cant help it." I blushed to this, and he smiled, wide and proud. I giggled, "So, what are we doing today?" I asked. "Well....... I think we can just go with it. Like we always do!" He exclaimed, and a smile played at my lips. "Sounds fun......" I trailed off jokeingly. We both laughed.

    Me, and Yugi spent the rest of the 日 full of activitys. Horse back rideing, exercise, target practice with a bow and arrow, and then a long walk on the 海滩 to watch the sun set. "This is so beautiful......." I said, and Yugi looked into my eyes, with the likeness that I loved. "Isn't it?" He asked, and kissed me. It was just like my dream, I pulled away suddently. "Mana?" Yugi asked, and pulled me close, and potitoned himself over me as we layed in the sand.I blushed wile under him, and he smiled. "Your blushing.." He 说 in the most charming voice he could think of. I laughed, "Jerk. Of choures i'm blushing." We both laughed, and he kissed me once. I wanted him 更多 than ever now. Rebecca then yelled, "Hey 爱情 birds! Time to eat." Yugi got up, and picked me up in his arms, we both blushed.

    Once in the house he sat me down at the 厨房 table. Marik then sat out a wonderful meal with Mai right at his side. She nuzzled his face on there way out, and I noticed. I giggled, and Rebecca, and Ryou sat down. "Mana, how do like it so far?" He asked. "Its wonderful," I smiled to Yugi, and got a very loveing smile in return. "Everything is, the activities, the beach, 你 guys." I then smiled, and looked to Yugi once again. "And Yugi......" I trailed off blushing. We all laughed, and began to eat.

    After dinner, I walked up the glass staires, and into the room, and I collapsed on the bed. Yugi walked in shortly noticeing me, I didn't have any covers over me it was way to hot. I soon heard a 粉丝 begin, and felt it on my face. "Ahhhh...." I breathed filling the cold air hit me. I looked up, and Yugi walkd tword the bed. "Thank you." I wispered, and he hugged me once, but it was to hot tonight. "Your welcome." He smiled, and I herd the air kick on. "Thank goodness." He said, I tilted my head. "Hu?" "The air works after 20 years." He chukled, and started to doze off. I stayed awake untill it was cold in the room.

    Durning the middle of the night I woke, and I was cold, very cold. I snuggled up to Yugi, and he instantlly exepted. "Cold?" He asked in his charming voice. "Very funny jerk." I giggled, and he held me close. I kind'of relised tonight was when I wanted him. I trailed my hand down his chest, and he knew. He exepted it just like he had with the snuggle. "Mana?" He asked playfully. "Uh, hu?" I asked, and he kissed the 最佳, 返回页首 of my head. "You......." He trailed off, and I knew what he ment to asked. "Yes, I'm sure." I said, and kissed him without warning......

    In the morning I woke, and the covers sourounded me, and Yugi, and the sheets were messy. I blinked, did we really do that? I looked down, and was wearing notheing as I suspected. Yugi wasn't wearing anything eather as I also supested. I cuddled up to him wakeing him. "Hu? Mana....." He spoke softly, and relised. "Oh," he brung the covers up above our shoulders, as Rebecca walked in. I sat up wraping the covers around me. Yugi just sat up, since it was alright, as long as his manhood was coverd. "Goodmorning!" Rebecca exclaimed before seeing me. "Uh.... Oh, I'm sorry!" She exclaimed turning around. "It's okay Rebecca." I said, and she walked back down staries quikly. Me, and Yugi laughed. He pulled me close, and cuddle me a wile longer before we got dressed, and went down staires.

    Marik smiled, and chukled a little. "Goodmorning Mana....... Did 你 have fun?" He teased. "It's not funny...... " I blushed, and sat at the 表 as Yugi maid his way down. "So Yugi?" Marik asked, and I hid my face. "Yeah?" "Did 你 have f-fun?" He snigered. "Between me, you, and Mana, yes." He said, and this maid my head snap up. "Yugi....." I couldn't help but laugh. "Well, arn't I allowed to have fun with my wife....... In bed." He could barly hold back his own chukle. "Yeah, and it's alright if I do the same." I smiled, and we both blushed. We all laughed at our own inside joke now. "Marik?" I asked at the end of breackfast. "Yes, Mana?" He tilted his head. "How did 你 know about....."That."" I 说 placeing air quates around the word "that." "Well, I kind'of figered when Rebecca came back down staries blushing like crazy, and told me to ask if 你 had fun so I did." He ended, and I playfully smacked his arm. He, and I laughed, before Yugi took my hand, and led me outside. "It's raining!" I exclaimed, and giggled. "I have on white!"I said, he chukled. "Come'on. I'll give 你 my jaket....." He trailed off draging me into the rain. We played for quite some time until the rain stopped. He had let me were his jaket like he said, but I'd still gotten soked through.

    We came in laughing, and wen't up staries, and into the hot shower, this was something i'd rather do alone, but...... We were married, and we did y'know last night so, I figered it's okay. I slowly undressed teasingly as he watched from the 淋浴 curtain, turning on the water. He blushed, and I moved in, and cemented myself to him. The gaint bath tub filled all the way, and he cut the water off, and we both layed in the bath soaking before lunch. "Mana," he sighed gazeing into my eyes with that look of "I 爱情 you" on his face. "Yugi...." I trailed off in the same manore. I pulled him close into a kiss, and he held me. I played with his dripping wet hair, running my fingers through it. He took me into another kiss, and I grap his hair, it was like when we'd first stated dateing. The onley thing was, we were in the bath together, and we were married..... I couldn't ressist my akeing pain for him anymore. "Yugi......." I moaned, and he pulled me closer, and his own moan escaped his his mouth, "Mana...."

    Once we got dressed into some dry clothes, and dryed ourselfs off we headed downstaires. I wore some blue jeans, and a 粉, 粉色 t. Yugi wore a plain white t, and his blue jeans as well. Marik smiled knowing that we'd just maid 爱情 again........ He smirked, "Yugi......." Yugi knew he'd heard, and blushed. "That's what I thought." Marik chukled as Mia intered. "Hey Mana, what would 你 like?" She asked hugging me witch felt kind'of wired. "Um... How about a BLT?" I asked, and she maid her way to the kitcken. "Yugi, what would 你 like?" Ryou asked. "Same for me." He smiled, and I blushed, as if I wern't already with Marik listening in on everytime me, and Yugi.. Y'know...... And thats onley been twice, and he knew already, without invetagation! I sat down, and Mia soon brung my sandwitch. "That's Mia." Me and Yugi both said. She smiled, and her, Ryou, Rebecca, and Marik left. "Hu?" I asked dumfounded. "They decided we need a night to ourselfs." Yugi 说 in his charming voice, I didn't even think about the inside "jerk" joke we had. The statment, "A night to ourselfs." Sounded very inviteing, and hot at the same time. Yugi waved his hand in front of my face. "Uh?" I asked again, and snaped up. "Thats wonderful!" I exclaimed. Yugi chukled, and looked over to the tv.

    After we finished eating we moved to the couch. I enjoyed watching tv with Yugi, it was my cuddle time! This was the onley way me, and Yugi could ever have cuddled before being married, and my mother maid shure of it. Exept for a few nights when he would eat super, and if we kept my bedroom light on, she usummed we wern't doing anything. I giggled in Yugi's arms as it began to get dark. Yugi, and I were watching a scary movie, and I had jumped a few times, it was A Haunting. Something like the Exorcist, but ooooo... It gave me chills, and usualy I loved this stuff! Yugi held me close, and watched eyes well open, and everytime a really good part would come on he'd make shure I could see it. "Are 你 sure 你 can see?" He asked, I giggled and nuzzled his neck, and turned back. "Yes, i'm sure." He smiled, and I layed down streching, and layed my head on his lap.

    Soon afterword it was late, and me, and Yugi draged ourselfs upstaires. "Yugi, I 爱情 you." I smiled, as I got dressed for bed. "I 爱情 你 too." He smiled, as he to got dressed for bed, witched i'd imagened that our clothes would be strown over the room in the morning. We layed down, and began to cuddle up to eachother. Soon enough just as I'd thought, our clothes were stron across the room.

    I woke to find that today was my nightmear. Every 月 on this day, ladies y'know the thing i'm talking about. Yes, it was time for "that thing." I quickly got dressed leaving Yugi sleeping, and ran down staires, I sliped at the bottom, and Ryou caught me, and he had to be caught 由 Mia, whom was chaught 由 Marik. We all laughed, and Yugi rushed downstaires seeing us all in a pile laughing. Maybe he was a speed dresser, but his 衬衫 was backwards. He pulled it off, and Rebecca came in as he sliped it back over his head the right way. "What happend?" They both asked. Ryou was laughing, but explained. "Mana........ Sliped..... Caught her...... Fell into Mia, and Marik!" We all burst with laughter. "That was so much fun!" I exclaimed still laughing. "AGAIN!" Marik said, and Yugi began to chukle. "We are all insane." He breathed. Everyone laughed, and got up. I took Mia to the side once everyone calmed down. "Mia, I need 你 to do something for me." I wispered in her ear what I needed, and she quikly ran off to get it. "Were's Mia going?" Ryou asked. "Oh, something for me." I smiled, and we all sat as Rebecca brung pancakes. Once finsihed Mia brung back a bag, and handed it to me, I took it up staires, and into the bathroom.

    The 下一个 day, i'd relised I hadn't had to use any of what Mia had gotten me, I was late! I got dressed, and kept the bathroom to myself for a wile, and then found Mia after a sweet 吻乐队(Kiss) from Yugi. "Mia," I 说 as she looked up from the couch. "Could 你 do me an other favore?" I asked, and wispered in her ear. "I need a pregnacey test." She happily lit up, "I'll be back this evening then!" She happily skiped out, and went to get what i'd asked for. I worried all the wile, and Yugi didn't bother me as I kept to myself until Mia got there, and handed me the test. I took it right upstaires, and used it right away. I waited a wile in the bathroom for it to settle. Yugi soon was at the door. "Mana, are 你 okay?" He asked concerned. "I'm fine, besides the fact 你 haven't talk to me all day, and now 你 are....." I trailed off relizeing how moody I sounded. "Sorry, I 爱情 you." He said, and I pressed myself aginst the door. "I 爱情 你 too, sorry, I don't know what got into me." I said, and looked over to the test as it began to settle. "Can I come in?" He asked, and I spoke imedaitly. "No, i'll come out in a minet for 床, 床上 okay?" I smiled to myself, amd he sounded a little dissopointed. "Alright." He walked away from the door, and I counted his steeps from the door to the bed. He flopped down on the bed, and let out a sigh. I looked back over, and saw the little 粉, 粉色 plus! "Ahh!!! I'm so happy!" I exclaimed, and washed my hands throwing the test away, I bounced out into the room, and to the bed, and hugged Yugi. "You seem, happy!" He smiled, and kissed me. "Yugi....... No." I said, knowing what he wanted. "Hu?" He let out a dissoponted yet okay replie. "Yugi," I swept his hand over my belly, and he smiled. "Your......" He tilted his head, and I smiled, "Yeah, I am."