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posted by InfinityYJ
She watched them all. Every teen had struggled for a few minutes, but eventually they'd all gone down. Chelsea finally let go of them all and stepped towards her target. Her feet fell carefully around the blondes, brunettes, redheads, and there was even a girl with 橙子, 橙色 hair. Chelsea noted unnessacarily that black was the most prevalent hair color in the room, but she only watched one.
Fin stirred and her hair fell from her face. She instinctivly reached towards the two bodies closest to her in her sleep. Chelsea grinned. "Jessie, be a dear," she murmured, and picked Fin's glasses off her face. She lifted the girls into her grasp. Smiling into the shadows, she snapped and dissapeared. As soon as she was gone, a girl with dark grey hair stepped out of seemingly nowhere. She took two syringes out of her blazer and held the needle to Robin and Delta's arms. Looking back on Robin after injecting him, she grinned. "Night, little bird," she whispered coldly, then snapped the boy's wrist, and left without another word.
Robin groaned and shuffled in his sleep. Someone was poking him in the side, occasionally giving him a little shake. "Robin? Robin?!" came a girl's worried voice. Then she directed her 问题 to someone 下一个 to her. "Why isn't he getting up?"
"I don't know... should I, like, slap him?"
"No! He'll get up on his own."
"Uh huh. 你 sure about that, Phoebe?"
"Yes, Lucas, I'm positive- Delta! Don't slap him!"
"Wasn't going to..." muttered a voice dangerously close to his ear. "But Becca's poking him."
"Doesn't matter." Another poke. Finally, not being able to stand the sharp nailed finger stabbing into his rib area, he mumbled somewhat halfheartedly, "Gimme five 更多 minutes, god."
"Told you," Phoebe 说 matter-of-factly, and Becca sighed, leaning back. Mercy, however, had other plans, and they did not include giving Robin a five-minute-longer nap.
"Has anyone even noticed the fact that Fin is gone?!?" Her voice rose to a near scream, and everyone turned to her, staring in shock. "Sorry," she blushed, and scuffed the ground.
"No, you're right, we should go," Robin said, and stretched up. Then a realization hit him, and he turned. "Slapping me? Really?"
Delta chuckled. "Yeah, and I would have if Phoebe wasn't watching."
说 teen turned. "'Sup Kay?"
Kaylee's eyes hovered over his glove. "How's your hand?"
"Um... what?"
"Your wrist?" She grasped his arm and pulled it to her. "Huh?"
"My... wrist is fine... why?"
"She.. I swear to god that it was broken..." Kaylee let go and looked him square in the eye. Mask. Then she turned to Delta, and began to whip between the two of them.
"Nothing? 你 both feel fine?"
"Perfect... Kaylee, what is this about?" Delta asked, placing a hand on the younger girl's shoulder.
"Well..." the little girl took a deep breath, then.
"Zucco? As in--"
"Yes, Robin that Zucco. And she was with Chelsea and she injected 你 and Del with something and then she snapped your wrist and left. With Fin. In a portal. And Fin's glasses--"
"Aren't exactly on her at the moment." Blade interrupted and picked up a pair of sunglasses that were lying on the floor. "I think someone must have stepped on them 或者 something, because one of the lenses is broken."
"Well... that can't be any good," Scarlet pointed out unnecessarily. Then she looked to Kaylee. "Do 你 know where they could of gone?"
Kaylee nodded vigorously. "You guys want out of your civies, and in your uniforms?"
The team looked around, then back to Kaylee. "Sure. Why not?" Aisling agreed.
Kaylee closed her eyes and focused intensely. Her red curls began to float a little as the present members of the team were transferred into their costumes. She herself began to change, her 粉, 粉色 衬衫 and blue jeans changing to a green tunic with a red vest and matching red skirt.
After everyone was changed, her hair fell limply at her shoulders and she blinked. "Let's go!" she exclaimed, and she sped out of the little cabin. The rest of the older teens followed, hoping to find their friend without too much trouble.

OOC: Sorry this is taking so long, I'm grounded and I'm only allowed to go on the computer when my mom isn't home, so it could be a while before the 下一个 part. Thank 你 to those who still are with me!
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posted by Robin_Love
 Robin's outfit
Robin's outfit
“Wow Megan! What's all this for?” Wally asked, gesturing to the bags full of cooking supplies.
“I don't know,” the Martian answered. “Robin asked me to get it.”
“Robin? What is he planning?”
“Geez! 你 really are stupid,” Artemis said.
She walked past them, sitting on 最佳, 返回页首 of the counter. She looked through one of the bags.
“Megan and Connor are new at this, but I thought 你 of all people would know, Wally West.”
“What are 你 hinting at?”
Artemis sighed, pulling out a container of chocolate.
“Robin NEVER goes shopping. But he's got chocolate, pasta, tomatoes, and who...
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posted by Codby
I’m scared. What’s happening? Why am I under my desk. Why is everybody screaming and laughing at the same time? Why did the teacher say that we need to be still? Who are the we?

The team was standing against the 墙 in the cave. From young to old: Robin, Wally, Artemis, Megan, Conner, Kaldur. Black Canary was giving instruction, how 你 can 显示 someone the floor in five seconds. Wally wasn’t listening. He was just staring in the air. Robin could see that Black Canary was getting angry. “Wally? Hello Earth to Wally!” Robin was trying to get Wally’s attention. “What?” Wally looked...
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Artemis and Zatanna have some fun times
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This is my 1st fanfic ever! I hope 你 like it!
Her breathes were gasps as she raced through the near abandoned streets of Gotham City. The rain soaked her clothes; the puddles splashed as she ran through them. The pack on her back felt heavy as she cut through an alley. A man exiting a bar cursed as she passed, nearly knocking his drunk 屁股 to the ground. 更多 curses followed as her persuers rushed pass him.
They were gaining much too quickly for her liking. She could have easily out run them if it wasn't for the STUPID pack! She considered ditching it in the gutter, but dismissed the idea....
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posted by Skittles98
Not mine! This 文章 is Property of Bat-dove on Fanfiction.net

Wally's not the most 流行的 guy. Not in school, not on the team, not as a hero, not anywhere. So what happens when he is suddenly swarmed 由 people?

'Ah face book,' Wally thought to himself, 'One of the most ridiculous yet useful things on the internet. It helped remind people of events that they were bound to forget, make 老友记 they may never meet, and start fights that might have never existed.'

He himself rarely used it. He had one, but it seemed like a waste of time. But if he had been on face book, he would've known not...
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Chapter One-

Aqualad thought it would be better if the Team 分裂, 拆分 in half for the flight over. So Holly, Revenge, Artemis and Wally were on one plane while Robin, Megan, Connor, and Kaldur were on the other.

Holly had listened to every song on her iPod and watched every video she had downloaded. She was bored and there was three hours left in the flight. 

Artemis was asleep and Wally was drawing a moustache on her face. 冬青, 冬青树 couldn't wait until Artemis woke up.

Holly glanced over at Sam, which she had recently discovered was Red Revenge's secret ID. He had his sunglasses on and his hat low on...
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posted by 66Dragons

Part 2-

Revenge looked at the dagger impaled in the metal board centimeters from his neck.

The girl stepped back shakily.

"Kill him 你 insolent fool! Kill them!"

The girl took a shaky breath and picked up another dagger, she stepped back towards the hero again. She felt his eyes on her again. She raised the dagger slowly once more. Revenge looked at the girl and saw something he hadn't expected. 

Fear. The girl was terrified. She was terrified of what she had gotten herself into and couldn't back out.

"I got ya." Revenge whispered. 

The girl looked at him shakily. The dagger...
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posted by Skittles98
“Who are you?” I demanded, lifting Kalder’s un-moving body in my arms.
“My name is Tula. I’m a friend of Kalder” she said. I grinded my teeth at the pressure of my broken arm.
“Do 你 need any help with him?” Tula asked as I carried him to the infirmary.
“My masters once told me to embrace pain, for it makes a stronger warrior” I 说 as I laid Kalder down on the bed. I clicked my comm. unit.
“Guys, get to the infirmary right now. It’s Kalder” I 说 quickly. A 分钟 later, the team was standing with Kalder. I felt Wally’s hand rest on my shoulder. Even though he was...
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Artemis POV

I sat in the sand looking around me, Robin was sitting 交叉, 十字架 legged in the sand on his computer, Wally was teaching Aqualad how to surf although Aqualad never asked, Superboy and Megan was playing volley ball together but Red 《绿箭侠》 was missing. I sighed as I moved to the side and reached into my bag, I took out my mp3 player and started to play the first song, "how do 你 sleep". I closed my eyes and started to sing to the song, convinced that everyone was too busy to notice. I started 唱歌 louder when suddenly I felt some one was staring at me. I opened one eye and saw Red Arrow...
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