Taurus Decan 3 has a lovely and relaxing Venus sextile to start this 月 from February 1 to 8. This does bring 更多 harmony to relationships and increases your need for affection, which is likely to be met. Making new 老友记 is favored because of your warm and pleasant attitude. There should be 更多 opportunities socially and also 更多 opportunities financially. Attracting money can coincide with attracting 爱情 so this is a good time to ask for favors. Now there is a rougher patch mid 月 with Mercury square your decan from February 8 to 14 putting a strain on communications. The Sun is also square your decan from February 9 to 19, bring challenges to your goals 或者 ego conflicts. So the overlapping period of these two transits, from February 9 to 14 could see 你 being easily irritated and especially busy 或者 rushed with errands, bill paying, 或者 other people’s problems. Not the best time for decision making 或者 signing contracts. Thinking will become much clearer with Mercury sextile your decan from February 25 to March 2. Now relationships will smooth out as talking is 更多 straight 前锋, 期待 and 你 can express yourself 更多 freely. Attend to your paperwork, catch up with friends, and mend bridges.