Valentine's 日 What would 你 most want to get from a loved one for Valentine's Day?

Pick one:
糖果 Hearts
White Chocolates
hugs r fine with me!
all of the above (lol)
Added by ilvdogs
E card from
Added by nickhellman
a single rose
Added by emo_grl_4eva
A T- 衬衫
A T-shirt
Added by Buggie111
He's the best gift
all da above
all da above
Added by DSIN1
爱情 Box filled with 365+1 messages and 语录 (
Added by juliet007
chocolates and 花
chocolates and 花
Added by TayTay0111
He IS the BEST gift & XOXOXO! 花 & Card -Romantic Getaway?
a bunny
Added by seffro
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 soccer4 posted 一年多以前
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