I have not played many Metroid games. I played two of the Prime games… And Other M, regrettably. But it is a pretty fun game to play. It’s far 更多 mature than most of Nintendo’s other works and a very quiet game. And I think the silent protagonist of Nintendo’s usual main characters has never worked better than with Samus.

#30: Samus Aran from Metroid

Samus is a renowned bounty hunter in the galaxy who is usually tasked with hunting down the 太空 Pirates and their leader, Ridley, while also dealing with other disturbing things in the galaxy, like the genetically created monsters Metroids 或者 the disturbing parasitic aliens, Parasite X. No matter what it is that Samus must fight, however, she manages to best every alien with ease. She is able to fight off any enemy with her arm 大炮, 加农炮 that is capable of firing any weapon, from lasers to bombs to missiles, and she is very agile, and can jump high and curl up into a ball in sheer size in order to 移动 under small places. She gains her agility from being raised 由 the Chozo race her whole life, but that’s a long story that I only know about in spin-off titles. But in the main game, Samus is very interesting, despite having to say nothing. She is very silent as she moves around the alien planets, but she doesn’t ever need to talk. She is alone on a planet with nothing on there aside from creatures that want to kill her, and no allies whatsoever. She is a loner on these planets and manages to be interesting just 由 what 你 make of her. If 你 just want to go on the planet and kill aliens, 你 can. But, if 你 want to slow down and look through the history of these places, you’re 更多 than welcome to. 你 are able to play these games however 你 want and that’s what I 爱情 about them, and why I enjoy Samus’s character so much, and why I will always hate Other M for making her say ‘The Baby’.


Dead 太空 isn’t known that well for its characterization. Sure, it’s not bad characterization, but I think it was 更多 focused on how many jumpscares it could force into this game (Note, I actually really like Dead Space. Please don’t kill me). So, with that in mind, I really like Isaac Clarke.

#29: Isaac Clarke from Dead Space

Isaac is not going onto some abandoned mining ship just because he needs to see what’s going on. His wife… girlfriend… fiance? Some romantic partner, Nicole, is on that ship as well, and he believes that she is still alive, and wants to find her. Isaac behaves a lot like Samus, only on a 更多 creepy level. Here, Isaac has no reason to speak, because on a ship that is infested with undead humans transformed into abominations, he must keep his full attention on what’s going on around him, as sounds happen all around the ship, and just one little slip up could cause Isaac to be torn into pieces. All 你 hear from Isaac in this game is him breathing heavily and groaning when attacked. That is all 你 need, as Isaac isn’t here to have conversations. He is here to find Nicole and escape the ship alive. The last thing he needs to do is make chitchat. And it doesn’t help that, not only are monsters trying to kill him, but The Marker, a strange artifact that causes people to see visions and eventually go insane, is corrupting Isaac in so many ways. Ways I can’t go into detail of because of spoilers. And as 你 see what has truly happened on the ship, things only get 更多 and 更多 disturbing. Isaac, for someone who seems to be 更多 of a janitor than a fighter, he seems to be a very level-headed person, who can keep his calm in these situations and is really enjoyable. I just wish he didn’t speak in Dead 太空 2. Dead 太空 2 is good. Just not Isaac in that game, no. I didn’t want him to open his mouth ever.


Shadow of the Colossus is not known for having much characters. Whenever Shadow of the Colossus is brought up, it’s usually about the bosses. And while I 爱情 the bosses, they have been talked about to death on every countdown 列表 ever. It deserves to be talked about, but I won’t be putting any of the bosses on this list. Instead, I’ll be talking about the quiet main character of the game.

#28: Wander from Shadow of the Colossus

Now, why would I put this puny kid on this list? Well, that’s why. He isn’t some 《勇敢传说》 warrior that fights giant monsters for fun. He is a weak and simple-minded person. He has nothing but basic fighting skills, at best, and the determination to go out and kill sixteen giants in a barren wasteland. He can barely hold on, he can barely even kill them, and each time he does kill them, not only is he killing gentle giants who were peaceful creatures and meant no harm (Most of the time), but he is also damaging his soul, allowing the evils of (SPOILERS) to (SPOILERS). And why is he going through all this trouble? Because the girl he loves is dead, and even if he knows it is a farfetched plan and is told that there would be a price to pay for killing the Colossi, he still goes on ahead with this plan, because nothing else matters to him. And it’s because of this determination that causes him to kill sixteen creatures that served 更多 of a purpose than he’d thought, leading his horse, his best friend, to sacrifice itself to save Wander, and make him lose his soul in the process. He is possibly one of the 更多 tragic characters on this list, some of my 最喜爱的 character types. And it only gets 更多 and 更多 depressing from here on out.


Dark Souls is one of the most depressing games I’ve played. The world is falling apart, and all of the monsters and bosses have some sort of tragic lore. Even the most calm of characters seem to be miserable in one way 或者 another, and are either doing what they do for selfish reasons 或者 because they want to achieve something, despite the Undead reaching their goals turning Hollow, since they lose their purpose. But not Solaire.

#27: Solaire from Dark Souls

Solaire of Artorias is one of the most honorable knights in the game, and has come to Lordran to find his own sun (And yes, I mean that big flaming ball in the sky, not a child) and to help whoever he can along the way. Solaire is a very kind person and always manages to be quite cheerful when 你 run into him, discussing such things and ending his sentences with a joyful laughter, pretty much laughing at his own jokes. Solaire may be a pretty calm guy, but he is one of the characters who can help 你 in most boss fights, if 你 let him. He helps in the fights against the Gargoyles of the Undead Parish, the Gaping Dragon in the Depths, can be a big help in the fight against Ornstein and Smough, and can help 你 during the fight with the 蜈, 蜈蚣 Demon. But his quest isn’t completely happy. Solaire will eventually become sad that he can’t find a sun, and when he gets attacked 由 a Sunlight Maggot in 迷失 Izalith, he becomes hollow and must be killed, as if 迷失 Izalith didn’t suck enough. But, depending on how 你 play the game, and 由 that, I mean give thirty humanities to the Daughter of Chaos to unlock a shortcut in 迷失 Izalith, 你 can save Solaire, being one of the few companions 你 can keep alive through their quest. And if 你 do so, Solaire will be there to aid 你 on the final boss of the game. Solaire is one of the most helpful guys in the game, and is always a joy to run into. He really does make the depressing and dangerous world of Dark Souls just a little 更多 bearable to live in. He’s so enjoyable, he’s become a meme, the true way to live on forever on the internet. And I joined the Warriors of Sunlight simply because Solaire was in it. It’s useless offline, but I just enjoy Solaire that much. Solaire gives me reason to forever praise the sun.


So those last few seemed to lead to some depressing 或者 creepy things, huh? Well, don’t worry, cowards. Because we’ll be talking about something better. A character to devours his enemies and uses their own abilities on their friends… But makes it look adorable. Yeah, it’s Kirby

#26: Kirby from Kirby

Kirby is a very iconic character. And yet, he is the most basic 设计 你 can get for a character. He’s a circle, give him some round arms and feet, and put two big eyes on a mouth, and there 你 go. He’s so easy, even I could draw him, and my drawing skills are terrible. But that’s not why Kirby is on this. It helps, since, for something so basic, he is easily recognizable. No, Kirby is here because of how powerful he can truly be. He may not look it, but he can be a beast in combat. He has the ability to suck up anything and devour it with ease, but he can also 吞, 燕子 his enemies and steal their abilities. Some abilities include being an archer, a pro wrestler, a bomber, a ninja, a breakdancer, a swordsman, and even a bellboy. He can become so many things. And his abilities don’t end there. He is also able to gain an even harder sucking ability (Which sounds 更多 dirty the 更多 I say that), can become ten different Kirbys, and in his latest entry, can use a giant robot. Kirby is a Gundam character! Kirby is as basic as characters get, but that’s what I 爱情 about him so much. He’s so basic, but he has so much uniqueness behind him, that it 更多 than makes up for it.


Mario is a very iconic character, being known all around the world and having revolutionized platform gaming and is still a noticeable 图标 to this very day, and everyone in the gaming community loves and respects him. But fuck that, Mario ain’t on this list. This entry goes to his brother and better Mario brother, Luigi!

#25: Luigi from Super Mario

I don’t know why, but ever since I was a kid, I always prefered Luigi over Mario. Is it the moustache? It’s probably the moustache. But, I got 更多 reasons to prefer Luigi, don’t 你 worry. Luigi is always mocked for being 秒 best from Mario, which I always disliked. Luigi has managed to hold his own for years. Yes, he’s a coward and has always had to deal with some issues of his own, but he has proven to do his best time and time again. He is a coward, but that doesn’t stop him for getting right into a fight and doing what he can to help out Mario and others for good. Luigi is also much faster than Mario and is able to jump higher than him in games. Back in the NES day, he was just a color swap, but now, he is his own character, and differentiates himself from Mario nowadays. He even has his own games. He was in Mario is Missing, where he had to use his brains to help save Mario, and while that games wasn’t… good, at least Luigi got his own true 标题 in Luigi’s Mansion, a game that I was really mad wasn’t better received back in the day. Luigi was able to save Mario again in this game from King Boo, who brought Bowser back from the dead, which is kinda creepy and a little overpowered, if 你 ask me. But Luigi still did it. And while the 年 of Luigi was a failure on Nintendo’s part, I still think it was something Luigi enjoyed. Even if 任天堂 迷失 so much money.


Chrono Trigger had such good characterization, even the village NPCs that would be useless in other games have personality to them instead of just telling 你 something stupid 或者 about some 随意 quest they heard. No, they manage to make everyone decently written. So, naturally, the major characters would be incredible. I could’ve included Lucca for her backstory, 或者 Robo just because of his questline, but I decided to just go with my usual 最喜爱的 and character I always kept in the party.

#24: Frog from Chrono Trigger

Yes, the name is very creative. Well, his real name is Glenn, a knight from the Middle Ages. He has always dedicated his life to 皇后乐队 Leene, an ancestor of Marle’s. His fellow knight and best friend, Cyrus, was killed one 日 when he and Glenn fought against Magus, a major villain in the Middle Ages section of Chrono Trigger. After Cyrus died, Magus turned Glenn into a humanoid frog, which caused Frog to go into hiding and get revenge for what Magus did to Cyrus. When 你 meet Frog, he comes and helps 你 for a brief moment, before leaving again. 你 can find him again in his hole (Like, an actual hole in the ground). He will agree to help 你 on your quest, and here, he becomes a very strong ally. He is able to use water techniques, and even summon a giant 彩虹 frog for maximum damage (Don’t ask). And when he gains the sword, Masamune, a sword so powerful, it can cut a mountain in half, he truly becomes a powerful ally. Having him in the party is really good, as he adds a great deal of offense to your team, and is just an 总体, 整体 enjoyable character to have around. And if 你 help him in his sidequest to lay Cyrus’ spirit to rest, he becomes even stronger- How strong can one frog become? Frog was just a very fun character to have around to see his growth. I mean, every character grew, but I just really enjoyed Frog the most. I don’t know why…. Maybe it’s because he is a frog. Yes, my reasoning is shit. I’ve noticed.


Here’s a 问题 for all 你 long time followers of this club. Who is the greatest Resident Evil character of all time. No, it’s not Leon, 你 casuals!

#23: Barry 伯顿 from Resident Evil

I’ve 说 this before on a Corner of Horror 文章 as to why I enjoy Barry Burton, so I will try to keep this short. Barry is one of the members of S.T.A.R.S. that accompanies Jill on her story. Throughout her story, Barry will always be somewhere in the mansion, but never too far away to help you. Got a zombie chasing you, Barry will gun them down with his magnu. Gonna get crushed 由 the ceiling, Barry will pull 你 right out. Gonna get eaten 由 a mutated plant, Barry will set the thing on fire. Barry is just always there to help 你 out, no matter where 你 are in the game. Weather it be something as simple as giving 你 a lockpick to make opening doors easier, 或者 something like helping 你 in not one, but two boss fights, one being the final boss. And just having Barry with 你 inside a place like the Spencer Mansion is just comforting to one’s mind. 你 get a break from the zombies and the monsters and just have a normal human with you, and an enjoyable one. Barry is a great character because he makes 你 feel safe, and he makes 你 feel like 你 can take a break in all the horror, and let 你 get some peace. Also, his lines in the original Resident Evil just crack me up. I haven’t fully played Revelations 2, but knowing that Barry is in it, I don’t need anymore convincing than that.


When 你 are making a game about big businesses enslaving an entire race and destroying the planet with creepy imagery and locations, what is the first thing 你 should do? Make your protagonist silly and adorable, and just 总体, 整体 enjoyable to be around.

#22: Abe from Oddworld

Abe is your typical slave on the run… Wait, that’s not right- Abe is your typical hero on the run. Having been born into a life of slavery in a Glukkon factory all his life, with his entire race of Mudokons being forced to make meat for the Glukkon and having forgotten his people’s ancient history, once Abe finds out that the Glukkons plan to turn the Mudokon slave workers into food, he has to escape and free his people (Or leave them to die, if you’re that selfish). Many people who play Oddworld see Abe as kind of an idiot, as he gets himself into lots of trouble and always causes slapstick to happen to him, and while to an extent, yes, he gets these things put on himself, he isn’t really an idiot. He is very cunning and can come up with plans on how to defeat any enemies he comes across and help his people. He’s just hapless and confused. He doesn’t know what’s going on and what to do. He’s just an innocent little alien creature. He’s like E.T. only he doesn’t have that very phallic neck. He just has his mouth slightly sewn shut. Like some Hot Topic character. Abe is able to run and climb, as well as use his Mudokon races ability to use telekinesis and even mind control his enemies to attack each other and solve puzzles, further proving Abe’s true intelligence. Abe is also 更多 than capable of helping out his people, and being able to save them from this fate that is caused 由 greedy alien races. He even helps out other races, like Munch’s race of Gabbits in Munch’s Oddysee. Abe is a very neat little guy, who just has the worst luck, making him one of the better underdogs in games if 你 ask me.


你 know, it’s been a couple entries since we had a female on this list. I think now’s a better time than any to add another one. And I’m sure the character is family friendly and not totally overblown… Yeah, it’s Bayonetta

#21: Bayonetta from Bayonetta

Bayonetta is a character that proves 你 don’t just need to be good looking to be an amazing character. And, while yes, she certainly is good looking, she is much 更多 than that. Being a witch from five hundred years ago, she comes back from the ground twenty years prior in order to find out about her past, and with characters like Luka and Jeanne getting involved in her quest to regain her memory, things start to spiral out of control, as is the typical event for a Platinum game. Bayonetta is able to use firearms with ease, even having them strapped onto her shoes like heels so she can shoot enemies easily and effectively. But, being a witch, she is also able to use all sorts of crazy magical abilities to fight off the 天使 that attack her. She can stop time for a short period of time if she dodges an attack at the right time, and can shapeshift into different 动物 for 更多 speed 或者 new attacks. But the craziest thing she can do is turn her hair into all sorts of things, from giants fists and feet to crush her enemies, to giant monsters that completely destroy bosses. She is also able to summon different torture devices to kill enemies for higher score points. Bayonetta is capable of fighting off enemies in ways that are over-the-top and just fun to look at. Whether 你 are watching for Bayonetta’s insane fight style 或者 just watching Bayonetta, 你 will no doubt get enjoyment out of the things she does and how she disposes of enemies. Her personality and fighting skills make her almost as much fun as Dante…. Almost.


Okay, I know a lot of people are gonna groan when they hear this one. It comes from a game that so many people are just sick of hearing, but, just 熊 with me, please. I know it’s not liked 由 many people, but please just hear me out, okay? Alright… So the twentieth spot goes to Sans from Undertale.

#20: Sans from Undertale


Alright, so, I’ll just say that at least someone stayed to hear me out, so here we go. The reason I enjoy Sans is just because of how unpredictable he is. His brother, Papyrus, is a very enjoyable character on his own, but I just prefer Sans’ personality more. While Papyrus is an over-the-top antagonist to your character, Sans is the lazy sidekick who just hangs back, taking breaks and being 总体, 整体 lazy whenever Papyrus is hunting for a human. And do I really have to talk about all of Sans’ skeleton puns? He is just made out of puns, and I don’t know wether to laugh 或者 die inside. But Sans isn’t all jokes and such. No matter what 你 do in the past, it seems that Sans always knows about what 你 do, and always manages to keep some sort of knowledge of your actions. He can go from being a joking and lazy skeleton from one minute, and the next, be completely cold and threatening. And depending on your choices, Sans can either be rooting for 你 in the final boss, 或者 Sans will be the final boss, and the hardest boss in the entire game. Sans’ philosophy on life is also something I enjoy very much. He knows that he is in a videogame, and decides to just be lazy all his life, because he doesn’t see a point in doing things if it is going to be erased. 你 can give him a sense of hope in the Pacifist Run, but will 你 really not want to restart the game? Be honest with yourself. And I must enjoy Sans to some degree, since I did pay money to have a plush of him in my house. 你 can all start laughing and judging me now.


Man, first person shooters have gotten a lot of shit in some years. I blame Activision. But 你 can still have great characters in your first person games. Maybe not the main character, but certainly side characters. But there are times where 你 do get that one main character that 你 really enjoy. Even if it’s a bit of a rocky start. And that is where Halo comes in

#19: Master Chief from Halo 3

I’m gonna be honest with everyone right now, I used to not like Master Chief in the first two games. I always thought he was a typical badass character. I thought he was the guy from Doom who could talk now. But when Halo 3 came along, I have to say, Master Chief blew away my expectations of his character. Instead of just being a guy who can take on an entire alien army on his own just because he is a badass, he ends up fighting through hordes of aliens and parasitic creatures in the hopes of finding his friend, Cortana. He isn’t just doing this so that the game can have some cool imagery, he is doing this in order to save her, and this is one of his main goals throughout the entirety of Halo 3. And while he is trying his best to find her, he is also dealing the the continuation of the war caused 由 the Prophets, and despite having the Elites on earth's side, Master Chief is still doing what he can to fight this war for the sake of earth, while trying to find Cortana. He seems to get 更多 and 更多 tired with each game, like he has been fighting this war for years- Oh, wait, he actually has been fighting this war for years. Well, that certainly would explain a lot. And even though we still don’t know what his face is, at least I can say that I much prefer hearing Master Chief talk than I do Samus- Seriously, what the fuck was with the Baby?!


Animal Crossing is one of the most relaxing games I’ve played. All of the townspeople are just so much fun to talk with (Except Sparro). But my 最喜爱的 character from Animal Crossing isn’t any of the villagers. Instead, it’s a character that got pretty 流行的 in the 最近的 years when New Leaf came out, and for good reason.

#18: Isabelle from Animal Crossing: New Leaf

你 first meet Isabelle on the first 日 your character arrives into town, and she immediately proclaims that 你 are the town’s mayor. 你 soon find out that the old mayor has retired and moved to an island, and decided to let 你 be mayor, but 你 can clearly see that Isabelle is a klutz. She is always making mistakes and is always nervous about what work she does. She always wants to do good, and 你 can tell that when she makes a mistake, she always means well 由 it, and every time I do meet her, she is always so hard on herself that I just want to tell her that she is doing a great job, regardless of her mistakes. Isabelle is always an enjoyable character to meet, and when she is always there, telling 你 how great your work is and always encouraging 你 in the game when other villagers could just talk shit about your house, Isabelle is always there to comfort the player and just be an 总体, 整体 enjoyment to speak with. She always does what she can to be 更多 friendly with others and never has a bad thing to say about the mayor, and I just enjoy that about her. She never once seemed to annoy me with her actions, and I always find her desire to do her best very inspiring to the children who do play this game. It’s good that she remained in later Animal Crossing games… Even if Amiibo Festival was the worst thing ever… At least she’s in Mario Kart 8 and Deluxe?


While the shooter franchise isn’t known for it’s main characters, there is no one who talks about the Grand Theft Auto games having great main characters. I once defended GTA IV like it was the greatest thing ever, but no, it’s not that great really. The controls in V, as well as the visuals, are far 更多 better than IV, and the world is 更多 fun to explore. GTA IV is just an ugly grey color. But I will always defend Niko as my 最喜爱的 GTA protagonist, no matter what.

#17: Niko Bellic from Grand Theft Auto IV

Ignoring the fact that Niko’s voice actor who won’t be named is kind of a greedy jerk, Niko himself is a very morally broken character. Having fought in a war that lead to the deaths of several of his fellow soldiers after being betrayed 由 one of his fellow men. After enduring that, as well as escaping from crime lord 射线, 雷 Bulgarin after he was blamed for a deal gone wrong, Niko escapes to Liberty City to find the person who betrayed him and in hopes of putting the past behind him and moving on to a better life. But, of course, the past has a way of finding people. Niko’s actions in the past prove that, despite he may be one of the most level-headed characters in the game, what with everyone being liars, drug addicts, and criminals, Niko may just be the worst of them all, as he has killed hundreds of people and taken part in human trafficking and drug smuggling. Niko, despite being annoyed 由 crime, has done the worst kinds of crimes a person can do. But that is what makes Niko so great. He hates everything about his past. He has never done a single thing good, and hates that about himself. That is why he wishes to change his life for the better, but ends up getting those close to him roped into his actions, and no matter what he does, those close to him will always get hurt, and that is what makes Niko 更多 terrified than anything. Throughout GTA IV’s story, he may seem calm and collective, but as events go on, secretly, Niko is just falling apart, and 由 the game's ending, he has become completely broken and does what he can to keep those close to him, and leaves crime for good. We may never see Niko again in any game, but that may be for the best.


Whenever Kid Icarus: Uprising’s characters are brought up, everyone talks about how Hades is the greatest character in the game. And yes, I do heavily agree that he is an amazing character… But I just can’t keep myself from preferring Palutena, and I don’t know why.

#16: Palutena from Kid Icarus: Uprising

I don’t know why I prefer Palutena over Hades. I think it’s because, as a comic relief character, I much prefer Hades, but as an 总体, 整体 character, Palutena is just 更多 interesting to me. Being a goddess and respected 由 mortals, Palutena does what she can to protect these people from the evils of 更多 cruel mythological beings. So, naturally, she sends out Pit to go into danger. Palutena may be a benevolent and kind ruler, but when it comes to Pit, Palutena takes every opportunity she can to jab at Pit and just make fun of him, which is no different than what everyone does to Pit. However, despite her constant trolling of Pit, she seems to care a great deal for Pit, and only sends him out to fight these giants entities because she believes that he is able to hold off his own and can protect him. And if he needs it, she can truly be of help to Pit, and has even been able to offer him useful 建议 that has helped him on 更多 than one occasion. And, unlike Hades’ trolling where he does it when Pit is in mortal danger, Palutena’s trolling is, while at Pit’s expense, isn’t meliscious. She is never cruel when she does it and 更多 easy with her insults, so they don’t come off as mean when she does it. And Pit usually deserves it when he says something dumb. I really do enjoy Palutena as a character just a little 更多 than Hades for all those reasons… But I will always find Hades to be 更多 funny.


“Hey, look, the guy who calls himself windwakerguy430 is putting another Wind Waker character on the list. How biased”. I really should stop putting these choices on here. But, this time, I have good reasons to like this character, and not just “Their from the best game ever so shut it”... Maybe.

#15: 四, 利乐 from Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker


四, 利乐 is not the typical Zelda. First off, her appearance. She doesn’t look like royalty to me. Secondly, her personality. From the start of the game, 四, 利乐 comes off as a very selfish person. Because all pirates are selfless and kind. But, if she does see an opportunity for her and her crew, she will gladly accept helping out a person if they need to. They will help save two kidnapped children, but only because they hear that a reward will be 给 to them for doing so. But she does prove to be helpful towards Link numerous times. From letting them get to Outset Island to find Jabu Jabu first to helping out in the… fight?... against Ganondorf. She definitely does 更多 than all the other Zeldas, and that is before 你 find out she even is Zelda. Sure, she does end up getting placed in a room for the remainder of the game after that, but when 你 do meet her again, in the final boss fight against Ganondorf, she is able to help Link fight him 由 firing Light Arrows at him while Like attacks with the master sword. She certainly does 更多 than Zelda’s in other games. Good job standing around when 你 could just throw the sword towards me in the fight against Ganon, Ocarina of Time Zelda! I really liked 四, 利乐 for her character and her usefulness. She didn’t screw off for the remainder of the story like most Zeldas. I just really like her for that, and I think I always will. Yes, 四, 利乐 is best Zelda.


No 更多 超能英雄 is filled with some amazing characters. From the badass rival Henry Cooldown, to the moe samurai Shinobu Jacobs. And the bosses are just as amazing to, with Alice Twilight being the best one. But sadly, we only knew Alice for one boss fight… But we did get to know Travis for two whole games

#14: Travis Touchdown from No 更多 Heroes

Travis is not your typical cool action hero. He may look it and he may wield a cool sword, but he is actually the biggest nerd 你 will meet and I 爱情 that. He has an obsession with a loli anime, constantly rents porn from the video store, watches wrestling 视频 to get practice on fighting abilities, and that cool sword I mentioned? Yeah, he spent all of his rent money to win that sword on an online auction. The first game, his motivation to become the number one assassin is so he can sleep with UAA agent, Sylvia Crystal. It’s so stupid, and I 爱情 it. But, that’s where the 秒 game comes in and things get a little less humorous. After his best friend is killed 由 an enemy assassin, Travis comes to a point where he wants revenge, and that is where the 秒 game’s plot comes in. Instead of being a funny little story, he grows to want nothing but revenge and to take out the new number one assassin. But after his boss fight with Alice, Travis soon becomes broken, as all the fighting caused 由 the UAA starts to make him see that the UAA treats assassins like tools to be used to kill each other and become number one, ignoring those that are killed in the process. Travis’ new goal at that point is to stop the senseless killing caused 由 the UAA and become something of a true hero instead of the UAAs personal weapon. Travis started out as something of a loser, but soon became a true hero, and seeing that change over two games really did make me respect this character. From his sense of humor to his emotional growth in the series, I really enjoyed seeing this from him. I can’t wait to see how he is in No 更多 超能英雄 3, a game that I will gladly welcome.


Okay, so I’ve only played two games in the series, the first one and the third one, so this may be cheating, but hear me out, the things I experienced in these two games, from what few I saw of him, I grew to really 爱情 the character that is Professor Layton.

#13: Professor Hershel Layton from Professor Layton

Layton is your typical crime solver. He is a gentleman, has great intelligence, wears a very iconic hat, and is capable of solving any problem that comes his way. Layton is a very true gentleman, always doing what he can to be polite to others and just an 总体, 整体 enjoyable guy to be around. His intelligence allows him to solve puzzles that anyone would find difficult, and really shows what he is capable of. But he isn’t all intelligence, however. If need be, he can hold his own in a fight, as shown 由 his sword fighting skills when faced with some threatening foes. Layton does what he can to act calm and kind, with all games usually starting because Layton wants to help someone in need. When Layton does break away from his calm self and begins to act out of character, this can either be one of the 更多 shocking moments, or, in the case of Unwound Future’s ending, can be soul destroyingly depressing. Professor Layton rarely breaks away from being the calm gentleman that he is, but when he does, 你 know that something is horribly wrong, and that is just what I 爱情 about his character. Even in some pretty bad situations, he is never panicking about it, and only truly losses his cool when he is met with something emotionally damaging, and that is what makes me enjoy the character of Layton. I have played a small handful of his games, but I truly do wish to play 更多 in the future, as those two games have just made me want to look into them more.


Castlevania: Symphony of the Night is claimed 由 many to be the best Castlevania game ever, and I am one of those people. I 爱情 the 城堡 interior, I 爱情 the enemies, I really 爱情 the soundtrack, and Alucard can best most Belmonts in the entire series.

#12: Alucard from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Okay, let’s get some things out of the way. Yes, Alucard is Dracula backwards and I find it stupid and Alucard’s voice actor trying so hard to sound cool is hilarious to me. With that out of the way, let us talk about why Alucard is great. Alucard is the son of Dracula, and despite Dracula hating humans after the death of his wife and Alucard’s human mother, Lisa, Alucard knew that Lisa would not want humans to be hurt, despite what happened. He knew that his mother would want humans to be kept safe, and because Dracula refused to listen otherwise, Alucard grew to hate his father and thus, did what he could to stop him from doing so. This lead to Alucard helping Trevor Belmont in Castlevania 3: Dracula’s Curse, and even helping save Richter Belmont in Symphony of the Night. Alucard isn’t capable of wielding the legendary whip, but is able to hold onto hundreds of powerful swords, as well as turn into a wolf, a bat, and a… fog. Yeah, that too. Alucard is on his own level of being badass, far different from the Belmonts, and he just manages to be an amazing character to play as, despite the suffering he deals with from Dracula’s hatred of humans and how he feels guilty to be the son of Dracula. His character, as well as how he plays, makes him my 最喜爱的 Castlevania character. And seeing him in the new Castlevania TV series just made me have a stupid grin the entire time.


Am I allowed to include this character? Well, he is game only, despite being from a series that was based on a comic book that no one reads and only watches the TV show, so I guess he does count. And I may have already broken my game character only rules from HK-47, so screw it, I’m putting Lee on this list.

#11: Lee Everett from Telltale’s The Walking Dead

I wanted, so badly, to put Clementine on this list, but my 心 wouldn’t let me forget about Lee. It would let me forget about everyone else in the series but Clem, but not Lee. Lee was already dealing with issues before the outbreak. Having killed a political official for sleeping with his wife, Lee was already found guilty. But, the outbreak started as soon as he was arrested, and then, that’s when he was forced to try and survive the outbreak. Lee is a character that is judged 由 many people, and for pretty good reason. He did kill a man, and before the outbreak. Some people may trust and respect Lee, while others may not trust him and even see him as a danger to the group. But Lee still does what he can to protect Clementine, and still be a character to try and keep peace among the group. Lee could easily leave these people who are either idiots, dangerous, 或者 just useless, but decides to stay, because he knows that it’s better for Clementine. At least, that’s how I made him in my playthrough, anyway. Lee can be whoever 你 want, be it a selfish dick 或者 a loyal ally and trustworthy member of the group. I always liked Lee’s character, and some of his lines were always funny to me, depending on what 你 picked. And that ending just tore me up inside. Just stick a fork in my gut and twist it around, why don’t you, Telltale. Lee was probably one of the better protagonists, and while I’m thankful that we still have Clementine, a part of me still wishes Lee was around. Maybe he could have helped Clem save the mistake that was Season 3.