Since winning the 美国职业摔跤 Diva 搜索 the conquest of the securities and Divas Women's Champion, Eve and Layla have followed two completely different ways to earn an honored place in WWE. For both, however, winning the summit came after years of sacrifice, hard training and dedication. Only in this way has been able to establish a reputation 美国职业摔跤 universe. When Eve, the current Divas Champion, won the 2007 edition of Diva Search, did not only think of becoming a professional wrestler, but to become the best "When I decide to dedicate myself to something, do it with conviction become the number one "Eve has told microphones."When I competed in the Diva Search, I did nothing but ask:'Will I become a league champion?'. Today, I can say I have done it." The Women's Champion Layla 说 that the success Divas 搜索 2006 left her speechless.It took a bit 'to understand the importance of that victory, and to feel a Diva in all respects. These are his words when he thinks back to the beginning of his career: "I was hoping that one 日 I managed to win the title, but I really thought that I would have made. If 你 think I'm almost in shock, but I'm really happy. Many good things have happened in 最近的 years..."After winning Divas 搜索 in August 2006, the athlete of British descent, a former cheerleader for the Miami Heat in the NBA, he showed all his athletic ability in ECW, paired with Kelly Kelly. In 2008, Layla was moved to Raw after the Supplemental Draft, then joined the SmackDown in 2009. This last step was crucial in the career of the fighter. Layla has described as the last time in the WWE: "In the past 年 and a half, I've made huge progress as a fighter, and my growth is visible to everyone. I was not just me (or my enemies) to notice this development. Other me have pointed out. Today I feel really another Diva than two years ago. "Eve also has a past as a dancer in the NBA his team were the Los Angeles Clippers. Eve began her career in the 美国职业摔跤 as interviewer, but decided to capitalize on its knowledge of kickboxing and jiu-jitsu in the ring. Eve told our microphones have grown much as wrester after the victory of Divas 搜索 2007. These are his words:"I started as a speaker and interviewer, and this helped me a lot when it came to having to do with men big and scary... At that time, I saw first-hand how things work in the league, I has been helpful when I started fighting." Eve added: "The nice thing about 美国职业摔跤 is that we must learn to go forward. Our shows are broadcast live on television, so there are no 秒 chances for anyone. Under these conditions, when 你 get stuck 你 have to learn quickly to get out of trouble! "Of course, Layla attributes much of its 最近的 successes union between her and her ally, co-Women's Champion Michelle McCool. Layla told microphones "I must admit that my partner, Michelle McCool, helped me a lot recently. I learned a lot from her."Layla, however, is convinced that he had learned something from each of the Divas with whom he partnered in 最近的 years. Thanks to each of its partners now can lead to head up the 带, 皮带 of champion female. Layla confessed "In every tag team match, me and my allies give us a great help another, we listen. Only then will 你 learn something new every day. I can say that each of the wrestlers with whom I fought I learned something that helped me in my career. Even Eve."Before joining the Raw roster in 2009, Eve he played the SmackDown. Many of the fighters of the 显示 on Friday night were to aid in its growth. Eve has mentioned a few: "Certainly one of the best teachers I had was Natalya. I worked a lot with her and Michelle McCool on SmackDown. Being able to measure themselves against these great champions, I was able to improve my fighting techniques. Both Michelle Natalya gave me a huge help to become the wrestler I am today. "Layla 说 our microphones that despite almost four years have passed since his debut in the 美国职业摔跤 today is still very nervous before stepping into the ring. However, the 美国职业摔跤 universe will soon have the opportunity to know the true personality of the fighter, according to the new season of 美国职业摔跤 NXT. "I think I know how to be a very fun and playful," 说 the Women's Champion. "Ask people in the backstage view that I have, and will tell 你 that is a playful. I think my value as an entertainer has increased greatly in 最近的 years. Perhaps it is only now that I can say that a true entertainer. Many of the 美国职业摔跤 粉丝 will disagree on this...but in reality I know I want 你 all well."Eve 说 that the 标题 will be Divas Champion just the beginning of a long journey punctuated 由 successes. "I'm just beginning my career. The 标题 was a great result, but my goal is to collect the highest number of belts as possible. "Meanwhile, the Women's Champion has contended:" There is a chance to win a new title, and I certainly do not make me run. However, I firmly hold my hands Divas Champion's 带, 皮带 as long as possible, and keep fighting until I reached my goals."