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Skylar leaned on the 表 in the kitchen, “why don’t we just go over there and finish them off? I mean, if we know we’re close, we just take 更多 people with us.” Twan nodded, “I agree, besides,” he formed his arm into his gun, “It’d be pretty fun, revenge.”
Nightwing glared at him, “Its not about revenge.” Harley sat on the counter, “He’s right, its not a bout revenge. Its about vengeance, and making sure they stay the hell out my life…”
Nightwing openly stared at her in surprise, “ooookay, then.”
Harley scoffs, and jumps of the table, her leg crumbled under her, but she kept her balance. Silver narrowed her eyes at her, in a stance of warning. Harley returned the look with her own attitude and instead of walking, flew to Skylar’s room.
3 Days Later:
Harley swung on the rings in the first corner of the training room, using one hand she swung from one ring to another. Flipped in the air holding the ring. Her feet straight in the air. And then went down, swinging up again and jumping off, landing some how, in a quiet crouch. Skylar clapped from the door way, “Proving your all better now?” Harley stood from her position and smiled, “call it what 你 want, I’ve been fine my whole life.” Skylar walked over to her and rolled his eyes, “Sure, sure.” Harley flounced over to him and wrapped her arms around his neck, “Like you’d know…” Skylar smiled down at her, her small frame of 5’2 made her look like nothing of her threat, but they were wrong. “Good things come in small packages” he said. Harley cocked an eyebrow, “What?” Skylar smiled, “Just remembering what I 说 about 你 the night after our fist kiss.” Harley laughed, and then pressed her lips against Skylar, and pulled away, “Sorry to pull your chain Sky, but I have to be some where.” She started to walk away when Skylar grabbed her arm, “Aw, 你 cant be a little late?” Harley pecked him on the cheek quickly and pulled away, “Duty calls Skylar. I got to go.”
And left in the zeta.
Harley walked into LexCorp. Confidently wearing a black pant suit, Her hair down, and smile plastered. She walked right to the front desk, and smiled politely at the receptionist. “How can I help you?” asked the woman. Harley smiled, “I need you….to just go…to sleep.” And suddenly the woman froze in ice. She didn’t even get time to scream. She grabbed the card the woman was going for and slipped it into her own pocket.
She walked to Lex’s office and slid the card for access. She walked in as Luthor called, “Amora, 你 could have just left,” he turned in his chair from the view out side, and never finished his sentence. Harley threw 台, 办公桌 from in front oh him like a toy to a wall. Luthor tried to back away but Harley grabbed Luthor 由 the neck and picked him up from his chair. “You bag of SCUM! 你 worked with my creators to get me back. And they want to use me for what ever it is. And 你 work with them for your own gain!” She threw Luthor against the wall, who flew out to the other side. He got up and Harley used the help of a potted plant to her advantage. The plant grew to extreme size and seized Luthor. Harley walked over to him shouting, “You care about no one but your self! 你 piece of…! I cant believe you. I thought maybe you’d care one slim bit. But no, obviously my relation to the Man of Steel, clouded over your better judgment.” She used the plant to pick him up 由 his neck again, and brought him closer to her. She pulled her sword from her back, and raised it. When some thing banged her hand. She didn’t drop the sword but brought down her hands in surprise. It was Mercy Graves with her armed arm.
Harley scowled, “And 你 let him do this to me! A disgrace to the 亚马逊 name! 你 are only his lackey. He doesn’t care about you!” Mercy ignored her, and shot again. This time hitting Harley in the chest. Harley staggered back. But then took a run leap at Mercy. Shooting in a crazed frenzy that the lab creation would reach her, Mercy missed her target. And Harley grabbed Mercy 由 her gold-brown hair, and threw her at the door. Mercy, along with the door, flew out of the door way, and landed in a heaping pile.
Harley roared in anger, “I will 显示 no freaking mercy! No pity!” And grabbed Luthor 由 his neck and began to squeeze. And it wasn’t any human squeeze. Her Super strength matched that of a certain Man of Steel. Gasping and choking to death, Luthor was saved 由 a bullet. Connor shot it at her, Harley roared again. Little did she know the Bullet was encased in Kryptonite, it would weaken her little 由 little, without killing her.
Harley threw Luthor at his desk, that was already dismantled at the wall. Harley shouted at her friends, “YOU! He tried to get my caught, and have me back for his own damn gain! He should pay and 你 come in here and tell me not to kill him!?”
超人 flew down in front of her, “Harley,” Harley snapped, “SHUT UP CLARK! I’m DOING SOMETHING 你 NEVER HAD THE BALLS TO DO!” 超人 was taken back. Harley was never disrespectful. Ever. Sure she got snappy, and was stubborn, and shared un fazed glares with Batman, but she never disrespected them.
Even the team was surprised. “Harley, calm down…” Skylar started. Harley shouted angrily, “NO! I wont! How dare 你 tell me to calm down!” Superboy cut her off, “HARLEY! Stop it! 你 SHOULDN’T DO THIS IT ISN’T RIGHT!”
Harley shouted right back, “HOW WOULD 你 FEEL IF CADMUS CAME AFTER YOU?” suddenly Harley groaned and grabbed at her head, “Ugh.” And she fell to the floor.
超人 helped up a very angry Lex Luthor who also wore a smug grin. “get out!” He shouted and they did just that. As Harley was dragged out, Lex Pressed a button that was still working on his desk, “Send in the men to collect the samples, then classify them… I want them all in 由 the end of the day.” An affirmative was 给 from his laboratories, and clicked off.

Dr. Varhiez would have done a happy dance if Luthor hadn’t been in his office. It was 8 o’clock in the night, but Luthor stopped 由 anyway. He shook Luthor’s hand eagerly, “Thank 你 Mr. Luthor, I am sure 你 want something in return…” Lex put up his hand, “No, no. I have all that I need, but if I do I’ll stop by.” Dr. Varhiez thanked Lex again for his help and let him out of the office.
Mercy smiled at Luthor, “You fooled so well.” Luthor nodded, “I know, poor man Mercy…thinking I’d really need HIS help.” Mercy asked then, “What do 你 plan on doing Lex?” Lex smiled, “I only gave him some of the Harley samples. I plan on cloning her… then I’d have the greatest weapon ever created… to beat 超人 once and for all.”
Harley sat in her 床, 床上 angrily, 蝙蝠侠 had confined her too her own house as punishment. Without her files of the book, she had nothing to look into. Nothing at all. She had read all her books, twice! She couldn’t leave the house, and she wasn’t hungry enough to make food. Her 老友记 weren’t allowed over. Harley felt like a kid all over again.
And the worst part… she had to under surveillance. Leaguers would take turns watching her house to make sure she didn’t leave. It made Harley mad. Just thinking about it. Harley flicked her hand to a flame and grabbed a paper to burn it. “I hate them right now.” And she went over to her stereo plugged in her ipod的, ipod and went to her 最喜爱的 song for these moments. I Hate Everything 由 Gorge Strait.
In dr. Varhiez’s lab, he pulled out the Harley DNA and Skylar DNA that Luthor brought him. “Lets see Creation, how you’d like to battel your own daughter. Your own flesh and blood, who looks so much like you….”
Lex watched as him his scientists, re created a super powered being. Even with his disastrous results with Bizzaro, he didn’t mind, he smiled as the face began to become recognizable. He smirked, “Well Harley, looks like competition…”
posted by SilverWings13
The 民意调查 was just for the heck of it, but then the idea was stuck in my head! And I got approval from McL for this.

"Give it your best shot," Bloodmist replied with a cocky tone. Even if she couldn't see it, SilverWings was aware of the smirk beneath his mask. She threw three punches, which he easily blocked. Then she launched a sidekick at him.
Bloodmist caught her ankle and tossed it up and away from him, unharmed. Silver 迷失 her balance and landed with her hands planted beneath her. Quickly, she pushed herself up, back onto her feet.
"Is that all 你 got?" Bloodmist asked.
"Well, I...
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Name: Bloodcrawler

Species: Unknown ( was created in lab 由 unnown resource)

Powers: Bloodcrawler is a goo material that can change and get into small places, he can make quick get aways if he goes through sewer drains 或者 any other drains. He doesnt always take a host but when he does he becomes 更多 powerful and he wishes to make Bloodmist his host forever. He can also morph sticky goo and 摇摆, 秋千 from buildings and crawl on walls and buildings.

Past: the mystery employer 或者 "big man" who was trying to create a new villian to destroy bloodmist it went completely wrong and exploded into this substance...
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posted by Robin_Love
“Dylan! Fancy seeing 你 here!”
“What NOW, princess?”
Dylan turned to face Rylan.
“I just 说 hi. You're not going to be nice?”
Dylan glared under his shades and replied in a cold, sarcastic tone.
“Hello Rylan. Just the person I wanted to see even though I'm married.”
“Don't say what 你 don't feel.”
“Okay. Go away.”
He turned on his heels and walked away. He could hear her following him.
“Hey Rylan? Should I buy my wife something 或者 save my money to get a restraining order against you? You're stalking.”
“Restraining orders don't cost money.”
“Maybe they don't, but taking...
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posted by ShadowYJ
Name: Shadow

Secret Identity: Dana Kylie Gracias (Unknown to the team)

Other Aliases: Phantom Ninja, Wild Cat, Ninja-Girl

Age: 13

Appearance: Thick black wavy hair chest length, 浓情巧克力 brown eyes, tanned skin, slender but muscular for a girl. In-spite of the built she is petite and looks small for her years in both looks and maturity.

Personality: Since her birthday is on April 30th, she is a Taurus, which de-fore makes her stubborn, honest, and a natural born leader. She is also immature, funny, mischievous, cheeky, intelligent, creative, and very child-like. She can be 随意 at some times...
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posted by XxKFforeverXx
I know, I have a quite a few, but this one, is a REALLY important key to Sifts past.

Name: Blake Douglas
Alias: Kid Devil
Age: 16
Occupation: Villain
Powers: Blood bending, acrobatics, hand-to-hand combat
Past:Blake was introduced to crime at the age of 4, when his parents gave into robbing for money. At age 7 Blake joined Riddler in his fight against Batman, at age 9 Blade watched and helped his new teammate Jessica, train. Now, at age 16, Blake hopes for the 日 that Jess returns to villainous side of humanity.
Other: Riddlers first apprentice
-Keeps a 刀 in his boot
-Dated Jess before she left.
-DON'T ask him about his's a bad idea.
 Jess and Blake
Jess and Blake
Artemis panicked as she hung up the phone. If 你 Luke found her like this he'd be mad...She helped her unconscious mother out of the closet to her bed. She made her way to the 厨房 where, where they kept the first-aid kit. She began rushing to clean up the small, but numerous cuts. Several bruises were exposed on her 下一个 and midriff, from being chocked and kicked at.
Someone knocked on the door. Artemis looked up. "crap..." She muttered to herself. And before she could respond the door opened and Luke walked in.
"Arty. 你 ha-" Luke stopped, looking at her. Noticing all her injuries....
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 Just cause I found it
Just cause I found it
The sound was haunting, alluring. It overruled her senses, driving her into some sweet perfection and causing her to crave it. It was dangerous, unknowing. And it seduced her. Her eyes opened, looking into light purple. Hypnotizing purple. A hand stroked her cheek lightly. The 更多 she stared, the 更多 she couldn't pull her gaze away.
“Glad 你 could 加入 me. I wouldn't want to be called a liar. Are 你 ready?”
She nodded, not looking away. He removed his hand from her cheek and helped her up. She kept her eyes on him as he lead her into a different room. He turned to her.
“Get dressed....
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 When his hair was brown
When his hair was brown
Name: Aidan Wolffe
Alias: Frost
Powers: ice, snow, weather manipulation, intangibility, skilled with a staff
Occupation: “Guardian”; Hero
Weakness/Limits: He can only be intangible for a short time; he can only make it snowy 或者 rainy with his weather manipulation (so he can make a blizzard); he has a to his ice-make magic.
History: Aidan has been mistaken as Jack Frost since his powers arrived. He was only 9 when it happened and, in fear of being shunned 由 his parents and friends, he ran away. However, it wasn't long before he realized that some problems were worse than his fears. He...
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When he awoke for the 秒 time, he thought of a million things, coherency streaming his mind and starting the engines of his very unique brain. Out of the millions and millions of streaming thoughts, he pulled out three and processed them:
Where the heck was he?
Why was there loud knocking at “his” door so early?
Where had his snuggle buddy from last night wandered off to?
This third 问题 brought up a million others that he was less than happy to deal with at the minute. He rubbed his eyes and yawned, stretching his arms out as he called entrance; anything to get the noise causing his...
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Okay. So this was a challenge I took up. Please don't be offended 由 anything. I'm 写作 from how I feel the characters would react. And this never really happens. Consider it like an AU. Also, I apologize for the weird ending. I've never done this particular scene before. Enjoy!

She honestly had no idea how this had happened. She had quietly been sitting on the couch, minding her own business, when one of her teammates (she honestly didn't care who it had been) suggested they play a game. Out of no where, a horde of people seemingly materialized, and she knew that three she saw weren't even...
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Honesty had subjected the Hexagons to him; he commanded, they obeyed. Snowflake and the others were not succeeding at getting their comrades back to their original selves. But soon the 表 started to turn.

Snowflake came close swinging her sword at Honesty, but to her sudden surprise someone grabbed her 由 the hair and threw her in the 墙 that once chained her comrades. She crashed through the wall, rolling onto the floor of the room behind it. She struggle to her feet as Jaivus stepped in behind her with sapphire glowing eyes and chest.
"Ashley dates this guy?" She asked herself rhetorically....
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Name: Jessie

Likes: Gardening

Best Friend: Joan

Loves: Animals

Dislikes: Poaching

Worst Habit: Sleeping at her desk

Personal Secret: Vegetarian
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Name: Tristan West!
Reason 或者 meaning of name: Urban dictionary says I'm most amazing-est guy there ever is.
Eye Color: Greeeeen.
Hair Style/Color: I'm a ginger.
Height: Like... 5'6, 5'7?
Clothing Style: It varies, usually what ever makes me most comfortable... like t-shirts.
Best Physical Feature: Freckles?

Your Fears: The speed force really trips me out man.
Your Guilty Pleasure: Eating like 4 tubs of ice cream at once. Massive ones.
Your Biggest Pet Peeve: Super super slow people. Like, 龟, 海龟 speed.
Your Ambition for the Future: I haven't 给 it...
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 Perhaps in need of a trim
Perhaps in need of a trim
I hope I did this correctly :P

Name: Leon "Aleksander" Alexievich Romanov I
Reason 或者 meaning of name: My mother christined me Leon, but I was unaware until I was an adult and grown comfortable with going 由 the name I had chosen for myself, Aleksander... *mutters* And my father was Alexie Romanov.
Eye Color: Pale morning sky
Hair Style/Color: White as a dove's, perhaps in need of a trim
Height: 6'5" ((MY BABY GIANT))
Clothing Style: light colored dress shirts and jeans... No ties. Ever.
Best Physical Feature: Being taller than many can be fun? ((Dat jaw line tho))

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Name: Becca. No need for more.
Reason 或者 meaning of name: It's just a short version of my real name..
Eye Color: Brown. Like...dark almost black..
Hair Style/Color: Black. (Like her soul!) Hey!
Height: Um I'm about 5'9”
Clothing Style: Depends on the mood
Best Physical Feature: My what? (Her legs. She has dancer legs)

Your Fears: Thunderstorms
Your Guilty Pleasure: Beating up the bad guys
Your Biggest Pet Peeve: Idiots. (Uhh...)
Your Ambition for the Future: To live?

Your First Thoughts Waking Up: Why am I up?
What 你 Think About the Most:...
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