Erin ran 下一个 to Wally with ease. He was a Flash, for sure, but Erin felt like she was going slow. She dodged a sudden car and looked back to the road.
“How much farther?” Wally asked.
“A few miles. Watch out for that-!”
A hard slam cut her off and Erin skidded to a stop. She raced back to where the fallen speedster lay on the ground.
“-Wall,” she finished.
“Thanks a lot!” Wally stated.
Erin smiled and got a picture before he could get up.
“Must 你 always take pics of everything humorous to you?” Wally asked.
“Yep,” Erin answered, taking a picture of the Kid Flash shaped dent in the wall.
Wally groaned and put a hand to his head. Erin raced over, catching him before he could fall again.
“Whoa! Easy speedster,” she said.
“I don't feel good.”
“You might have a mild concussion. Which means 你 can't sleep. Here.”
Erin handed Wally a small vial of clear liquid and he took it.
“Where'd 你 get that?” he asked, handing it back.
“Becca. She gave each of us a small vial for emergencies. She really takes care of us.”
“I can see. 你 guys must 爱情 her a lot.”
“Yes. Besides Willow, I probably 爱情 her the most.”
“Oh? Why is that?”
“Becca saved my life. I was originally from the 年 3024. But I was banished here because of my reckless behavior and misuse of my abilities. When I got here, I was amazed at how well 你 guys were doing. But I was blind to the evil in your century. I was approached 由 a Russian government official. He turned me into a living weapon, my speed giving me a dangerous advantage. I was a spy, a rag they could use at whatever cost. But I didn't like it.
“I demanded my freedom and was put into prison. But my sentence for being “unloyal” was death. I was doomed to starve. But Becca brought me food. She gave me everything. Then, one night, she helped me escape. I became known as Red X and began my war against the evil of your time. Becca was not in debt to me, but she became my lead. I don't know how she does it, but Becca does the job I ask to perfection. So I have never stopped loving her.”
“Wow. That's some harsh stuff Erin.”
“But why Red X?”
“I was mocking those who had hurt me. The name they gave me for being a weapon was X. So I decided to mock them and do my own thing.”
Erin smiled.
“You need a better dictionary speedster,” she whispered.
“Eh. I think I speak English goodly,” he teased.
Erin threw her head back and laughed. Something about him had made her feel safe. She was safe. But she didn't know why. All she knew was that she was safe.