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 War in New York
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Rules for Taking Care of Elizabeth

1.    Her bedtime is 9 o'clock on weekdays and 9:30 on weekends

2.    She is NOT allowed to have sweets after 6 o'clock

3.    Every night, she must brush her teeth, wash her face, all that stuff before bed

4.    NO TV after 7:30 and no scary 电影院 after 6 o'clock

5.    She is allergic to walnuts and almonds. If she eats one, her face will blotch up and get puffy

6.    If 你 take her outside, make sure she is with 你 24/7. She will run away...
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(This takes place in a possible future where Alex, Ajax and Kane divided into three sepert people.. This is also a three POV mission so expect a part two and three, maybe a forth)

"C'mon guys it'll be fun!" Insisted Alex leaning on the back of the sofa in their house
"I've told 你 it's a waste of my time so no" replied Kane not looking up from his book on the sofa
"I just don't want to so no" boredly spoke Ajax while carelessly throwing daggers at a dart board
"What if I get 你 a 年 supply of 浓情巧克力 milk, and I'll let 你 tease anyone" reasoned Alex while smirking because he knew he had...
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He felt another prescence in the room with him. He half-hoped it was her, but he knew it wasn't. But the thing standing in the corner of his room wasn't what he expected. He made ready in case the thing attacked, but then he saw the eyes. They weren't the same color, the familiar blue, but they held the same pain and sadness and longing that his eyes had before.
“Did 你 find her?!”
“Yes. Becca's there now. We have to hurry.”
He stood and ran over to where the so-called monster stood. He felt the slight pressure of a hand on his shoulder and they stepped into the...
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