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 One-shot 预览 pics
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Source: The lovely internets! And some awk photoshopping on my part
For a little one-shot that I'm doing... Ignore the awkward photoshopping
one shot
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 Lorelei, the River 皇后乐队
Lorelei, the River Queen
Took the 建议 given. And I did need one 你 go.


Name: Lorelei
Alias: None
Powers: Hypnotics and water
Occupation: Villain
Weakness/Limits: Unknown
History: She is the embodiment of water, the ancient goddess of the Rhine river and the seas. She is The Lorelei. In German myth, Lorelei was 说 to be a strikingly beautiful distressed maiden with locks of 金牌 who sat upon the rock awaiting the return of her lover. Her unfaithful lover never returned, so she threw herself off of a cliff headfirst into the water, leading her to death....
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