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posted by runlikeawolf
Guess what everybody?There's gonna be a Warriors movie!!YAY!!!!!!!!!I was sufin' the web and I decided to 谷歌 if there was gonna be one.THERE IS!!!!!!!!!!!Zac Efron is gonna be Graystripe,Elijah Wood is gonna be Firestar,Rihanna is gonna be Bluestar,and the dude who plays Aslan in the Choronicles of Narnia is gonna be Lionheart.Awesome,right?I can't wait.It's supposed to come out this 年 in 2011 或者 下一个 年 in 2012.It will be one of the best 电影院 ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I don't know if they're gonna do ALL the 图书 because there's a lot 或者 do the first 5 books.We'll find out when it comes out.

P.S. Please visit my 个人资料 and add me to your 粉丝 list!!!

posted by knexley
Cinderpelt and Leafpaw are inside Cinderpelt's 巢穴, den, 书房 and Cinderpelt is trying to sort herbs alphabetically.

"Hmmmmmmmmmm...does yarrow come before borage? No, wait! Borage is before 百里香 so then yarrow is after cat mint but before wild garlic...right? Shoot. WHY DID I DITCH APPRENTICESHIP???" Cinderpelt mewed. "Hey, Leafpaw! Get off your lazy butt and check to see if 星, 星级 Clan sent us an email!"

"What?" Leafpaw had Boom Boom Pow 由 the Black Eyed Peas blaring in her ears from her awesome iPhone.

"I said, check to see if Sta-"

"WHAT??? WHAT DID 你 SAY?????"

Cinderpelt rips earphone out of Leafpaw's...
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I have this book called warriors into the clans. In the old days of the clans, There was another clan called Skyclan. They wre chased out of their territory 由 twolegs with monsters who tore down their trees and destroyed their camp. They lived in a place far from the forest, where Starclan couldn't watch over them anymore, and they had 迷失 most hope.

So this is true! I'll tell u the page number it was on. It was around page 136 或者 something.

If 你 don't believe me, that's your opinion, but im telling u it's true!
posted by Spottedleaf13
This is a 列表 of 猫 that I am using in my story that I made up, 或者 other people have lent to me to use.

Leader Order in Books: Bluestar, Firestar, Hawkstar
Deputy Order in Books: Fireheart, Hawkheart, Dewpelt, Berryclaw
Medicine Cat Order in Books: Spottedleaf, Mosspelt
My Cats-as seen in My Story

Gender: She-cat
Pelt: Silver tabby with a white chest and one white paw
Eyes: Blue
Rank: Medicine Cat Apprentice/Apprentice/Warrior/Queen
History: She was brought to camp as a kit 由 a rouge with her brother
Sibling(s): Pebblepaw/Pebbletail
Parents: Unknown (adoptive parents unknown)...
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posted by silverheart
 Dovewing with her newborn kits
Dovewing with her newborn kits
I didn't want it to happen. I never even dreamed of it but it did. I was laying down in the 草 in agony. It wasn't my fault! Was it? I couldn't think of that now tho i had to get to safty. Somewhere no cat would think to look. Then the idea popped into my head.

I ran 或者 in this case dragged myself into the cover of a large 衬套, 布什 where I caught birds frequently. Then I felt a huge pain. I layed on the ground and pushed as hard as I could and then all of the sudden the pain was gone. I looked down to see four lovley kits trying to get to the fresh scent of milk.I pushed them up to me so I could...
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posted by Dawnmist
I walk swiftly through the forest 迷失 in thought. So much has happened after the Dark Forest Battle. Firestar and Hollyleaf died, Squirrelflight became deputy, and Brambleclaw, now Bramblestar, became leader. And to 最佳, 返回页首 that off, Cinderheart had announced to the clan four moons 以前 that she was expecting my kits. I needed a break from my clan. What was I going to do next?
You might have known that I'm Lionblaze. My mate is Cinderheart and she is going to have my kits.
I soon found myself at the lake. The sun was just setting over RiverClan territory, right at the perfect place to stare at for...
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posted by Spottedtail913
That night Spottedleaf and Fireheart slept together in some moss.
" Spotted?" 火, 消防 whispered.
" Yes, Fireheart?" she yawned.
" It's dawn we sould be going" he said.
" Oh! Well, let's hurry then!" she exclaimed.
They travel past Mother Mouth. When moon high came they went back to sleep.
" Fireheart!" Spottedleaf shouted
" What's happening?!" his 毛皮 brisling.
" Let's go hunting" she said.
Fireheart stretched " All right."
They hunted for a little bit then went back to camp.
" Come on, time to travel lazy-fur" she teased gently
They travel for hours and then.......
" Stop!" Spottedleaf shouted
" What is it...
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Location: Mystic Clan's camp is a beautiful forest located in England, right 下一个 a a cat head-shaped, clear, blue lake that members of Mystic Clan call Lake of Power. The lake earned this name because it is believed that there is a secret entrance at the bottom of the lake. For this reason, this lake is extremely valuable to Clan cats, and ids guarded at all times 由 some of Mystic Clan's best Warriors and Apprentices.

Surrounding Clans: Thunderclan, Shadowclan, Windclan, and River Clan's camps are all behind Mystic Clan, a good deal away from the camp and the Lake of Power. Across the Lake...
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posted by totaldramalova
hi im rubystar(a red she cat with a ruby in her chest and forehead and on the tip of the tail) i am a cat of rubyclan(a clan that is out of the book aka my clan).im a nobel leader but i need the strngth of my clan to help.when i was a kit my mother(moontail)know i was a born leader.i was the best apprentic.then i became rubyheart.i was the best warrior like my father(sunclaw)he was a strong cat.then i became depudy.then 12 moons later the leader(satphierstar)died and i became leader with my deputy(sunheart)and best friend / mate heartsfire.
posted by ttmrktmnrfn0830

Feathertail is Tested in StarClan

DJ Oakie-Heartie set up the tracks for another long night at his golden mansion. His brother, Crookedstar, was supervising him, so that he wouldn't use the surround sound system.

"Why are 你 watching me like that?" he yowled. "I'm not a kit anymore! Besides, I'm older than you!"

As the 音乐 started for the night, Crookedstar's feelings were hurt. He did not see any compassion in his brother for all he had done to protect him. It just wasn't fair.

Saturday 由 Basshunter was playing in...
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posted by TDITrentgirl6
“It’s his fault he betrayed the Clan” the ginger tom cat hissed. “He must be punished!” “Darkheart died of greencough, my brother 迷失 his mate, isn’t that punishment enough Rowanstar?!” Rowanstar glared at the black she cat with one white paw and 金牌 eyes. “His kits are half ThunderClan half ShadowClan. They are half-bloods; they poison our clan with their heritage.” “They are only one 日 old, their mother was so weak she died in her sleep, she only knew her kits for one day, can’t we 显示 mercy?” “No Hazelheart!” Rowanstar spat. “ShadowClan shows no mercy!...
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posted by ttmrktmnrfn0830
Party in StarClan...BRING MOVIE POPCORN!!!

A blue-gray she-cat stood over the edge of Silverpelt, enviously looking down at ThunderClan's territory. The first Twoleg monster had arrived on the territory.

As she looked, she had no idea that a red-brown tom was right behind her. He stalked her carefully, planning every moment. He crouched down, ready to pounce, his rump shaking after hearing "Baby Got Back".

Instead of pouncing though, he slowy moved towards the she-cat's ear.

"Do 你 like it?" he whispered to her.

All of a sudden, another Basshunter dance song came on. "Tetris" was playing through...
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posted by ttmrktmnrfn0830
The Silver Cat Prophecy (What REALLY Happened)

The pools glittered in the moonlight on the cave floor. The entire cave was filled with the 音乐 of Breaking Benjamin. The brown tom didn't like anything else.

The rest of the 猫 poured in, looking at the tom.

(The only living Tribe cat that walks on two legs) The brown tom stood up, holding a long cane, limping and leaning against it. "Welcome to the Funny Farm," he rasped sarcastically.

"The moon is on the water!" one of the 猫 panicked.

"No, 你 mouse-brain!" he yowled. "It's just moonlight reflectin off the pool. So, 你 want me to tell you...
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posted by ttmrktmnrfn0830
Blurb:A Warriors Spoof version of 2012. If 你 haven't read up to The New Prophecy, 你 should NOT read this fanfiction, 或者 even continue 阅读 the summary.
Leafpaw has received signs that the world in the forest would come to an end. Firestar thinks it's just like in the movie 2012, meanwhile. As events of apocaplypse progress, Firestar gets even 更多 paranoid. How will this end...and what is the "true" story of what happened before the Great Journey?

Prologue: Leafpaw's Discovery

Cinderpelt sorted the herbs casually, organizing them in alphabetical order.

"All right," she murmured to herself,...
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posted by LionBlaze01
Deputy:WindClaw (apprentice Stripepaw
Medicene cat: Halfstep
LionStep (apprentice Orangpaw)



There's Airclan for you! Read my other Allegiances in my articles! (LionBlaze01) Also read my book, Series: A darkening time, Book:no,1 Called The Secrets. I Hope 你 enjoy the story! I have no prolouge for it! Sorry s: I worked very hard with this story and half of the credits go to my best friends, C.J and EvyDog! :)
Leader: LightningStar
Deputy: GrassBark.
Medicene Cat: Ashtail. Apprentice, Fastpaw

GrassBark (apprentice Graypaw)
Graymark Apprentice, MoringPaw



Deputy:Stripetail (apprentice Woodpaw)
Medicene Cat: LeafCeadar
Blackclaw (apprentice, tallpaw)

DarkClan (the main clan)
Medicene cat: Nettlewhisker
Sparrowtail (apprentice Dolphinpaw)
RunningWing (apprentice, Blackpaw

作者 Note: Airclan coming soon!
Rainkit awoke in the nursery 下一个 to his sister, Pantherkit. Rainkit moved closer to his mother, LizardStripe.He looked at his mother. He realized he looked nothing like his mother. Rainkit was a different pelt color, and had different eyes. Rainkit was sure that Sparrowtail was their father. Pantherkit looked 更多 like him.

PantherKit squirmed in the nest. Then she woke up. "Why are 你 up so early?"
Rainkit stared at her. "Lizardstripe isn't our mother."

"Are 你 a stupid furball?" She spat. "Everyone knows that! She doesn't look like us!"

Rainkit flinched at her tone. "I might know who our mother...
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posted by Dawnlight22

Moonkit woke up feeling no warmth beside her. She could smell something very strange. Moonkit got up and looked around. She gasped! There was blood every where. Moonkit looked around wildly for her sisters Silverkit and Snowkit. She saw something 移动 out of the corner of her eye. Moonkit walked over and found Silverkit's silver and white pelt covered in blood and when she looked around wildly she spotted Snowkit dead under the gleaming red claws of her mother, Shadowheart."Your finally up, Moonkit." Shadowheart 说 in a hushed and hard tone. Moonkit started to back away but her mother...
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posted by StormCloud45
"Hello Brockentail," Spottedkit yowled from the 最佳, 返回页首 of the small cave in which Brockentail lie, blind.
"Who's there?!" he screamed petrified.
"Me your father," Spottedkit laughed Brockentail winced before standing up.
"I'm sooo sorry for what I did to 你 father," he 说 not realizing who he was really talking to.
"I don't forgive 你 at all!" she screamed.
"I don't blame you, but look what Thunderclan has done to me, your son is in pain father.
"Do 你 think I care?!" Spottedkit scratched his face multiple times before he finally lay his head down in pain. Spottedkit sniffed his cold body before she ran away
posted by shaylyn
Fully awakening, Scourge rose to his paws. "W-where am I?" "You are in PassingClan.." spoke a voice from behind Scourge. "Who are you?!W-where are you!?" "We are all around you" spoke another voice, but of a she-cat. "And we are here to make 你 have faith in StarClan." A ginger tom with blue eyes walked in front of Scourge,who scoffed. "StarClan is for cowards!" he snapped, "Do 你 not remember that a cat who had faith in StarClan had 迷失 one of his nine lives, but defeated you?" 说 a white she-cat who walked into the light, her ember eyes gleaming. Scourge instantly remembered Firestar...
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