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Keke : Huh? *Looks up* I thought I heard someone.

Gail : Gimme the bag.

Jul : *Gives her bag*

Kilyoi : *Lifts eybrow* *Smiles deviously*

Gail : *Hides in tree*

Keke : *Picks 更多 flowers*

Gail : *Gives them signal*

Jul : *Jumps out otno Keke* *Ties her*

Kilyoi : *Jmps out behind her* * 鸭 tapes her mouth*

Gail : *Jumps* *Get's Keke in bag*

Keke : MMM---

Gail : *Ties bag* Heh-Heh-Heh...
*Leads them back 2 Malice*

*with Malice*

Malice : Now would ANY of 你 in this room like 2 tell me where that Core is?

Ghosts : *Move outta the way and point 2 the little boy ghost*

Malice : *Picks him up 由 the shirt* WHERE...
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"Riding the Storm" 由 Running Wild. Enjoy!
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Full name: Whirlwind the Hedgehog (duh)

Real name: Unknown

Nicknames: Whirl 或者 Wind (by his friends), Grandpa 水鸭, 蓝绿色, 深青色 (by his grandson, Tempest), Whirlywind (by Davis, Shock's son)

Species: It's in his name.

Age: 17

Birth date: April 20th, 1995 (same as mine)

Elemental power: Wind (natual element)

Power moves: Air Sphere (ball of wind created to throw and hit enemies with force strong enough to damage armor), Wind Turbine (buffer used to 移动 更多 agile which is made 由 gathering energy for two seconds; power increased for every Tornado Gem he is carrying)

Color: Sky blue (sometimes teal)

Secondary color:...
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