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A/N: A couple things- All Charm rights go to -BelovedRobin, All Gambette rights go to myself, all pancake rights go to whomever invented them, and this is just a short little Charm/Gambette one-shot. No intended romance, just a little humor cause I was bored XD

你 know something’s wrong when you’re making 薄煎饼, 煎饼 and 你 feel like someone’s watching you, waiting to strike. That’s how I, Ryella Monique Le Beau, felt this morning while making some pancakes. I looked out the window, but saw no one there. I looked at the ingredients on my list, and realized I need the butter. I turned...
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posted by Becca_Shade
Just a little fanfic based on a conversation I saw because of a certain pic. Enjoy! >:D

He knocked on her apartment door confidently. He leaned against the door jamb and smiled when she opened the door.
“Becca! How are you?”
She leaned against the door, crossing her arms.
“What do 你 want Terror? 你 never visit.”
“What? A guy can't come and visit one of his friends?” Terror asked, striding into the room.
“He can. The problem is when it's you.”
“Harsh Bec.”
Becca smirked, closing the door. Terror sprawled out on her couch.
“You want a soda?” Becca asked.
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posted by Mclovin_69
" A-are 你 sure its her.. i mean... are 你 absolutley sure...." Artemis asked, " see for yourself..... is it her..." Robin 说 popping a picture on the large screen of Jade walking up into a plane and pausing it 展示 her face, Artemis sighed and crossed her arms, " its her......" she muttered, " but lets focus whats in her hand...." Kaldur 说 and the screen went down 展示 a suitcase in her hand, " maybe its some sort of weapon " Willow said. Robin pondered in thought for a moment " hmmmm seems very unlikely.... what would Cheshire be doing with a weapon..." Robin said, " arriving...
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posted by Black_Robin_13
As Epsilon looked for our 下一个 target I thought about how I ended up here. I think it started after my mother died. She died when I was 5. I don’t remember a lot about her only the smell of the old 图书 she was always fixing. After her death my father started drinking. Because of his drinking problem, he couldn’t hold down a steady job, so I decided to help out. I had taken some fencing classes before my mother died and I had always had a way with computers so becoming a thief seamed like the best way to make money. I’ve been doing this for 10 years now with the final goal being to leave...
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posted by Mclovin_69
" So 你 are sure there is a 痣, 鼹鼠 on the team " Kaldur 说 with his arms crossed looking at 蝙蝠侠 as Robin sat in a green chair with his arms behind his head, " yes we are certain there is a mole.... " Red Tornado said. " Suspects include Artemis, Lucas, Superboy, Miss Martain, and Becca " 蝙蝠侠 said, Robin looked at 蝙蝠侠 with a questioning look getting up, " why is Becca a suspect?! " Robin said, " we havent exactly really figured out much about her...." Red Tornado said. " Then why not suspect Willow!? why her " Robin said. Robin waited for an answer but was never 给 one, " pressing...
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***I wasn't really sure how to write this part...Feedback and suggestions are VERY much appreciated! Featuring Becca (not my character)!! ENJOY!***

“So, we’re going to keep this whole incident secret, right?” Mercy whispered to Becca. Becca just eyed her and smirked, “Possibly…” Mercy laughed, “I’m serious! We’re keeping this whole night a secret!” Becca laughed along, “Fine 由 me! As long as I got to do this, I’m perfectly happy!”
“Why what?”
“Why do 你 enjoy this?”
“I don’t know, I guess it just makes me feel like I don’t have to really…worry...
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posted by Black_Robin_13
Name: Salem
Alias: Quick Silver
Age: 15
Power: Technopathy sword master
Personality: shy, loner, family-oriented
Appearance: Black hair, ice blue eyes, pale skin, skinny, 5'2', silver leotard, black leather jacket, a ninja-to at her side, a black messenger bag, and a whole ninja mask. Always has her laptop, Epsilon, with her.

A scream broke the silence. I ran from rooftop to rooftop heading towards the scream. Arriving at the scene I saw Poison Ivy holding Richard Grayson hostage. I sunk up behind her and hit her head with the broad side of my sword, knocking her out.
“Thank you, Quick Silver,”...
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Dear Heroes,

I have your Delta and Cimmerian. 或者 你 call them Danna and Brant, I call them Toxic and Demon. Their old names, when they were assasins. Now they are back in their real home, The Lone Wolves. They have a few words for you.

Toxic: Don’t follow us, please . You’ll get your selves hurt! Dick, Kyra, Nicole, Bruse, I’ll miss 你 guys, 你 were my family, my heven. To the team, I will never forget the time we spent together, fighting and messing with eachother. From fangirling over RvB with Blade to pranking Fang, I’ll never forget 你 guys.

Demon: I had just met 你 guys, but the few that I had were great. Please don’t help us, 你 will get killed, and we wouldnt be able to stop it. It was nice while it lasted.

So on that note, Delta and Brant are dead. But they left Toxic and Demon. Better luck 下一个 time, heros.

 This is Demon, Brant is gone
This is Demon, Brant is gone
 This is Toxic, Delta is gone
This is Toxic, Delta is gone
posted by Mclovin_69
Bloodmist sat on the edge of a building looking down at the ground " am i really not that different from my family?...." he muttered to himself. The words his brother told him kept running through his head, " 你 can fight me all 你 want...... but 你 cant fight who-you-are" Whiteshadows voice rattled his brain. Bloodmist sighed deeply clutching the edge of the building with his hands in anger, " im nothing like him........ i-i cant be....." he muttered again reasuring himself but gasped to see two robbers taking money out of a bank across the 街, 街道 and running away from the upcoming sirons...
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posted by killer24



abilities:can blend into shadows,expert marksman,good singer,when sings 或者 plays 吉他 it can heal,inspire,energise and more

weapons:two hand guns,guitar that has a 步枪 built into it,cloak witch can blend in to shadows

personality:shady,dark,funny,shy,sad,cares little for bats but will help the team,shoots first asks 问题 later,wants vengeance

looks:unknown(may tell in background)

story:dad is vigilante but he died 由 the hands of a monster when shadow finds the killer he will make him pay.
can play a 吉他 but plays mostly when sad.when he plays it the 吉他 will heal,inspire,energise and more.
his dad died to protect him but before he died he taught him a few songs.
cadmus wanted him to 加入 there army but he 说 no so thay kidnapped him and tortured him when the speedster,the boy wonder and The Atlantean came and took the super boy as thay called him the security failed so he escaped
posted by Mclovin_69
Bloodmist threw a 冲床 at Whiteshadow but was kicked back and rolled back onto his feet, " looks as though 你 havent kept your practice dear brother " Whiteshadow 说 flipping his sword around and getting in a fighting stance. Bloodmist glared under his mask, " 或者 i havent been in the mood for hurting people Shadow..." Bloodmist 说 in an annoyed tone. " Well i dont understand why 你 try to change yourself when 你 really cant brother....." Whiteshadow said, Bloodmist was filling with rage at his brothers words, " 你 can never be good " Whiteshdow finally 说 before Bloodmist snapped,...
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posted by NekoTheif
This is what BelovedRobin wrote before letting me finish this Chapter. As 你 know Writers Block is a killer.
(this section belongs to BelovedRobin)
Keeping composure was something Charm was known for, even if he held a smirk while he did it. Pressure on him was just a feather, however..

"I thought we were teammates?!" Elementi coughed up blood onto the forest floor, but hell he is not backing down. "Why are 你 attacking me?!"

"You're just a scapegoat."

Staggering to keep balance, Charm pulled back the dirty dried blood hair. His teeth baring and with a tooth missing he did not care. All this...
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You're an asshole.

Preach sister, preach!

You seem to be in a good mood. Mind telling whats going on in your paradox of a mind?

What is happiness?

By dictionary terms the state of being happy and happy mea-

What can we include to be happiness? Is it our own discretion 或者 is that text book answer 你 gave me?

I didn't even get to say what the defination was because yo-

One would say to be your lover 你 feel this "happiness" but I've known men and women who was disgusted 由 the very name and thought of their 爱情 one! 或者 maybe it's to feel total confidence and truly satisfied of your work 或者 anything,...
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***these are rachele_X's OC's, I'm just too lazy to sign out and sign back in as her, so I'm posting them from this account.***

Name: Thunderblade
Secret ID: Jackson Adrian Cohn
Age: 12
Appearance: Jackson has longish messy blonde hair, blue eyes, and freckles. He wears red glasses, a red t-shirt, a blue jacket, 黄褐色, 卡其色 shorts 或者 pants, and sneakers.
Powers: Jackson can communicate with metal, and therefore has very high swordfighting abilities. He also has limited magnetism.
Speed: 40%
Strength: 85%
Agility: 85%
Intelligence: 80%
Personality: Jackson is shy, semi-quiet, slightly awkward, and kind of a...
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posted by Robin_Love
Recognized: Shade B0-21
Becca ean into the room, flipping over Wally, who was sparring with Artemis.
“Becca!” Wally shouted.
“Sorry!” Becca said, dashing out of the room.
She went into the living room and quickly ran through.
“Sorry Merc! It won't happen again! 由 the way, make out in a closet 下一个 time!”
Something whooshed past Becca, and she stopped. She waited a 秒 before jumping to hang from the ceiling. She heard a very painful crash and a loud curse. Erin came racing back and looked at her.
“Sheesh Bec! Calm down! I was just going to hug you!”
“Sorry Erin!”...
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posted by Robin_Love
“I can't believe we did that!” Becca 说 on a laugh.
“Hey we were only kids! What did 你 expect?” Kai asked.
“I know! Man, we were crazy.”
Kai smirked, looking away. Becca narrowed her eyes, the smile still on her face.
“What's that look for?” she asked.
“What look?” Kai asked, eyes innocent.
“The look that says 'I have a different memory'. The one 你 always have when we talk about those old times.”
Kai smirked again.
“That look! Tell me!”
Kai got up, sauntering away. Becca raced after him, but he moved faster than she did. He stood across from her, the sofa in between...
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posted by SilverWings13
Told from Silver Wings POV
I had been in plenty of cool places before (most of which I had clearance to only because of my older brother), but this was 由 far the coolest. The bioship was like something from a futuristic sci-fi movie. The most intriguing part to me, though, wasn't the flashing panels 或者 the round-room windows 展示 a dazzling ariel view of the Gotham City lights. It was the people occupying the seats.
Perhaps a 更多 accurate desciprtion of the passengers would be Martian, Atlantian, and young girl with a striking resemblance to the Boy Wonder.
"Robin," the dark haired...
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posted by Robin_Love
Becca dodged another one of Aero's attacks, her leg sweeping behind him. Aero jumped when she tried to knock him on his feet, landing on her leg. Becca held back her scream and moved. Her leg went up, and Aero flipped just in time to escape getting hurt. Becca straightened, getting knocked back 由 a sudden blow to the head. She started falling backwards, and went into a back handspring, landing on her feet. Aero smirked at her and Becca could only block his attacks.
“Are 你 dancing Shade 或者 was that fighting?” a voice asked.
Becca froze for a 分裂, 拆分 second. They thought she was playing?!?!...
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posted by Robin_Love
Aero sat in the darkness of his room. Thoughts of a certain hero came to his mind and he wanted to push them away. But she wouldn't leave his mind. The times he had gotten her. Those perfect moments had been spoiled 由 two people, one 更多 than the other. Aero threw a dagger at one of the two pictures hanging on his wall. The dagger landed in the spinal area.
If the junior Flash had been real and not just a picture, he would have been paralyzed. Aero grabbed another dagger, throwing it at the other picture. Straight through the heart. He played with another dagger, cutting himself. He went...
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posted by Titaness
Chapter Four-

Southampton, England
12:07 GMT April 12, 1912

I knew what I had to do. I had explained myself to Alex and 说 goodbye. I had no clue how long I would be on the ship 或者 in foreign nations such as the United States. 

But my mission still stood. I had to stop James from blowing up the ship and killing 2,000 people. While the 100,000 onlookers watched everyone boarding the ship through the plank, I snuck onto the ship via a window. I climbed into the secret compartment I had built and stayed there.

Approximately eight 分钟 later, at 12:15 p.m. on April 12, 1912, the 泰坦尼克号 left...
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