Samuel "Sam" Winchester is the son of John and Mary Winchester & younger brother of bad boy 邪恶力量 hunter Dean Winchester. He was born May 2nd, 1983. He is named after his maternal grandfather (Samuel Campbell). His mother was killed on the night of his 6 月 birthday when a demon engulfed her in flames. Sam then lived on the 移动 with his father and brother learning to hunt 邪恶力量 beings. As Sam grew older the strain between he & his father intensified upon Sam's discovery of his brother and father's hunting of evil beings. After a while, he decided he no longer wanted to hunt and eventually left to go to Stanford University. It was there that he met his girlfriend Jessica Moore who was later killed 由 the very same demon that killed his mother. After this 秒 tragedy in his life, he decided to team up with his brother Dean once again and hunt all 邪恶力量 evil in hopes of one 日 finding and killing the demon that plagued his life. Along the way, Sam began to realize he had certain powers within him. He began to have visions of the future and a kind of telekinesis that allowed him to 移动 objects with his mind. Unsure of the extent of his powers and how to use them, Sam now lives on the road with his brother in 搜索 of the demon and 答案 to 问题 of his new abilities. After they killed yellow eyes, His powers were seemingly gone, but they were only dormant. He was killed 由 Jake Talley in 2007 after all of the special kids were gathered in an abandoned town in order for yellow eyes to figure out which of the children were the strongest. Sam was later revived when Dean sold his soul to a crossroads demon for Sam's life. After being unable to save his brother from his ultimate fate, Sam hunted erratically all while he searched for Lilith, The demon that held Dean's contract to hell. While Sam has a very gentle nature and kind spirit, Dean's death made him harder and it also opened him up to being manipulated 由 a demon to access the powers that yellow eyes gave to him. Even after Dean's return from hell, Sam was hellbent on revenge which led him to drinking demon blood to further his ability of being able to pull demons out of their human host. This allowed him to not only save the human (if their body was okay) but it eventually allowed him to kill upper level demons that were otherwise indestructible. This ability was used to ultimately kill Lilith and help free Lucifer from his cage in hell.

Just as Dean was intended to be the vessel for the archangel, Michael. Sam was intended to be the vessel for Lucifer.

It was discovered that the 来源 of Sam's abilities was due to the fact that he was infected with demon blood 由 the demon that killed his mother and his girlfriend.

Beliefs: Sam believes that with all the evil that is out there, there has to be something good as well. He prayed every 日 and had faith in things such as heaven and angels.

Likes: Sam loves his family above all things. Sam also is well read and well spoken. He enjoys researching and he is full of facts about the lures of almost ever kind of evil the boys meet.

Dislikes: Sam does not like when people call him "Sammy", unless it is his brother Dean and definitely he hates clowns.

Disadvantages: Sam has a high regard for human life. Him and Dean are constantly arguing over how to manage hard situations. Dean's theory is to shoot first, ask 问题 later. While Sam is known to be 更多 trusting and hopeful of a positive result.

Family: John Winchester (father, deceased), Mary Winchester (mother, deceased), Adam Winchester (half brother--resurrected 由 Zechariah), Dean Winchester (full brother, living) In season 6 Samuel Campbell (Paternal Grandfather) is Resurrected 由 Crowley but killed again when he was infected 由 an evil worm that was created 由 The Mother of All. Sam also has a handful of cousins from the Campbell side: Christian, Gwen that are all killed in Season 6.