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 War in New York
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“Are 你 sure this will work?” asked 超人 and Skylar repeatedly. 蝙蝠侠 was getting annoyed, “I’m sure.” and turned his back on the men 下载 Harley in a testing tube into S.T.A.R. Labs Van. They were lucky they had sedated her, 或者 she would have gone into a rage. She hated test tubes as much as Superboy hated Pods and monkeys. Mr. Arleta came to 超人 and 蝙蝠侠 looking at a clipboard, “We have all the data, and she’s loaded in, Wayne Corps. has donated to the cause of bringing Harley back. Quite a generous donation too. Ten thousand dollars. And the Daily Planet, has...
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 Improv Civvies
Improv Civvies
Biking across Gotham certainly took much longer than driving. But it was also faster than walking. And Aryess wasn't in the mood to break the law 由 driving her 摩托车 while underage, even if she did have a (false) license.
Ary didn't mind the long ride. It was a nice way to clear her head in the simple task. She could have gone without the heat, though. The beating sun had forced her to exchange her hero uniform for not her usual civvies: blue-and-gray striped shirt, hooded jean jacket, and jeans, but instead a spaghetti-strap 最佳, 返回页首 and black shorts. The fingerless gray gloves stayed in...
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I figured I should write a quick and simple bio about myself.....just so I would have people knowing my character and wouldn't have to ask. This bio shall be a work in progress, in that I may change it later on, if anything should need to change.

Name: Jaelle Imanov
Alias: Jinxi
Only close 老友记 call her "Jin"

She does not go 由 her actual name. She goes 由 her alias only. In fact, no one knows her real name, and she is very close to forgetting it. I'll explain why below.

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Special Markings/tattoos/scars: She has her tribal paint markings on her face, arms, and back......they...
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Twan walk's trouw the thrence, buths lieling evrywer around them, the hair of a RA soildir got cut of 由 an passing bullet.Keeps your heads down comrades, they we cant fith tham this way. Twan said. The RA soldire within hearing rangce took cover. 火, 消防 the Katyusha, blow them to hig havean. Twan 说 in his earpice to his aralarie camander. Yes sir, the officer said. evrywan heard the schreaming sound of the Katyusha's launsing ther devastating missels, the merc's her terifid in ther trence 由 the scheaming sound. Gunfire and the Ra saw howe the misels rain down on the merc's, devestayding...
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A steady beeping was heard throughout the Bat-Cave as Red Hood’s eyes fluttered open. They put a hand to their hand with a groan.
“Master Todd, may I suggest 你 stay still” Alfred suggested
“W-who are you?” Red 兜帽, 罩, 发动机罩 mumbled
“You really do not remember me, Master Todd?” Alfred asked, confused
“I-no. No I don’t” Red 兜帽, 罩, 发动机罩 shook their head.
“Well, just lie down and relax as I get this blasted 头盔 off” Alfred said, reaching for Red’s helmet.
“Wait. It’ll electrocute 你 if 你 try to take it off me” Red groaned, reaching behind their head and pressed a button which...
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OOC: Here's an overview of what you're about to experience.
It's been two months after the discovery of the 痣, 鼹鼠 on the team. Vandal Savage has succeeded in taking over the League, the teen division as well. Total submission comes from those who are smart. There are rebel groups spread across the world of young heroes, including certain members of the original team and some members that have joined during the revolution. These few groups are doing their best to work in secret, however.
Now, in this period of time, Savage has left the 岗楼, 瞭望塔 and found he cannot return because something has...
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Name : Jesse Bennett
Alias: None
Powers: Healing Magics, combat
Occupation : Healer
Weakness/Limits : Unknown
History:Jessie Bennett came from a long line of pure-blood healers. Her race is unknown, despite how human she looks. Her 给 name has been forgotten. She came to Earth much like the Man of Steel. But she was found 由 a traveling caravan in an Arabian desert. She grew up among them and immediately took a fondness to medicine. 由 accident, she found out her inhuman abilities when she was five in a dangerous situation. Almost immediately, she was sent away, to America. She spent almost...
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