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posted by true_love_1234
Many people view the world and society as different things some think its just evilness , some mixture ad some don't care. Well im here to say that people view the world differently because of their families , 老友记 , and brains. Im not trying to be rude but people view the world in unique ways. I don't get why people need to judge that ill leave these people anonymous and 你 will read their view of the world.
1Anonymous: I think the world is filled with 爱情 and evil the two can never separate because their constantly fighting like a war with endless ammo.
2Anonymous: The world is a place of hate , all 你 ever hear is bad crap that goes on , ive never heard a whole news cast without hearing the word war 或者 death 或者 fighting .
3Anonymous : This world is a great world I view it as it is despite the fact of all its uniqueness , we make the world go round and we make people smile .