Young Justice Season 3 will make me the happiest girl in the universe!!! And today I am going to tell 你 some things that has to be in it.

I know they added new characters in season 2 but I think that there should be 更多 characters here are some examples.

1. Red Hood. I know that Jason Todd has been shown once 或者 twice in young justice season 2 but that was just a statue of him but I think he should be shown in season 3 as Red 兜帽, 罩, 发动机罩 because this way be can make an actual appearance in the show.

2. Superboy. I know that Superbly is already in young justice but that is Conner Kent not Superman's real son Jonathan Kent. He should be in young justice because I think he would fit in perfectly with the team.

3. Robin. I think since Jonathon will be in the 显示 why not his best friend Damian Wayne 加入 the team. I think his attitude will make the team focus on the mission at hand.

4. Supergirl. I know she died in the comics but she will be a really kind and helpful team member and she could basically be the new Miss. M.

5. Batgirl. Cassandra Cain is my 最喜爱的 batgirl and she has never been shown on the big screen before and I think this is her chance. With her skill the team will finish the mission quickly and in style.

6. Aqua girl. I know Tula died in the video game but I am not talking about her I am talking about Lorena Marquez aka the 秒 Aquagirl. I chose her because I think we need 更多 water power in the 显示 because we only have Aqualad.

7. Speedy. Not Roy. I am talking about the girl sleedy, Mia Dearden. I chose her because both Roy Harper's are no longer speedy and some one has to be.

8. Kripto. I know young justice has 狼 and spere but it doesn't have Superman's companion, Kripto the dog. I chose him because I think the team needs 更多 animal 老友记 because beast boy does not count as a pet.

9. Raven. I chose Raven because I think she will get along with Artemis and help her over the death of Wally.

10. Starfire. I chose Starfire because I think she will fit in and be the best hero she can be.

11.Harly Quinn. I know she is a bad guy but not in the new movie suicide squad. I chose her because I thought the will bring comedy to the team and make the 显示 ten times better with I use to think was impossible.

12. Power girl. I chose her because I thought she could be a great leader and keep things in control.

That is all!thank 你 for reading! BYE!!!!!!!