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posted by Robin_Love
The metal pierced her skin gently, drawing a small amount of blood. The darkened room matched her mood. She picked up the mask, the souvenir from last night's fun. She held it over her face and grimaced.
“How did Bane see in this?”
She tossed it aside, retracting the long claws back into their hidden place in her arm. The line of blood on her arm started to heal slowly. Ever since she had watched her boyfriend die because of Bane's goons, she had kept a tight control on all other emotions beside her rage. Now that she'd properly disposed of the villain and his lackeys, she wanted to sob.
Except her anger was still there. She needed something 更多 to satisfy her. Her control over it had slipped a few times, but she had been able to keep herself from hurting her friends. But she wouldn't be able to stay much longer. She was too angry. She growled a little and scribbled a note for the others. Then she grabbed her bag and headed out. The sun was high in the sky. She'd get a good distance away.

“There has to be some fear! She's always scared of something!”
“Zeth it's not true. She isn't afraid. There's just no fear.”
“Are 你 sure? I mean, she's been hiding in her room for about a week. And now she's gone to some jacked up place to get her sanity back?”
“Nature isn't jacked up, Zeth,” Zero interjected.
“Whatever! The point is she's scared.”
“I think it's 你 who's scared,” Trevor said. “Scared she'll kick your 屁股 in your 下一个 spar.”
Zeth chased Trevor around the base while Zero and Todd sat in mature silence. Terror stood in the middle of the room, a first on his part.
“Cat is perfectly fine, Zeth. The only fear inside of her is that she'll hurt one of us, one of the Team.”
Zeth and Trevor both stop at the new announcement. Zero looks slightly worried. Todd stares at the wall, where he assumes Terror is standing 由 the way his voice is echoing.
“Cat left,” Todd said.
“Who told you?” Zero asked.
All were aware of Todd's gift with the paranormal. Todd looks over to where Zero's voice is coming from.
Zero glances to Terror, who tensed up slightly at the name.
“Should we go after her?” Trevor asks.
“No,” Terror announced. “Let her anger calm down. She needs to be alone. She'll come back when she's ready to. Don't push her.”
“Terror there's a disturbance,” Todd says, looking back to the wall.
“I think....I think I 迷失 contact with a soul.”

Okay so Scott's part is/was true. Todd is blind so he can only see paranormal things. Spirits, dead people, etc. Just a BTW.
posted by CoaxochYJ
Just cuz I was borrrrrred.

This one~shot has no moral, its just stuff to read if your bored.

I woke up, covered in soft, warm blankets. I groaned and rolled over, not wanting to 移动 from my nest of blankets.
"Come we go..." Ciel 说 as he picked me up.
"Good morning." I said, groggily, and cheerfully.
"Morning sleepy feathers." He said, throwing me over his shoulder. I rubbed my eyes and felt the inconsistencies as he walked down the stairs. I felt like a lump of potatos. My legs thumped against Ciel's chest with every step he took. Ciel walked into the kitchen, pulled me off his shoulder,...
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 Costume! :D
Costume! :D
Name: Candice Light.

Alias: None/Her name. :)

Nickname: Candy.. :D

Appearance: Candice has long blonde hair, usually up in a ponytail 或者 pig-tails((OMG!! SHE'S BLONDE!! OMG I might change it.. :/)) Her eyes are blueish green.

Age: 15 and a-quarter.

Civies:: Usually a green 衬衫 and a light 粉, 粉色 skirt. She wears her hair down with a clip in it!

Costume: A cheer-leading outfit! :D

Personality: She's a really preppy girl, she's super girly and used to attention! She is a man stealer, she hits on every guy no matter what, even if he's not single! She freaks out over bugs, spiders, stupid things. She...
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posted by Robin_Love
 Corri-Human Illusion
Corri-Human Illusion
As promised.

Name: Corri
Alias: Bruno
Occupation: Vigilante
Powers: Corri is a master of a illusions. He knows a few carnival magic tricks and uses them in different ways. Corri can also control any personal, real, 或者 inner form of darkness. He can transport people to world he created. If he's mad enough, Corri turns into a Hell hound.
History Corri is the last of his kind; a shadow human. He has the looks of a normal human, but is like a shadow, minus his golden eyes. He had come to Earth through mysterious circumstances. It is unknown hos he survived the time from infant to six. It was when he...
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posted by Robin_Love
She heard a crash, a loud one. She groaned and pulled the covers over her head. But when the computer announced Batman's arrival, she jumped out of 床, 床上 and into the closet. We didn't have training today. Were we supposed to get a mission? She stepped out of her room, ready for action, like most of the others who had slept in on their 日 off. Blade yawned before heading into the mission room. She saw not only Batman, but also Zatanna, and a few other JLA members. Okay. Not a mission.
“Devin's gone missing,” A voice whispered in her ear.
She would have reacted, but she knew that voice too...
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posted by Robin_Love
Her footsteps pounded on the ground. She heard him behind her and kept going. Don't look back. He'll take you. She's close by. Keep going. Don't look back! The voice echoed in her head, spurring her on. She wouldn't loose to him. Not now. She had come far in a few hours. Her powers were stable. Her abilities were strong.
The shadows had taught her. This host is perfect. Everything I need. The voice spoke again, eyes shinning bright red. She panted, running still. His steps started to fade behind her. She slowed a little and tripped. She got up and pulled out her weapon.
“Come out monster!...
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There is a three 年 time jump between Season 2 and the Arrowette Series. A few things have happened...

Darkseid invaded Earth and was repelled, but Batman, Aquaman, Hal Jordan, and Flash were killed (Batman unbeknownst to the public) during the invasion forcing Wally and Dick to fill the respected roles of their mentors. One 年 later, Barbara Gordon was paralyzed and forced to leave the 整流罩 of Batgirl behind and become Oracle. Stephanie Brown took her place.

Red Robin, leader of the Teen Titans (That's right, I changed their names) is still Tim 鸭, 德雷克 (There will be NO Damian Wayne). Aqualad...
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posted by Obscurity98
Hero name: Obscurity
ID: Harley Mei
age:14 1/2

Powers: Cat like abilities, with retractable claws, control over water, fire, ice, earth, and air. can become the elements. ability to fly with black aura around her body, invulnerability and super stregnth.

note:she was a science experiment gone wrong, short temper. She loves to play around though, and is serious when needed be.She has a serious tone of voice like Kaldur, and is mutually fond of him as well. Kaldur loves her. but wont admit it. She likes to flirt, even when she doesn't notice it.

Stats: strength 90% speed:55% intelligent: 89%...
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posted by Mclovin_69
火, 消防 was shot and burned a 树 to the ground, Bentley looked at the burnt 树 and glared looking back at the source, " violence is never the answer Sable!! hasnt uncle ever taught 你 that!! " Bentley shouted, Sables hands glowed blue with 火, 消防 and she grinned evily, " i dont listen to others i only listen to myself Bent " she 说 evily. Bentley glared with his swords in his hands, " has'nt anyone ever taught 你 anything.... " he said. Sable grew angry " im done with the talking!! " she shouted shooting her 火, 消防 towards Bentley, Bentley put his swords infront of him in an x formation being...
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posted by Robin_Love
“We need to know what's going on!” Alek exclaimed.
“Yeah but Tara won't tell us,” Silver rationalized.
“But there is one who might know,” Ciel interrupted.
“Yeah. Except she's completely dropped off the face of the Earth! Not even 蝙蝠侠 could locate her!”
“Silver's right. We have no way of knowing where she is! “
Fang, who had been leaning against the wall, held up two fingers as if to “I have your solution.” They looked over at him at the sudden gesture.
“You three forget I'm married to her confident.”
“Devin knows where she is?”
Fang nodded.
“And 你 knew the whole...
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This Fanfiction has been rated "M" for Mature. Reader's Discretion is advised. Extreme Violence, adult language & content, sexual content, debatable actions 由 characters, public trauma, extreme cussing, and other questionable events will occur. It is highly suggested that viewers younger than fifteen do not read this. It is also the author's suggestion that if anyone of any age feels offended 由 any of the content mentioned above, that they do not read it.


This fanfiction was originally delayed two weeks due to the tragic shootings in Aurora, Colorado. Events in this fanfiction...
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The men on the fallen one's left and right both collapsed as well. Declan caught a glimpse if silver as a throwing 刀 embedded in one's chest. He followed the arch up to one of the upper balconies.
There stood a feminine figure completely clad in solid black. A 整流罩 was pulled up to hide the lower half of her face; her fair hair was pulled back in a long braid. She had one boot up on the railing, taking aim as she launched her blades at the intruders.
The doors of the ballroom were suddenly opened and guests starting rushing out in a desperate wave toward freedom and safety.
"Nic," Declan...
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Blade-Sheriff Sparks
Terror-Sheriff #2 :D
Wildside Lovers- Tyler/South/Ty and Becca
Mean Billy Green-Phoebe
Sheriff's Posse- Mercy

Oh BTW this placed a little farther back in time so that explains why they use horses..:/ the italic-ed words are the lyrics.. i tried to include some of the song in the dialogue.. but it doesn't mean the people are 唱歌 it! it's just the lyrics..


Well this is how it starts
Two 爱人 in the dark,
On the run, from the one,
That they call Sheriff Sparks,
Six 枪 由 their sides,
And bullets round their waist,...
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