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Static Shock Test


"Sharon! For the last time, I am not eating yo' egg smoothies!"

"Son, eat your breakfast."

"Breakfast?! 你 call this breakfast?" the teen asked, indicating his plate. "I call it a smoothie! And Sharon should've added strawberries! And a glass."

"You know that is exactly how momma used to cook them!"

"Strange. I don't remember having to eat her's with a spoon!"

"Son, just eat. The school bus'll be here any minute."

"Yes, pops." the boy 说 dejectedly.

The strife over breakfast between Sharon and Virgil Hawkins was not uncommon in the Hawkins household. The fifteen 年 old African-American constantly rejected his seventeen 年 old sister's food. His complaint was it wasn't "how momma cooked it".

After eating his eggs, and making a point to slurp loudly as he did, the teen stumbled up the stairs to grab his backpack and finish cleaning up. Virgil walked into the bathroom and ran a hand through his dreadlocks. He tried shaking them up, but that made it look like he slept on them funny, so he gave it up.

The boy wasn't bad looking. He was firm and muscular, his body was shaped like that of a superhero, and he still couldn't grow a beard.

"Hey! Catnip!" Sharon called from downstairs. "You done shaving those three whiskers?"

Virgil slammed the door shut and picked up his father's razor. He activated it and ran it over his chin, muttering a rap as he did.

"Hey!" Sharon called again, opening the door. "The bus will be here in five minutes. Hurry up!"

"Oh, shove off!" Virgil said. "You just want in so 你 can waste thirty 分钟 in the shower!"

"I do not! I need to use this room!"

"What for?" Virgil asked with a smirk upon his youthful face.

"For taking a shower!" Sharon exclaimed. " Brushing my teeth!"

"Sure," Virgil said, turning back to the mirror to admire his freshly shaved chin and adding his final witty retort. "Cucumber eyes."

"Ooohhh!!!" Sharon exclaimed, clenching her fists. Virgil walked out, a smug look on his face.

"And will 你 put a 衬衫 on?" Sharon called after him. "We all know you've been working out at the gym! No need to 显示 that one and a half muscle off!"

"Well at least I'm trying to look masculine!" Virgil called. He screamed and shut his door as a hair dryer flew at it.


Virgil screamed again. He looked up to see his caucasian friend floating outside his window, in full green-white costume.

"Richie! Man, 你 scared me to death!" Virgil said, standing up.

"Me 或者 your sister?" Richie smirked.

Virgil glowered at him.

"Anyway, straight to the point: put on your tights, Hotstreak's downtown. He partnered with a few other metas and is terrorizing a mall."

"Which meta-humans?" Virgil asked as he ducked into his closet to change.

"Aquamaria, Puff, Onyx, Ebon..." Richie rattled off the junior criminal's names as he counted them on his fingers.

"Whoah, Ebon?" Virgil's voice came from the closet. "I thought Mr. Shadows was in meta-jail."

"Yeah, well, so were all the others. Someone broke them all out."



Virgil emerged from his closet dressed in full static costume: black sleeveless t-shirt with a yellow lighting bolt over a 圈, 圈子 of the same color. Black pants, yellow utility belt, white and blue mask along with his navy blue trench 涂层, 外套 proclaimed him Dakota City's hero: Static Shock.

"Let's go." Virgil said, pulling out his disk and hopping on it. He and Gear flew off towards downtown, where a smoke 云, 云计算 was rising.

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posted by XxKFforeverXx
Could you, dear reader imagine the words 你 would use, to tell your family that your parents were dead, murdered? I hope 你 can, because I'm not able to share those wretched words with 你 right now. Can 你 be patient with me? I'll promise it'll be worth the wait. 
      After I had accomplished that horrible task -perhaps the worst task of my whole life- I tried to focus my fractured attention back to Sergeant Caputo. He was a rough looking man, like a bad cop in film from the forties. Caputo looked about to be around thirty years old. He had one continuing eyebrow, a furry ledge of...
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posted by InfinityYJ
Can 你 blame me? This is kinda what Fin's P.O.V in 5 years when Arty dies... It's fun if 你 read it like you'd be 唱歌 Twinkle, Twinkle.

Twinkle, twinkle fire’s glow
How 你 seem to burn me so.
When the darkness comes to play.
你 grow cold and die away.
As I lie in wait for you
Good is old and evil’s new.
Red is blood and black is deep
Let them rest, eternal sleep
Forever is far too long,
酸, 酸奶 notes in birdie’s song
Demon’s 摇篮 swings in time
To a bloodstained silent chime
My old 老友记 can’t see the truth
Cursed in such a horrid youth
Ending comes to all who fear
Demon’s claw shall see no tear
Traitor, traitor not your kind
Justice has become so blind
Helping is not what 你 see
What is it 你 saw in me?
Fin and Phoenix are no more
Now a Demon joins the war.

I have nothing to say, because I regret nothing.
posted by Robin_Love
Name: Tanner Pent
Alias: Ares
Occupation: Hero; clone of Superboy
Powers: Tactile telekinesis, super-strength, flight, invulnerability, heat vision, freezing breath, fire, super-speed, x-ray vision, heightened senses
History: Tanner is the clone of a clone. He was made 由 Talia Al'Ghul who acquired DNA from Becca Stevens before Becca defied her. Where he has the DNA of Superboy, Tanner also has the DNA of superhero Firestorm, giving him the ability of fire. Tanner's tactile telekinesis allows him to, telepathically, mimic the abilities of those around him, much like Superboy. Tanner was the first...
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