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posted by Nicolicious
 A Jedi using Force Shockwave
A Jedi using Force Shockwave
This is a 列表 of powers that Jedi can have over The Force.

Telekinesis, abbreviated TK, was a neutral ability that most Force-sensitives had. With it, they could lift and 移动 objects to their will. This ability was the base for Force Pull, Force Throw and Force Push, as well as telekinetic lightsaber combat techniques such as Saber Throw. It could be disputed that these are all the same power applied to different means.
Adiabatic Shield:
Adiabatic shield was a Force power 你 manipulate the air around 你 to function as a shield of sort. While this shield doesn’t protect 你 from blaster 火, 消防 或者 impact with solid objects, it can disperse gases and airborne chemicals that could affect you. 你 can use this power to disperse smoke, poisonous vapors like chlorine, 或者 更多 subtle chemicals like airborne pheromones.Jax Pavan and Laranth Tarak used this to disperse the pheromones Dejah Duare released in an attempt to secure their services.
Alter Damage:
Alter Damage was a Force technique used 由 the Jedi Order to change the damage their lightsaber inflicted upon a target.
Alter Environment:
Alter Environment was a Force power that involved various techniques that allowed the user to manipulate nature, enabling the creation of phenomena such as Force whirlwinds 或者 fog that could be used to attack 或者 to shield the user from opponents. Plo Koon further modified this ability with his considerable knowledge of physics.
Alter Image:
Alter Image was a Force power developed 由 Hyobu Sulloran which allowed the user to alter his 或者 her own personal features, such as the height, weight, skin color, facial features, sex, voice, and body shape. These changes would stay as long as the Force-sensitive kept the power up, but would be dropped whenever the Force-user fell unconscious 或者 simply 迷失 concentration.
Ballistakinesis was a telekinetic Force power used 由 the Jensaarai, which used telekinesis to accelerate a handful of small objects to lethal velocities.
Force Aware:
Force aware was a Force power that allowed its user to become attuned and in harmony with everything and everyone in his/her surrounding environment. Odan-Urr was a notable user of this power.
Floating Meditation:
Floating Meditation, also known as Rising Meditation, was a Jedi meditation technique where one meditated while using the Force to float several inches off the ground. Often, surrounding objects would revolve around the Force User.
Force Punch:
Force 冲床 或者 Force charged strike was an application of Telekinesis where the user would augument their striking strength, in the form of a 冲床 或者 blow in close hand to hand combat.
Force Jump:
Force Jump, also known as Force Leap, used the Force to augment the user's natural leaping ability. Force-users adept in this technique could perform awe-inspiring vertical/horizontal leaps with impunity.
Life Sense:
Life Sense 或者 Life Detection was a Sense-based Force power which allowed Force-sensitives to sense the life of others. It was capable of detecting live sapient beings that might otherwise remain hidden from a normal person's senses.
Life Bond:
Life Bond was a Force power that allowed a Force-user to permanently form a mental link with another person.
Force Lightning:
Force lightning was a well known Force ability, most often used 由 practitioners of the dark side of the Force, especially the Sith. The ability was commonly referred to as Sith lightning, because of the usual users.
Force Meld:
Force Meld, otherwise known as Jedi meld 或者 Battle meld, was a technique where a number of Force users joined their minds together through the Force, drawing strength from each other. A refinement of battle meditation, it was known to the ancient Jedi, though dangerous. While battle meditation could influence both the Force-sensitives and the insensitives of both sides, Force Meld concentrates on coordinating and improving the Force-sensitives of the user's side.
Mind Barrier:
The mind barrier was a Force power that allowed the user to shield his 或者 her mind from influence 或者 attack.
Mind Trick:
Mind tricks, 或者 mind control, refer to a spectrum of Force powers which influenced the thoughts of sentient creatures, most commonly used to coerce into agreement 由 suggestion through voice manipulation, 或者 to cause one to reveal information. This allowed its practitioners to resolve matters in a non-violent way. It could also be used to appeal to a sensory impression for distraction 或者 cause friendly 火, 消防 among enemies. One sinister variation of the power was "Force Corruption", an ability that would force targets to the user's side, while slowly draining their life.
Force Orb:
Force Orb was a Force power which served as an attack. Under normal circumstances, it only worked underwater. It could also sometimes be used on land 由 gathering moisture in the area.
Pyrokinesis was a Force power that allowed a Force-user to manipulate and generate fire.
Force Reflex:
Force reflex was a Force power that allowed the user to effectively slow the world around them, heightening their reflexes and perceptions.
Force Shockwave:
Force Shockwave was a Force power that allowed a Force-user to emit a powerful destructive ring of energy, damaging 或者 destroying anything in its radius.
Force Speed:
Force speed, also known as burst of speed 或者 Force sprint, was a core Force power that allowed the user to maintain sprinting speeds for a brief time. Greater aptitude granted greater boosts to speed and/or greater duration. The increased speed of the Force-user enabled the individual to see the world and the entities around them in slow motion, allowing them to dodge attacks easily and attack quicker with greater accuracy.
Telepathy was the very basic ability to mentally communicate over small 或者 vast distances with other individuals.
Tutaminis was an umbrella 标题 used 由 the Jedi Order to classify Force abilities related to energy absorption. Designated as one in a family of Control abilities, tutaminis techniques were taught to Jedi Initiates within the Jedi academy throughout the history of the Order. While taught to all Jedi during the days of the Galactic Republic, it was a rare feat to be capable of dissipating concentrated energy such as what makes up a blasterbolt 或者 lightsaber blade. While it was named and practiced 由 the Jedi Order, tutaminis was not restricted to use 由 Jedi. In fact, most Force-based groups and Force-users in general learned to use 或者 at least control some of the abilities taught at the Temple. Some abilities are being able to absorb lightning, stop lightsabers with the palm of your hand, absorb blaster shots etc.
Force Travel:
Force travel was a Force power which allowed a being to travel great distances instantly 由 creating a momentary rift in space. This power caused the user to be corrupted 由 the dark side, as it broke the normal rules of the galaxy 由 ripping the Force asunder. The technique became 更多 corrupting to use depending both on how far away the target was, as well as how familiar the Force-user was with the location.
Please note that a lot of these skills, Tutaminis, Pyrokinesis, Force Orb etc, take a lot of control of the force, so don't have your character using a billion of these.
 Satele Shan using Tutaminis to stop Darth Malgus' saber
Satele Shan using Tutaminis to stop Darth Malgus' saber
 A Jedi using Force Jump
A Jedi using Force Jump
 A Jedi using Floating Meditation
A Jedi using Floating Meditation
 Anakin using Telekinesis to 移动 a 水果
Anakin using Telekinesis to move a fruit
 Yoda, Anakin and Aayla using Force Barrier to protect Padme and Chancellor Palpatine
Yoda, Anakin and Aayla using Force Barrier to protect Padme and Chancellor Palpatine
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One of the trailers for the 星, 星级 Wars 7
星, 星级
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A testimate to the Moral Code of Rorschach
the watchman
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Source: 权力游戏
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Because why not.
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Name¬ Ser Kailan of House Martell

Age¬ 26

Personality¬  Calm and quiet, as any proper armsman, very laid back easy going. She is very quick to follow orders, and seems to posses little emotion, she just doesn't care, if an order is given, she follows through.


House¬ Martell

Appearance¬ slim, fairly small in stature, with long limbs and incredible grace, as well as dark hair and eyes.

Attire¬  lightweight armor, old and slightly tarnished

Weapon¬ daggers at her hip, and a well crafted spear, and a blade specially forged for her when she was appointed as a knight, a cold forged hand and a half sword.

Lore of House¬ House Martell is one of the Great Houses of Westeros. It rules the peninsula of Dorne in the far south of the continent from the city of Sunspear.

History to follow
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death battle
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Name¬ Connor

Age¬ 26

Personality¬ Quiet and moody, he tends to be very short tempered and angry.

Title¬ None

House¬ He was abandoned when he was only three, left to the streets, and eventually befriended the Martell Twins, so he considers the Martell House his own, and will defend it to his death.

Appearance¬ Sandy blond hair, very messy, bright green eyes and skin that is tanned from hours upon hours in the sun. He is tall, and fairly powerful in build.

Attire¬ New armor, sometimes fancy clothing. He lives well, and likes to 显示 it.

Weapon¬ Very skilled with a broadsword, and carries...
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Name: Rakhelis


Title: Squire to the Regent, Lord Jacaerys Connington

Appearance: Rakhelis looks like a normal Dothraki. He has copper skin and black hair. Although he eyes are purple, traces of Valyrian ancestry. Rakhelis is muscular and of average height. He hair is tied into a short 小马 tail. Before he had 3 bells in his hair but upon coming into Westeros he removed them and kept them close with him.

Attire: Despite moving into a new land and adopting a different culture Rakhelis still wears his normal leather armour.

Weapon: Rakhelis brought three weapons with him. He has an arakh, a wipe, a bow. From Lady Alys he received a Bastard sword.

History: Rakhelis is the son of Khal Lokh. He lived in Essos his whole life, fighting as part of the Kahlasar. Rakhelis is proud of being Lokh's son. After a tragic event, Rakhelis arrived in Griffin Roost where he was fostered for a time before being sent to be the Lord Regent's squire.
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ame¬ Analia

Age¬ 25

Personality¬ Fairly outgoing and energetic. She truly hates to see someone, whether man 或者 beast, in pain, be it physical 或者 emotional.

Title¬ Master of Whispers

House¬ None

Appearance¬ she is slim and graceful, with thick blond hair and hazel eyes that seem to change 颜色 with her moods.

Attire¬ lightweight garb, best suited for travel. Usually a simple dress, though she carries with her a pair of trousers.

Weapon¬ her sorcery is her main weapon, as well as her ability to control beasts, but she also uses a long bow and daggers to defend herself if necessary....
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This is an informational guide for the weapons in link

First off each and every firearm in this 列表 is considered a black powder firearm which all required at least two 分钟 to reload, so please consider this when deciding your character.

~Standard Muzzle Loaded Rifles~

1853 Enfield, Union/Confederate

1861 Springfield, Union/Confederate

~Sharpshooter's Rifles~

1857 Whitworth, Confederate

1859 Sharps, Union

~Cap and Ball Revolvers~

1851 小马, 柯尔特 Navy, Union/Confederate ~Six Shot~

1860 小马, 柯尔特 Army, Union ~Six Shot~

1858 Remington, Union/Confederate ~Six Shot~

1861 LeMat, Confederate ~Nine Shot, Single Buckshot~
Driverless cars have always been a concept of the future, shown in science fiction films and fantastic novels, but what if someone said, “The future is today?” As of the past decade, various automotive manufacturers have devoted their recourses to developing the first production vehicle that could operate without a driver. Surprisingly enough, 谷歌 has been the company to spearhead the development of these vehicles, actually going so far as inventing their own self-driving vehicle. One only needs to tell the car where to go, and it’ll start up and take 你 there. These “Future cars”...
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音乐 video
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Name- Davis York Scholtz

Age- 38

Faction Ties- Imperial Marines

Rank in Faction- Major

Appearance- Tall, Average Build, Short Black Hair, Clean Cut.

Attire- Imperial Uniform

P08 Marine
 7.63 High Velocity, 10 rounds
7.63 High Velocity, 10 rounds

Personal M712 Rafica
 7.63 High Velocity, 15 rounds, automatic 火, 消防
7.63 High Velocity, 15 rounds, automatic fire

Imperial Marine Saber

Major Davis was a Warrant Officer in the Imperial Marine Corps during the early years of the Empire's Invasion. After surviving three tours of conflict in a heavy campaign to gain territory, the humble Warrant Officer climbed the ladder to the rank of Major. He...
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Name- William David Foster
*Nickname- Maverick

Age- 36

Faction Ties- Alliance

Rank in Faction- Lieutenant

Appearance- Average Height, Lean Build, Dirty Blonde Hair

Attire- Field 夹克 over Army Fatigues,

M1911 Marine
 .45 Magnum, 7 rounds
.45 Magnum, 7 rounds

M1 Marine
 .30 High Velocity, 25 rounds
.30 High Velocity, 25 rounds

Equipment- Gas Mask, Trench Knife, Binoculars, 阅读 Glasses, Personal Journal.

Story- Lieutenant William Foster, "Maverick" as the boys call him, represents what it means to lead 由 example. Whereas most Officers tend to merely give commands and watch, William always preferred the hands on approach.

He was...
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Name: James Valor


Faction Ties-Old Alliance

Rank in Faction-Private, First Class

Appearance-Tanned skin, dark brown eyes, curly black hair. Lean, about 6"2'.

Attire-A rather plain attire consisting of a white tee 衬衫 under a rather worn brown leather jacket, dark brown, nearly black jeans, and shin length boots.

Weapons-Prefers not to carry any due to his strong beliefs regarding violence.

Equipment-He doesn't have any equipment, other than a pair of goggles he wears around his neck.

Story- James Valor was raised in a very religious household. From an early age, he was instructed 由 his father...
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