Warriors (Novel Series) BlossomClan

BlossomGirl4 posted on Feb 15, 2012 at 09:12PM
The clan that lives in a peaceful forest

Leader: Spottedstar: pretty dark tortoiseshell she-cat with dappled fur and gold eyes

Deputy: (don't ask I will chose after awhile)

Medicine cat:



Softpaw: fluffy soft pure white she-cat with silver tabby stripes, black ears, tail tip, and paws with purple-blue eyes




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一年多以前 Feathershine said…
I'll join:

Gorsepelt: ginger-and-white tom with green eyes

Flutterwings: white she-cat with yellow eyes (sister of Gorsepelt)

Dewflight: pale gray she-ca with pale blue eyes
一年多以前 Dawnmist said…
I'll also join:
Sweetsong: Ginger tabby she-cat with light gray eyes. (Can she be medicine cat?)

Fallowpelt: red brown tom with yellow eyes
一年多以前 Feathershine said…

Licks her paw-Dewflight

Eats a shrew-Flutterwings