I didn't sleep almost all night, I was to nuvase, 或者 exited, I couldn't tell. It was 4:00 a.m. It was storming. I had missed almost 12 to 15 calls from Yugi. I guess he couldn't sleep eaither. I didn't bother calling back evan though I wanted to, but considering the time it was. I shut my eyes again, and tried to sleep. Once I did dosed off, my dream was a good and wired one.

    The sean was set at our wedding, it was a little bland. It was beautiful, and breath takeing. White, ruffles lined the path behind my house. We had a very small, but beautiful garden behing the house. It was 更多 like a forest. What is this? I thought Twilight Breacking Dawn? I thought agin. Then I saw him. Standing there, white suit, his purple eyes shining in the sunlight. He was amazing, I looked down apon a smile. My dress was magnificent, white as well. Ruffles, and a white rose buqie. It's a little too white. I thought, but then again I didn't care. I looked back up, and everyone was there. All my 老友记 from school, the boys, evan most of the girls from school. My mother, and father. Yugi's grandfather, my dad stood beside me. Atem smiled standing beside Yugi, and I looked over to him. Then to Yugi whom was smileing brilleantly at me. The blushing bride, figers that would be me. My father took my arm, and led me to Yugi. He was my soporrt bord, and I was afried, i'd fall if I let go. But once he took his grip away I stood strong. The 下一个 thing I remember was a kiss, and a flash. Everything changed, and the setting was me, and Yugi laying in a medow. Where? I had no idea, but it was so warm, and it felt real. When Yugi ran his hand over my face, brushing a strain of hair out of my eyes, I could fill it. 或者 what seemed like it. Then an other flash, and it was me, and a dog. "Yugi?" I asked in my dream, but the dog just licked my face.

    I woke up to find a real dog, licking me, and Yugi was standing in the door way of my room. He laughed, "Sparky, down boy." He chuckled. "Sparky?" I asked. "Is this a new dog?" I asked him. "Yes, he is. Dreaming about me Mana?" He asked. "Maybe? How'd 你 know?" I asked him. "Well, before Sparky started licking you, 你 说 my name." He smiled, and sat on the bed. "Oh, well, my dream was wired." I smiled back, and felt my hair. "It's so fluffy." I wispered, Yugi laughed. I got up, and sliped into the batroom. When I came out I was dressed, and well ready for the day.

    "You look," he started. "Messy." I said. "Beautiful." He corrected in his own way. I giggled, "Shure...." I trialed off. "You are," he started. "Look, I 爱情 you, and I wanna be with you." He stated clearly. This made me stop in my tracks. "I-I 爱情 你 to." I 说 smileing, with a deep red blush. "Do you?" He asked. I couldn't beleaive he'd 说 that, and I don't think he could eather. "Yes, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you, and if I didn't I would have 说 no." I snaped coldly. "I'm so sorry......" We both 说 at the same time. I hugged him, and he layed back on my bed. "Are 你 okay?" He asked. "I'm fine, are 你 alright?" I asked. "It's over with now......" He trailed off with a sigh. "Um, Yugi....." I sighed. "Mana?" He asked. "I do 爱情 you........" I trailed off, and into a kiss. It was like the one from graduation, but we were on my bed, and I was over 最佳, 返回页首 of him. Minni skirt, tank top- summer wear. I was blushing, just like I would probly be on the wedding day. And then we wernt even married yet, and we'd had a complication. But it was "Over now...." Like Yugi said.

    Once we layed there for a long time talking, and makeing up, we went down staires. My mom, and dad looked at me suspiously, and I relised. "Mom! That's not what we were doing!" I scolded. Yugi relised then, and reahured my mom. "I promis Mrs. Suzumiya, there will be non of that untill after marrige. I promis." He said, and we both blushed. "Alright....." She trailed off, and me and Yugi wen't out into the now sleeting rain. "It's raining?" I asked. "Yeah, it's been doing this all morning." He smiled. "Come'on your getting wet." He said, and jumped into his car. I then got into his car as well. It was nice on the insaide, black leather, and the heater was running. It felt nice.

    "New car too?" I asked, once in the car. "Yeah, a gift from Atem." He smiled, and turned on some soft music."I like it.....What dose Atem think of all this?" I asked. "What do 你 mean?" He looked over to me with a smile. "Eyes on the road! And what I mean is me, and you..... W-we'r getteing married...." I sighed. "Oh, that...." He 说 looking to the road, he chukled. "My eyes are on the road." "Well, they wern't a 秒 ago..." I giggled. "Now what about Atem?" I asked again. "Well, he's shocked that his little brother is getting married before he is, but I think he's pretty happy for me, and you." He said, a smile playing at his lips. The rest of the ride was happy, and we laughed almost the whole way to Tea's. 唱歌 along to the songs we knew, changing the wired ones, and laughing at them at the same time.

    When we reach Tea's the sun was shining, and Atem, and 茶 both opend our doors. "Hey Tea, Atem!" I smiled, and hugged them both. "How did 你 sleep?" 茶 asked. "Why?" I didn't understand. "Well, 你 have to be wide away so I know what 你 want." She said, takeing out a plaining book. "Oh, well......I was hopeing 你 would just plan it for me, and it would be a suprise." I cherfully smiled. "Really?!?!" She squilled. "Yes," I reashured. "Your going to kill the bank......." Atem joked, with a laugh. "Oh, hush! And your helping me!" She snaped. Atem laughed again, "But I don't know the first thing about planing a weeding...." He complained. Me, and Yugi laughed at them upon walking into Tea's.

    Inside it was nice, and homey. "Wow, 你 have a really beautiful house." I complemented. "Thanks." She 说 smileing, and setting down with Atem, and me. "You are still going to help right?" She asked. "Yes! But it's Yugi's wedding to." I stated. "True, go get him....." She trailed off. I walked down the hall way, and into the liveing room witch was small, and very cosy. The walls were a pinkish-white, and the little 长椅, 沙发 was white with a flease thrown on the back of it. "Yugi?" I stamered into the room. "Mana?" He asked. "Arn't 你 going to help?" I asked. "Yes, give me a second." He turned, and looked at some picture's on the wall. I walked over to him, and seen a picture of him, Atem, and 茶 playing on a 海滩 when they were little. 茶 was wearing a sun dress, and smileing for the camra. Yugi was pulling Atem's hair, and trying to get him out of a sand pile. Poor Atem layed in the sand, Yugi pulling at his hair, and 茶 not paying attention. I giggled, and huged Yugi. "That's so cute!" I teased. "How old were you?" "One," he 说 hugging me back.

    Tea bounded in the room smileing. "Come'on 你 爱情 birds!" She teased. "Alright....." Yugi wimpered, and took my hand. Once back with Atem, and 茶 sitting at the table, I smiled at Atem. "What?" He asked saspiously. "Nothing," I giggled on the word. "There has to be something......Or 你 wouldn't be smileing at me like that....Now tell me!" He demanded. "Okay, there was a picture of you, Tea, and Yugi all at the beach, and 你 were stuck in the sand. Yugi pulling at your hair trying to get 你 out, and 茶 just smileing at the camra........." I trailed off, and Yugi laughed. "Uh......." Atem was blushing, and I think a little heated 由 the embarresment. "Sorry...." I apoligised. "It's fine....Just plan your wedding, and let 茶 kill the bank already..." He laughed.

    Tea picked a very romantic place to have the wedding. She almost went into detailes of the place Yugi was soposed to take me after the wedding, but Yugi stoped her. "It's a suprise......" Was all he said. I smiled, and looked over the plans we had finsihed. "So........The Bahamas?" I asked for the one-millonth time. "Yes," 茶 smiled. "But......How.....I-I mean what about our family's, and friends?" I asked. "I told 你 that's all arangged now." She reashured. "Why not your back yard?" I asked. "It's like a beautiful forist back there, and it would be better fit with the them." I added. "Perfect! Plus I wont kill the bank.....Atem...." She teased him. "It's done then?" Yugi asked. "Yes, were done......But after tonight 你 can't see eachother untill the wedding!" She reminded, and scolded. "We know....." We both said.

    We then left takeing Atem with us. He decided to go, and pick up his car so we droped him off in town. Yugi drove me home, and I brung him in with me for some dinner.

    We walked in, and the room was set for a party. "What's going on?" I asked upon seeing it. "It's your party sweetheart!" My mother babbled. "Were haveing a batcloret party!" She was so exited. "What? Not tonight right?" I asked. "Oh, of chourse not tonight! Since I know 你 want to spend some time with Yugi before midnight....." She trailed off. "It'll be tomarrow night." She added. "Oh, alright." I smiled, and sat at the 表 as dad put the last of the 食物 down. "Well, is my sister going to be in on this?" I asked. "Yes, she's so exited for 你 she's on her way now...." Just then as dad trailed off, the door 钟, 贝尔 rang. "I got it!" I exitedly shouted, and drug Yugi with me. I could see my sister's figer standing there, and her blonde hair swaying. "Yep, that's my sister." I told Yugi about how she looked like me, and she looked 更多 like mom instead of me, and dad. He listend so intently to me. "I didn't even know 你 had a sister, and me, and 你 are getting married???" He maid it sound so confusing. "Don't fill so bad honey," I started out before we got to the door. "Nobody know about Mimme." I ended my statement. As I opend the door my sister held a box in her hands, and her, and my resemblince scared Yugi a bit. "Were soposed to be twin's........." I trailed off. My sister walked in, and looked Yugi up, and down two 或者 three times studying his clothes, and hair. He was wereing bluejeans, and his normal shoes black, and white tennishoes.His 衬衫 was white, and fitted perfectly on him. He wore a jaket, blue, and he had on his colller, witch he almost alway's wore. His hair was how it always was, black, and redish-purple on the outside. His bangs a beautiful blonde, and his hair everywere, but I loved it! "So your the lucky guy who gets my sister forever hu?" She asked. "Yeah, that's me......" He triaeld off. "Well, 你 better take good care of my sister, 或者 your in trouble!" She snaped. "Of chores Mimme! " He was startled 由 what she said. "Oh, Mimme." My mother yelled. "Come set down, and stop giveing Mana's fience, a hard time!" She scolded, and Mimme went into the kitchen, and sat. "I'm sorr-" Before I could apoligise he cut me off with a sweet kiss. "She's just looking after you." He simply said. "Uh....Oh.." I gave a worrieing responce. "What?" He asked confused. "Well, I don't want 你 to leave at the end of the night." I wimperd. "Well, I don't have to...." He trieled off looking to the staires. "Oh," I slyly let out. "Yeah." He smirked. "But 你 still have to leve at 12:00." I grownd. "Oh, come'on I wont be leaveing untill 12:00, and in two day's we are going to be happly married, and on our way to a beautiful honey-moon location." He smiled, and kissed my forhead. "Alright, i'll try not to miss 你 two much," I smirked, and kissed him. "Now what about that honey-moon location?" I added asking him. "It's a suprise....." He 说 once agin.

    Me, and Yugi walked to the 表 then, and sat down. "So.....How was your day?" Dad asked. "It was........Interesting." I said. "You didn't?" My mom asked. "No!" We both yelled. "We just planed the wedding with Tea, and Atem." I explained. "And it was interesting because she got to see a picture of me, and Atem with 茶 at the beach......." Yugi trailed off telling everyobne about the picture, and then the door 钟, 贝尔 rang agin. "I'll get it...." I trailed off, and went to the door, Yugi watched me walk away. "Yugi!!!!" My sister yelled. "Calm down Mimme!" My mother yelled. "Their getting married, he can watch his bride-to-be walk away if he want's!" She scolded. "Well, it's enough that he'll be doing it more, and 更多 anyway!" She yelled.

    I walked to the door, and opend it. "Grandpa!" I exclaimed, and since I didn't have a grandfather everyone knew that it was Yugi's grandpa. "Hey, grandpa!" Yugi exclamed. "Hello, my grandson.....I hope im not late for 晚餐 with my new soon-to-be family!" He exclamed. "Oh, no.........Not at all." I smiled, and brung him to the table. Yugi's mother didn't come, she was on a beussness trip, and wouldn't be back on time for the weeding either, this maid me sad, and I wished she could come, but I let it go.

    We sat down, and everyone had smiles apon there faces exept Mimme. "Mimme, is this going to be a problem for you?" I asked. She glared at Yugi then. "I dont know........Maybe if 你 were marring Seth," She came to a stop. "I would be happier." She added. "Mimme....We are no were near Egypt!" I yelled. "So how can I marry someone who isn't evan around!" I scolded her for her comment. "Well maybe if little miss perfect princess, Mana would have stayed with me......" She trailed off. "She would be marrieng Seth!" She yelled, and Atem knocked at the door. I could tell it was him because he had a certain way he would knock, in a pattern. "Atem's here." My mother 说 brakeing the silence. "I'll get it!" Me, and Mimme both yelled. We both got up, and went to the door fussing on the way. "I'm just saying, Seth would have proposed to 你 if 你 were there!" She yelled. "Well, I came here, and met the 爱情 of my life, and 你 expect me to just leave, and marry Seth!" I yelled back. I opend the door then, and me, and Mimme fussed. "Seth loves you!" She screamed. "Well, why cant he 爱情 you?? 你 spent your whole life trying to get me, and Seth to court, and now me, and Yugi have, and i'm not letting him go! 你 should be with Seth, for yourself!" I yelled calming a bit at the end. "Woe! Bad time?" Atem asked. "No, not at all......."I trailed off smileing. "Mimme, this is Yugi's brother Atem; Atem this is my sister Mimme...." I trailed off, and watched Atem's mouth drop. "You have a twin sister??" He asked. "Yeah...." I treailed off. "Let's just all eat, and get through this nite." My sister puffed, and we all went back to the table.

    After 晚餐 we all sat wathcing the football game as useuall, exept my sister was there."Hey Mana," My dad said, just as half time started. "Yes dad?" I asked as to his grin. Grandpa had noticed, and knew what he was up to, he also held a grin. "Would 你 conseter getting out my old calledge fo-" Before he could get the words out I cut him off. "Really?" I asked almost bonceing in my seat. "Yes." He simply replied. "I'll be back, Yugi......... Dad can I 显示 Yugi?" I asked, then flashed a brellant smile at Yugi. "Go ahead..." He trailed off. "Come'on Yugi.." I giggled, and took his hand. I led him down the hallway, and into dad's collage room, as he called it. It was a very small room, and it gave a cozy filling as we walked in. I turned on the light, and Yugi's eyes lit up like a 圣诞节 tree. "Wow! Yo-your dad was the great Egyption take down!?!?!" He was so suprised. "Yep!" I exclaimed. See, dad was a football player for most of his life, witch is why he loved football so much even in retirement. He was know as the great Egyption take down! The take down came from how many takles he maid on the filed durring one game,Twinnty-seven! "No, this is the coolist thing I have ever found out!" He exclaimed. "Thats what everyone says." I causally said. "Really?" He asked. I laughed, "No. Nobody but you, and now everyone in the liveing room knows." He laughed at me. "Nice to know."

    We then maid our way back with dad's football, and collage picture in hand. Atem's mouth droped upon seeing the picture. "Y-You......Mr.Suzumiya, 你 were the great Egyption take down?" He asked excitedly looking to dad. "Yes, and I was wondering if anyone wanted to play some football?" He reashured, and asked at the same time. "We'd 爱情 to!" Everyone exclamed. "Alright then." He smirked, and we moved into the back yard.

    Once in the back yard, we relised there wernt enough people, and I maid a phone call. "Well we dont really have a team do we?" Grandpa asked. "Not yet, but I think some people will 显示 up." I 说 smileing brillantly. "Who?" Yugi asked 接吻 my cheek. I blushed, and returned a sweet kiss. "Well, I might have called the guys from school........." I 说 trailing off. "Mana! Are 你 home? Mana!" I herd Duke from the frount yard. "Come back here guys. We're all in the back yard!" I yelled. A few 秒 later I saw Duke, Ryou, Makuba, Marik, and Seto. "Seto?" I asked confused. "As strange as it may seem, I 爱情 football almost as much as a girl loves Justin Bieber." He replied. Everyone laughed at it. "Alright, alright, lets play!" Ryou exclaimed. "Okay!" Everyone was excited to start. None of the boys knew that dad was the grate Egyption take down untill he used his famouse take down on Seto.

    Later on that night we invited the boys in, and Yugi and I sliped away into my room for some alone time before he had to leave. I looked at the alarm clock in my room, 11:30. "Awww...." I grownd , and Yugi looked to the clock. "Oh...... Mana?" He asked sitting down on the bed. "Yes?" I asked. "Don't dread it so much, please." He smiled, and opend his arms for me to come, and embrace him. "I'll try, and then agin we are getting married in two days." I walked over to him, and sat as he wraped his arm's around me. We sat for almost five minets, and talked, teased, and flurted. There was one point that was perfect, we both layed down, and looked into eachothers eyes, and I turned to the clock, 11:55. We sat up, and he huged me tightly. He wispered in my ear, "I 爱情 你 Mana Suzumiya." It maid me blush, and I didn't hesitate to wisper it back to him, "I 爱情 你 Yugi Moto." We both blushed as a minet passed, 11:56. "Yugi?" I asked. "Yes?" He replied pulling away, he smiled at me, and winked. "Jerk," I joked, and cotinued. "Atem's probly worried right?" I asked. "No, he knows, just like your sister knows." He smiled, and an other minet passed, 11:57. "Kiss me." I simply said. "Pushey...." He joked, and kissed me once. "No, I mean 吻乐队(Kiss) me......" I trailed off, and an other minet passed, 11:58. "Like when we first started dateing." I smirked, and leaned into him. He dicided to grat my kissable wish, and he did. My 心 sored this time, maybe it was the fact we were getting married. Maybe it was something els that arose, the 吻乐队(Kiss) was so different, better, sweeter, 更多 passonite? What ever it was it was perfect, and I loved it, and him. Everything about him was just enough for me, and all I wanted.

    Once the clock struck 11:59, Atem yelled. "Yugi! Come'on, times up man! We have a party to plan!!" We both laughed, and went down stairs. "Calm down, I got him back down hear on time..." I joked, and huged Atem. I wispered one requst in his ear. "Please take care of him, and dont make him late." I joked, "But really.....Keep him 安全 for me." I pulled away, and he noded. "Well, I guess this is it untill Saterday then?" I kissed Yugi before Atem pulled us apart, and pulled him out the door. I giggled, and blew Yugi a kiss, and went to bed.