Warriors (Novel Series) Drawing requests!

WarriorsCats posted on Jun 21, 2011 at 11:01PM
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一年多以前 Fairstepshaven said…
big smile
Ohh! I haz a cat!
Name: Dragonstar
Pelt: sleek tortoiseshell with dark dappled spots
Eyes: purple
Gender: she-cat
Oh can you make her in an epic pose like she's fighting or something?
一年多以前 WarriorsCats said…
Yeah, Ill start on it now
一年多以前 Fairstepshaven said…
一年多以前 arrticfox said…
hey warriorcats can u make a pic for me? name:swiftfur pelt:pure white pelt with a star on her chest eyes:beutiful baby blue eyes genger:she-cat (the star thing didnt realy mean it's a special mark or anything it's just a detail.)
一年多以前 WarriorsCats said…
Yep, and heres your pic, Fairsteshaven, hope you like it! (Shes bleeding on her arm)
 Yep, and heres your pic, Fairsteshaven, hope 你 like it! (Shes bleeding on her arm)
一年多以前 WarriorsCats said…
@ArrticFox, here you go!
I added detail to make her look furrier
 @ArrticFox, here 你 go! I added detail to make her look furrier
一年多以前 Fairstepshaven said…
Thys!! I love it!
一年多以前 Spiritfeather said…
I have a cat for u
Name: Blazingstorm
Pelt: thick flame color with darker flame markings on paws, beginning of tail, belly and face
Eyes: dark green
Gender: tom
一年多以前 WarriorsCats said…
Thar you go, hope ya like it, and I think the coloring is a little messy but oh well
last edited 一年多以前
 Thar 你 go, hope ya like it, and I think the coloring is a little messy but oh well
一年多以前 Fairstepshaven said…
Wow. Blazingstorm is kewl looking
一年多以前 WarriorsCats said…
一年多以前 Warriorcatsfan6 said…
Cool! can you draw one of my cats for me?
Name: Stormpelt
Pelt: stormygray with black thunder markings on paws and back
Eyes: dark blue
Gender: she-cat
一年多以前 ShadowTail said…
will u make my cat for me
pelt:light grey almost white with dark grey spots and a pure black tail
eyes:blue-green look like calm dark pools
一年多以前 EmTheLongcat said…
Leopardpool- golden tabby she cat with black leopard markings dappling her long pelt. she has a brown belly and tail tip and her paws and ears are also brown. her eyes are emerald green. she's a she-cat. by the way those cats look great ^^
一年多以前 ILoveLionKingYA said…
I'd like my cat to be made! Name:Owltail Pelt:Black,greyish and white with a black tipped ear (left) and a plain grey ear (right). She also has paws that are black grey and white.
Eyes: Very light blue almost a whiteish blue
一年多以前 TANKKRIEG said…
I wish you could make me a warrior cat
Name: Mistystream
Fur: light blue and very fluffy
Eyes: blue
Gender: She cat
Also i would like you to draw her best friend
Name: Tankfur
Fur- tan with a brown back
eyes- Dull blue
gender she-cat
And her mate XD
Name- black tail
fur- black with a white dimond on his forehead
eyes- gold/yellow
gender- tom
一年多以前 smartone123 said…
me too
sugerleaf (old)
pretty ice white she cat with pale silver tabby marks with puprple blue eys
compared to sugerleaf(new)
same but take one purple blue eye and replace it with an amber one and add a thicker coat and goldish spots on her fur

thx mew
一年多以前 wc4ever said…
Hey, could you do a scene from "The Darkest Hour" (Tigerstar's death scene, to be precise)?
一年多以前 Nile123 said…
could you make theese kits?
silver tabby with bright green eyes/ginger with black paws and green eyes/silver tabby with blue eyes/cream colored with ginger patches and green eyes