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Scarlaw1 posted on Jul 02, 2010 at 08:20PM
I want to hear everyone's favorite warrior or medicene cat (apprentices count, too!) send me a message please!

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一年多以前 Such-A-Fan said…
Well I really like Squirrelflight! She is very cool:)
一年多以前 Rainsky57 said…
一年多以前 BladeStorm said…
hmmmmm.......tigerclaw, ya i know evil,evil,evil tigerclaw. but strong! powerfull! smart!
一年多以前 Puffedwarrior said…
Jayfeather! And Hollyleaf ^^
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一年多以前 lucylkbm said…
thats my life
一年多以前 Fairstepshaven said…
um... Blackstar
一年多以前 pinkyparty9 said…
Bluestar cherrytail brackenfur leafpool spottedleaf firestar and silverstream
一年多以前 Invader_Moss said…
Leader: Leopardstar
Deputy: Mistyfoot
Med. Cat: Mothwing
Apprentice: Willowpaw (currently Willowshine)
Kit: Mosskit

Is it because they're all in RiverClan? Except Mosskit. He was part RiverClan, but never did he get there. His life was tooo short. :(
一年多以前 wc4ever said…
Leader: Bluestar
Deputy: Stonefur
Med. Cat: Jayfeather
MCA: Frecklewish (SkyClan)
Apprentice: Heatherpaw (Don't like her as a warrior)
Kit: Mosskit
一年多以前 prim17luvr101 said…
big smile
fav leader: idk Leopardstar
deputy: Mistyfoot
Med cats: Cinderpelt & Leafpool
Med cat apps: Jayfeather & Willowshine
Warrior: Squirrelflight :D
App: i don't really remember any
Kit: still don't remember ^.^
一年多以前 negaman said…
Leader: scourge Deputy: fire heart(fireheart is better than firestar) Med. Cat: jaythether Apprentice: ivypaw