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posted by YJTTFAN
Young Justice Goes Red Vs Blue Quoting
You don’t really have to know what RvB is, just that it’s super funny and epic and that 你 should see it. (its a web series, It’s up on youtube)

After a long battle with Scarecrow, the team realises that Lucas and Megan got hit with some of his ‘new toy’. The newest gas seemed to have two different effects, for Megan it made her lose her ability to use her powers and she only spoke Martaian, and Lucas...well.....it did something...
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posted by Robin_Love
The rest of the 日 passed in a leisurely manner. But the 下一个 日 made up for that. Dick walked into the 厨房 where the girls were eating. They each greeted him as he sat down. Kendra placed a plate of 薄煎饼, 煎饼 in front of him.
“So what do 你 girls have planned for today?” Dick asked.
“Training,” Becca 说 as she got up to take care of her dishes.
“Training? For what?”
“Anything. We need to know how strong 你 are, how well 你 can fight, how agile you, ect. Elithia is not one to wait. The faster and 更多 we teach you, the better.”
“Becca is the one who wants 你 fighting,”...
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posted by Mclovin_69
Wally zommed into the mountain, everyone looked at him, he had fear in his eyes. " Whats wrong Wally? wheres Willow?" Becca asked going up to him in worry, " something took her! we have to find her!" Wally yelled making Becca step back a little. " Whoa whoa what took her? took her where?" Robin asked going up to his best friend, " thats the problem...i-i dont know..what it was" Wally 说 as Robin and Becca walked him over to the 长椅, 沙发 and made him sit. " But i did not feel me loosing her presence" Becca 说 confused, Wally and the rest of team looked looked at Becca in worry, " Willow felt...
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posted by Robin_Love
“What happened?! Why'd the communication get cut off?!”
Jade looked away from the inquiring bird, tears in her eyes.
“They got her.”
Silence filled the mountain. 分钟 stretched on, each 迷失 in their own shocked thoughts.
“We-we have to go after her!” Robin exclaimed.
Jade shook her head.
“The Blade doesn't keep prisoners Robin. I'm sorry.”
“You're wrong, Jade.”
All eyes turned to a girl who was sitting on a low beam above the doorway.
“Devin,” Artemis whispered.
“What'd 你 say?” Robin asked.
“Jade is wrong. Becca is still alive. She is of use to them. The Blade takes...
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posted by 66Dragons
I used a few 语录 from the TV series in here. Don't remind me.

Chapter 8-

Rome, Italy
7:23 CET December 19

The two teenagers packed their bags and checked out of the hotel before heading out into the damp, gloomy morning.

Artemis could tell Wally was determined, he hadn't eaten yet. The two marched down to the train station where they caught a train heading toward Venice.

About an 小时 into the trip, the two teens' tensions were running high.

"This is going to take forever!" Wally complained.

"I don't like it anymore than 你 do." Artemis replied.

"By the time we get there, the boats will be closed!"...
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posted by Skittles98
“No! No, no, no!” I struggled as Megan and Artemis pulled me out the door to the 海滩 in my new swimsuit. When I got back to Mt. Justice with my bathing suit, I realized almost the whole back was open. I had wanted to return it and find a new one, but I was like it was made for me. It was shaped perfectly to outline my slight curves. Then it dawned on me that there would be guys on the 海滩 and I was hesitant to go out. At the dojo where I grew up, no males where allowed. I had slipped on the flip-flops that Artemis had gotten for me and walked out, not realizing Artemis and Megan were...
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posted by FunGameFan
So many people have better the creaters of the 显示 to have a season 3 and I guess the creaters got board of the begging so it is happening!!!!! We are getting season 3!!!!!!!!!Just wanted 你 guys to know. But this might be a trick to get us to stop begging for it so keep begging anyway just in case.

For season 4 (if they make one) I have a bunch of good ideas for the 显示 even some character and 你 can go read my wish hero artical to learn 更多 about my 最喜爱的 hero I made up named Lidia McClay. And I have a lot of story ideas but I think I will save those for a different artical. Anyway I just can't wait for the new season!!!!!!!

(okay so this take place at the end of episode four after Bane is caught)

My name is grey the 15 年 old heir of Bane many may say he is a bad man but he isn't when 你 get to know him. when i was young me and my parents were caught in a 火, 消防 Bane saved me from under a large wooden beam and raised me as his student his friend his son. The bird and his 老友记 have trapped him on the 爬坡道, 小山 when I went to free him he was gone except for a note.

It read "Hello my amigo over the past few years I have taught 你 much but i may not keep 你 in the life of a villain any longer so with this heavy heart...
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'What ? no way, why does it always have to be my fault?Why do i always get blamed for anything?Are the others all 天使 ?If this is the Justice league then why i don't get a justified explanation?Why Batman? Why?'Crystal asked.

'Crystal today what 你 did was unexceptable'.Batman replied'I want 你 to apologize"He added.'But..".Crystal tried to speak.'No buts'.Batman called.'Alright 蝙蝠侠 '.Crystal said.

'Nightman Crystal says she will apologize".Batman called.'Nightman?'.Crystal asked ,was'nt it Nighmare".Crystal added

'Robin told me'.Crystal said. 'Its Nighman'.Batman confrimed.'I'm here to...
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'Well that was really busy , who knew juliet worked a lot harder when she trained'.Crystal remarked laughing with Artemis to mount justice.

'Artemis, who exactly is your favourite 或者 has been your favourite person in the Young justice league?'.Crystal asked.

'Well I've liked green 《绿箭侠》 my uncle but now i guess its Wally'.Artemis blushed a little

'KF?' Crystal 说 with a frown, we might as well head back now there was some sort of important thing that 蝙蝠侠 wanted us to see.

Back at Mount Justice....

Crystal was in her room when someone jumped in and she looked up to see someone wiyh a blue suit...
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'Crystal wake up now 你 have to go to school?'.Megan called to her.'Crystal mumbled in her sleep'Oh Romeo'.

'Crystal'.Megan called. 'What happened ,whose attacking?'.Crystal asked sitting up in bed.'No one, 你 have to go to school'.

'Thanks '.Crystal called. Then she got up and got ready, she went down for breakfast after that she was ready to go to school. She was about to go to pick up Artemis when Superboy 说 he'd take Crystal to her school.

'But what about Artemis?'.Crystal asked.'She'll come 由 herself '.Superboy said. so crystal sat on superboy's bike and then they raced to school.

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'I really made Superboy mad, what am i good at anyway first i can't hardly stand performing with Tryan and then i hit Superboy well i'm sure I'm not fit for this team. Only Artemis thinks i'm kinda cute and nice for this team'.Crystal said. She probably knew whatever happened Artemis would never vote her off the team.

Crystal was already pretty good at spells. She could creat a sheild which was only sensitive to strong attacks. Her power was almost near to the that she had to be on the young justice team, but she was nervous.

'Come down for dinner'.Megan called.'Now there goes that beautiful...
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posted by Julie-alice
'Hey wanna 加入 in?'. Robin asked as he was fighting with Kid Flash.'No'. Crystal replied and she walked to her room.

Robin could'nt believe Crystal was in such a bad mood.'What did 你 do Robin upset her at school?'Wally asked.'No way, she just got upset'.Robin replied.

'Do 你 think she knows my secret identity?'.Robin asked.'No did she ever tell 你 she knew a secret?'.Wally asked.'No'.Robin replied.'How about did she ever came to 你 saying "Are 你 really Dick?".Wally asked. 'No'.Robin replied.'Did she hang out with 你 much?'.Wally asked.'What are 你 trying to do make me realize she does'nt...
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At lunch time:
'Hey Dick'. Artemis called as soon as she saw him.'Hello Artemis , have 你 seen Crystal?'. He asked.

'Not a chance, infact i've been searching for her myself'. Artemis said. 'Hello Guys, sorry i was late'. Crystal 说 rushing towards them.'What took 你 so long?' Dick asked.'Well, I was called 由 the teacher and i got this role of Juliet '. Crystal replied.

'Cool'.Artemis exclaimed. 'What how can 你 say its cool, i can't believe 你 there were no auditions and i got the role,its unfair'.Crystal said.'But 你 can do it perfectly'. Dick suggested.

'Yeah, when I are'nt surrounded...
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Wally and Artemis stop at a Big Red Chinese restaurant with a bright neon sign saying "Zen restaurant" they entered the building. The bartender was cleaning the counter as they entered. His eyes never lifted to look at them.
"Kidflash is it? What brings 你 here?" he asked as he grabbed a 啤酒 glass. "You drink?" Wally refused and answered.
"There's been a homiside"
"What? So now your replacing Robin? tsk tsk tsk" he shook his head.
"Robin is working on he case too. 更多 complicated stuff."
"Wondering if you've seen a redhead in her 20s a stamp on one of her arms? Ring any bells?" Artemis lent against...
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Wally opened his eyes staring up at Robin, Zatanna and Bats. He bolted up, but groaned when a hurtful pain struck him. He lay back down.
"Careful there buddy. Take it nice and easy" Robin said.
"It was awful...mask, girl.." Wally's voice weakened. Bats walked to the computer.
"Mask, mask, I've heard of it before. If I just-" he typed in Mask Maker. "Of course!" he moved the screen for Wally so he could see. "Is this the guy?" the screen showed a white mask, under a hoodie, dark blue perhaps.
"Yeah that's the guy! How did ya know?" he sat up on he side of the bed.
"It's been on he news but it wasn't...
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Ari's story

Name:Ari Wayne
age:16 (it will change though throughout time)
Closest friend:first its a rough start,but then she
becomes great 老友记 with Artemis
hero outfit:sky blue midrift with straps,sky blue miniskirt,small black mask like Robin's,black fingertipless gloves,and green sandals

casual clothes:it changes but normally it's blue skinny jeans,sky blue t-shirt with an 天使 logo,and
blue converse

description:pale skin,long dark brown hair,light green eyes,5"5",sleek,average sized chest

powers:sorcery,levitating,astral projection,sacred magic,self healing/heals others,empath,and...
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posted by Julie-alice
'What?Detention'. David shouted looking at the paper the teacher at Gotham high handed him. 'Haha'. Crystal laughed when she heard David had got detention. She walked with David and grinned.'I can't believe I got detention". David wailed.

'Again?'. Crystal said. 'You need to concentrate in class'. She added.'Yeah i hope your luck is good?'. David 说 annoyed.

'Yup. I got the role of Juliet in school play'. Crystal smiled that ran in front of him and joined a blond haired girl. ' Artemis, I got the role of Juliet'.
Crystal 说 exited. She was a member of Young Justice but was two years younger...
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Robin fiddled with the flashlight as it ran out of battery again.
"Any spare?" he asked. Roy handed him two batteries.
"You carry batteries around?" Wally asked preventing from giggling. Roy ignored him. As Robin fixed the flashlight they continued walking. They reached a dead end with a big wooden door.
"Do we go in?" Wally asked.
"Just get it over with!" Conner roared his hands covering his ears. Roy nodded and pushed open the door. A scratching, squeaking noise moaned the teenagers. Red 颜色 swirled inside. They headed in the red room.

"They're taking too long!" Megan squealed looking at Kaldur....
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posted by khanna266
Ari went to the bathroom to take a 淋浴 when,she heard chuckling coming from behind her,but when she turned around noone was there.She reached for the doorknob,and then all of a sudden Beastboy was standing right in front of
her."Ahh!Who the heck are you?"She yelled,"i'm
Beastboy one of the members of the team.You must be Ari.M'gann told me about you."he said,"Yeah,well it was a nice chat,but i need to take a 淋浴 if 你 don't mind."she said,so he let herthrough and she stripped naked and got in the 淋浴 as she was bathing she thought about earlier that 日 when she hurt batgirl."I never...
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