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posted by wolfcat47
C- Cloudtail
M- Mousefur
S- Sandstorm
G- Graystripe
L- Lionblaze
D- Darkstripe
F- Firestar

C- Hello and welcome to DP wars 3! :3

D- why am I here?

C- to beat Lionblaze! :3

D- >:3 yay!

L- can I go to the dp first?

C- fine. >:|

G- :3

S- X3

M- o.0

S- I'm a 水果 ninja * kills 水果 *

G- I'm a ninja, I'm a fluffy ninja!

M- I'm a ninja

C- we forgot to thank LaughingHyena! THANK YOU!!!!! :D

G- where's Lion?

L- I'm back.



C- now to teleport you!...
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posted by StichxAngel4eva
yea soo... i was like totally bored so im just gona make a parody ^_^ (BTW THERES SWEARING)

Scene 1, The arguement.

*Graystripe is playing Pokemon on X-Box*

Graystripe: Like, omistarclan my pokeman just died!

Firestar: *Earphones plugged in* Who died?

Graystripe: Ma pokeman!

Firestar: What?

Graystripe: Ma Pokemaaaaan!

Firestar: Whaaat?

Graystripe: MA F**CKING POKEMAN!

Firestar: What? Spottedleaf? ah oh well, who cares if she dies. she was never needed anywayz. all the crazy sh*t i did tonight they'll be the best link...

Spottedleaf: Excuse me?

Brokenstar: Omidarkforest that song?! I HATE hiphop(Or whatever...
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 Pantherstorm & Shadowclaw
Pantherstorm & Shadowclaw
A grey bundle of 毛皮 blasted into the clearing.It went into the warriors den.Sniffed.Into the apprentices dem.Sniffed."Sootkit!"A black she-kit cried.Sootkit ran up to her."Im sorry,Lavenderkit!Its just theres so many new smells!"He paced around."I know!I just dont want to get in trouble!"She 说 firmly.His ear twiched.what his sister was saying was true."Okay..Ill stop."His sister priked her ears."Those kits!"A bulky black tom walked out of the Warriors 巢穴, den, 书房 with another she-cat 由 his side."They messed the warriors den!"The tom growled."Shadowclaw is right!They messed up all the moss!'Sootkit...
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posted by XxIvystar2345
this is a guide 你 can find on warriorcats.com and is interesting to warrior 猫 readers. on this guide 你 have to be at least 96 moons(8 years) old to start! when 你 are done 阅读 5 图书 你 are an apprentace. when 你 have read 5 图书 including a warriors book, 你 have become a warrior when 你 keep a silent vigil at home. if 你 wanna become deputy, then help a child who has problems seeing 或者 reading. if 你 choose to be a medicine cat, then 你 have to read a book about medicine, plus a warrior book called"secret of the clans" when 你 became deputy, 你 will have to read 10 图书 (it can be warrior 图书 too) to become clan reader~!
and remember 阅读 warrior rejects a dull life of a nonreader! (that`s 阅读 warriors talk for "a warrior rejects a soft life of a kitty pet!")
and 你 can read about the warrior readers code on the website! <D
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Fireheart must train CloudPaw, but he's having some trouble. when he finally snaps, he bursts into song! i own nothing. sorry if somebody already uploaded this.
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