YamiZ the most altimate "yamiz" YGOTAS line?

Monkeyillusion posted on Jan 26, 2010 at 10:37AM
what do you think is, or is one of the greatest YGOTAS lines made by one of those three characters?

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一年多以前 Monkeyillusion said…
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i love:
"I'm Seto Kaiba, I sound like Brock from Pokemon- SCREW THE RULES, i'm in love with nurse Joy!" by Y. Yugi...
and many others
一年多以前 anime_obsessed5 said…
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Here are some of my favorits

Yami Yugi: You mean your not a baby panda?Wow your good. (Episode 36)
Yami Bakura: I suppose my parents never loved me enough,did you know the wanted to name me Florence?Who names a boy Florence anyway?Idiots that's who! ( Episode 18)
Yami Marik: Well look what the cat draged in and pissed all over.I thought they wrote you out of the show Florence. (Episode 45)
一年多以前 safben said…
Yami: I can do what ever I want because I'm voiced by Dan Green!
Bakura: Oh great, now the fangirls are invading my dreams too.
Marik: But before we begin this duel to the death I just have one question. Could I get a hug?
一年多以前 Physco-shipping said…
Yami Yugi: MIND CRUSH!
Yami Bakura: Oh great, now the fangirls invaded my dreams.
Yami Marik: Well, whore biscuit are you ready!?

I love yami ,marik
一年多以前 yamiXyugi said…
marik: Ishizu, I have to pee-tinkle.
kaiba & tea: OMG a giant rock!

malik: are you done arguing with your boyfreind?
bakura: What he's not my boyfreind!
marik: you tell him honey!

baby pharoah: wah wah, baby pharoah wants milk! somebody fetch me a nipple! & wah wah baby pharoah went doody in his diaper! and where the hell is that nipple! & wah wah baby pharoah no like blonde man! and where the hell is that nipple?