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posted by MercyYJ
**Anything like (this) means it is a translation of what was just said, and anything in italics is a letter, and anything that isunderlined and italicized is the lyrics because THIS IS MY FIRST EVER SONG FIC!! Just a quickie one-shot of how Mercy feels! :) Enjoy! ** 你 also might want to scroll to the bottom of the 文章 to get the link to the background music, if 你 want!

There's a faraway land so the stories all tell.Somewhere beyond the horizon,

"Ek weet nie meer nie, Nala!Ek het regtig nie ..." (I don't know anymore,Nala! I really don't...) She sighed and fumbled around again with her memory box, still carefully trying to balance my cell phone between her shoulder and her ear. "Dinge het so afdraande gegaan sedert jy laas hier was!Die mantel het byna doodgemaak Jake!Ons het jou nodig!" (Things have gone so downhill since 你 were last here! The 披风, 斗篷 almost killed Jake! We need you!) Mercy groaned and ran her hand through her recently combed hair. "Ek bel jou terug môre, Nala. Totsiens vir nou." (I'll call 你 back tomorrow, Nala. Goodbye for now.) She sighed and hung up the phone, placing it on her already cluttered basket-shelf.

If we can find it then all will be well, troubles there are few. Someday, we'll go to...

Carefully, she slowly undid the latches and opened the rickety box. Inside, a small torn-up leather book was the only thing there. A small smile flickered across her face as she went to pick it up, running her fingers over the scratched surface. "My Travel Journal" was etched into the cover with what seemed to be some kind of burn. Flipping through the water-stained pages, Mercy didn't try to stop the silent tears that began to form in her eyes and roll down her cheeks.
Finally reaching a page somewhat near the back of the book she stopped and began reading...

They say breezes are warm there and people are kind. Maybe it's something like heaven.

Salutations Sir Travel Journal,
You'll never guess what happened today! No seriously! I was confronted 由 Batman! THE Batman, asking me to be on some team of his! I really want to, but I'll have to give it some thought... He 说 that if I do I won't be able to back out, meaning no travel! I can't give that up! Maggie's dying of phenomena in Italy, and Nala's team is losing the turf war in Africa!
I kind of want to, though. My first team since my last fiasco... The one where everyone ends up dead? Yeah... A fresh start to helping 更多 people would be nice, though!
I guess I'm just lost... I wish 你 could tell me what to do! You're probably the only person I trust on this dang planet!
An Incredibly 迷失 14 年 Old Pyromaniac

I close my eyes and I see in my mind: skies of bluest blue...

Mercy laughed at herself quietly, realizing how funny she sounded when she wrote in here. Continuing, she flipped a few pages and ended up a piece that was written not only 6 months 以前 when she first joined the team. She wiped off her eyes with the sleeve of her sweatshirt, continuing to read...

I've had so much trouble finding my way there. When I get close, it disappears.

Hi Again Dearest Journal,
It took him 2 years of coaxing, but 蝙蝠侠 actually got me on the team! He 说 something about violating a law, and it was either this 或者 Child Services, bleh.
So far, everyone on the team is actually pretty nice! They gave me a bedroom, a com-link, and a bunch of other things to make me feel spoiled!
This has 给 me the most serious sense of deja-vu here.... Kaldur is reminding me 更多 than ever about Gavin, too. He gave me Japanese water flowers... Which is what Gavin would give me every weekend.
Maybe a blast of the past is just what I needed, I don't know...
A Somewhat-happy-yet-confused 16 年 Old
P.s- Still trying to work out the travel thing with the League!

If we can get there, we're gonna stay there. If it takes us miles, if it takes us years...

"Okay! Done reading!" Mercy whispered to herself, beginning to close the small book, but stopping when a small folded piece of paper fell out of it. "What the..." She picked up the paper, slowly unfolding it. A note was quickly scribbled onto it, dating back to when Mercy was 11...

High on a mouton 或者 迷失 on a sea, sooner 或者 later I'll find it...

Dear Bells,
I didn't have the guts to actually sit down and talk about this, and I barely have the guts to even write about it. Maura's coming for us, we all know that, and I came up with a plan. I feel like a traitor to the team for saying this, but what if we ran away, together? We could be safe, live normal lives, 或者 even travel if 你 wanted! Everyone else would understand, I hope. They would probably be able to protect themselves, also!
Just meet me at that ice cream 商店 你 and I go to every Tuesday tonight, and we can leave. If 你 decide that 你 don't want to, I completely understand... We can stay and continue to fight with our friends.

I have a picture of how it will be, on the 日 I do..

Mercy sat there, 《冰雪奇缘》 with one hand over her mouth. She couldn't believe it. 5 years, and she had never known about this! Mercy sniffled and wiped her eyes once again. Complete shock, that's what she was in. She couldn't believe it. Gavin wanted to run away with her, and she completely ignored it! Well, she didn't know about it in the first place. But she couldn't shake the thought that if she did, he wouldn't be dead.

Finally putting herself back in order, she zipped up her hoodie and tied her sneakers on. Glancing in the mirror, she shrugged to herself and placed a hand on her doorknob. "Life is either a daring adventure, 或者 it is nothing..." Mercy muttered to herself like she did every time before opening the door to the openness of the cave, where her new life was.

Troubles will be through, and I'll be 首页 with you...

**I've never worked so hard on something like this! Man! Bleh, my fingers are tired! PLEASE give me some feedback and tell me what 你 think! 爱情 你 GUYS!**
P.s- link
Thats the link to the background 音乐 for this! The song is "Solla Sollew" from the Seussical!
Maxine grabbed a root 啤酒 from the fridge and plopped herself down on the couch, dreading the event that would take place in Rene’s apartment in a few minutes. The red head came out of her room in leggings, a sweatshirt, and boot slippers, then picked up the bowl of 爆米花 in the 厨房 and set it down on the 表 in front of the couch. She went to the DVD player and put in their first movie: Finding Nemo. Maxine groaned when she saw the movie choice, making Rene giggle as she went to her spot on the couch. Just when the movie was about to start, Amara came out of her room in footie pajama’s...
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posted by Gunfire
 Zack's Hero/cyberspace costume
Zack's Hero/cyberspace costume
Name: Techno
ID: Zack
age: 17
Apearnce: black spiky hiar, whit dark bleaw hears truw it thad ligt up whne he uses his powers ( a side efect frome the experimend), a bit slender, bluuw eyes (same reson as hiar).
Civies: sneakers, jeans, balck whit dark bleuw shirt.
Hero/cyberspace costume: see pic (he mosly wears this)
Personalety: a bit shy, protective, loves technolagie and electronics, mosly calm.
Powers: can control al electronicks, can get into al electroninc, can bring electronincs to live, cane make litenting.
Skilles: can hack anyting, can repair, most electroniks, knowes hand to hand combat....
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posted by SilverWings13
The following is a response to link 由 McLovin. Enjoy~

"-and I don't even know how long we're going to be here. I mean, we're already spending 圣诞节 and probably New Year's as fugitives in a foreign country with two unfamiliar Russians- I mean don't get me wrong, I 爱情 Sasha and Vika's a great roommate and I'm totally grateful that they were willing to take us in. But I just wanted to be home in time to spend the holidays with the team and my boyfriend."
Aryess ceased her pacing and fell onto the sole 长椅, 沙发 of the living room. Declan, who had listened to his sister's ranting for an impressive...
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posted by BloodyMascara_
I needed Ciel and Mel fluff. ._.

Mel had her arms wrapped around Ciel's neck, and her legs around his waist. Her head against the soft 毛皮 兜帽, 罩, 发动机罩 that rested on his back.
"Almost there." Ciel patted her legs.
"Okay, Buh buh." Clearly, she was half asleep and agreed with anything he said. He flashed a smile, and looked off at the train station less than half a mile away. Continuing through the snow, his boots crushed snow, leaving prints. He was taking her to the place they first met, she's always wanted to go there again, they just never got around to it. But he had cleared his schedule, just for...
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posted by ValacYJ
Sometime in the future...not telling when!

What if all 你 understand,
Could fit into the center of our hand,

"Alright boys, this is it. 你 go in fighting, 你 come out alive. 你 go in and screw around you're dead" The unnatural's stood in front of a half collapsed building.  "Naliak, how much time do we have?"

Then 你 found it wasn't you,
Who held the sum of everything 你 knew,

"Around ten minutes." Naliak looked at his watch. 
"Good. Naliak, Edel. 你 two rescue the remaining victims. Scuro, keep the area secure, once the area is clear of civilians, bring the rest of the that building....
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posted by InfinityYJ
 Just chillin'
Just chillin'
This is my new OC, appearing in Ebony, and then I swear to god I'm never making another OC again. If 你 want me to RP as him, tell me, but I won't do it if 你 don't want me too. So... don't hate me? *sheepish grin* I deleted all my other ones, basically!!!

Name: Nikita Andreevich
Age: 15 (17 in Ebony)
Hero name: ((You guys can help with this!))
Appearance: light 焦糖 colored hair, light yellow/green eyes, 5'11", strongly built upper body
Civvies: brown long sleeved shirt, slightly worn navy jeans, old black high tops
Costume: he basically just throws a grey hoodie on (see picture)
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posted by XxKFforeverXx
Yes, I did base him off 天使 beats. No, he isn't the same, just looks and personality!

Name: Hinata Kennedy :3
Alias: Hinata
Age: 18
Powers/Skills: -Posses a bit of magic, whenever he says "Godskill lvl 1,2,3,4 或者 5" some sword 或者 bostaff, will appear in his hands.
-Sword fighting
Weakness: He has his physical limits.
Past: Hinata grew up a happy and healthy child, but that all changed at the age of 5. Hinata went through a untreated case of untreated rheumatic fever, resulting in two of his aortic valves to stop working. Soon after, Hinata had to have surgery to recieve two metal aortic valves,...
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posted by The_Writer
DC Comics should just cut out Cartoon Network and start their own “DC Nation” 或者 “DC Channel”. I mean, they have so much material they could air that they could be a 24/7 TV channel and get away with it. They could have new episodes of Young Justice: Invasion, Green Lantern: The Animated Series, Beware the Batman, and Teen Titans Go! on every Saturday morning (with new shorts). They could air one DC Universe Animated Movie every night of the week. Every Wednesday night they could put out the new episode of 《绿箭侠》 while the CW does the same. Every Friday night they could air Smallville...
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posted by AislingYJ
Okay, I’m terribly sorry about the long wait (1 month, according to fanpop..)! I just had a deathly case of lazywritersblockhomeworkiactuallykindahavealifecantbebotheredatall-itis, but I’m over that now, so here it is! Part 6 of Broken Wings! If 你 need a refresher (which 你 might), I have the 链接 to all 5 parts and the prologue in my 收藏夹 link! Well, time for me to shut up, and let 你 read my story!
The bioship, invisible even to the most watchful eye, cut through the night. Inside, the members of the Justice League sat; the ship had been reconfigured to accommodate a much larger...
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posted by InfinityYJ
“A new threat has been putting together a team of extremely smart teenagers to help with his 或者 her plots. Teens from across the globe who’ve ever been in juvvie 或者 otherwise have received virtual invitations to 加入 this team of ‘anti-heroes.’ They refuse to call themselves villains, for no discernable reason.
“Most of these teens are, currently, in juvvie. But we’ve decided to take this opportunity into play-- that’s where 你 come in. The teens we’ve chosen are who you’re going to be undercover as.
“Infinity, 你 and Dimension will be disguised as Nikolai and Ramona Salazar,...
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posted by CoaxochYJ
Mel needed an enemy. SO HERE!


ID: 鸭, 德雷克 Creaon.

Appearance: 6'0, hot 粉, 粉色 hair thats in his face, blue eyes.

Enemy Of: Melissa Adams.

History: After being stuck in a broken home, he chose to start a new life, starting with a new girlfriend. Mel was the unlucky girl he saw attractive. He forced her to be his girlfriend, she escaped right before he could rape her. He hunts her down, even 13 years before his time.....

Powers: Is able to change his appearance into other people. Drains other peoples energy and uses it for himself. Can channel the energy into orbs and chuck em at people.

'Stume: N/A

Pwease dont kill me......
posted by SilverWings13
"On guard!"
Thirteen back pedaled quickly from the fridge to avoid the attack. Silver dropped from the vent and landed where he had been standing. She tossed a mop to him before pulling two throwing knives from her 带, 皮带 and flung them at her partner. Alek knocked the knives out of the air with the head of the mop.
"Ary!" he exclaimed as the blades clattered onto the 厨房 floor. "A little warning 下一个 time?"
"Always be ready, young padawan," was her response as she leapt off the 台, 办公桌 and swung the handle of a 扫帚 at his legs.
Alek leapt up and the stick passed harmlessly below his feet. "Padawan?"...
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After my 最近的 文章 a lot of people think we should reset the OC spot. Do whatever 你 want. But as for me I'm making a Role Play that will be in a controlled enviorment. Meaning the following:
~It will be Invasion (season two) ONLY (and what happens in the show, happens to our group. 
~You must apply and get accepted to get in 
~We must have a complete 或者 near complete 大炮, 加农炮 team before OCs applicants will be accepted
~All of the rules I 发布 in my 前一个 文章 will be heavily enforced to promote a good RP place (not to be a dictator but to make sure its easier for everyone)
~If you...
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posted by Robin_Love
Name: Ena Sikora
Reason 或者 meaning of name: Graceful; Bird
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Style/Color: Blonde, long
Height: 5’9
Clothing Style: Modern
Best Physical Feature: Hair

Your Fears: well…..
Your Guilty Pleasure: Uh...sunflower seeds
Your Biggest Pet Peeve: Witches (Mean people)
Your Ambition for the Future: Be famous

Your First Thoughts Waking Up: Coffee
What 你 Think About the Most: Dance
What 你 Think About Before Bed: Man I’m tired
You Think Your Best Quality Is: My sense of humor (Sarcasm)

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posted by Robin_Love
She sat in the corner, hiding herself. Her mind reeled with everything she'd been through so far and all she could do was stare at the 墙 in her dark room. This was nothing like she had expected and with every passing moment, her 心 sank deeper and deeper into despair.
He led her down a flight of stairs, towards one of the buildings. She could hear their whispers, see their eyes on her, watching her like she was a menace. She felt chilled and everything inside her screamed to get out. But it was too late; she was led into the largest building and she cried out at what she saw. He turned...
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